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  1. Off topic but very wrong I'm afraid. At one stage Mercia had two "capitals" one was Tamworth (I think) the other was Winchcombe, a small town a few miles north of Cheltenham...
  2. This may be true for the age groups mentioned, but what about players who sign pro from the community game at 20 or above? Your argument falls down there. There is an agreed compensation package but as mentioned by someone else previously, it is only if the player plays a certain amount of games in the main. Also if a player then rejoins the community game, and then at a later date signs for another pro club, no compensation involved.
  3. Army/Navy are you sure? Army played Cardiff Demons in the Womens Super League south Final.
  4. Groundhopper you refer to the All Golds making their Bristol debut, that wasn't yesterday but on May 22 against Swindon St George. The "A" team played yesterday at home, but their home games are still at St. Peter's in Gloucester. All details are on the website All Golds Rugby Football League Club | the official website . The SCL team enjoyed a day out in Devon.
  5. League is Southern Conference League, but please note a venue change to Newton Abbot Rugby Club Rydon Industrial Estate, Newton Rd, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot TQ12 3SJ.
  6. Might have something to do with the fact that there is a well run club called Swindon St George who are already running two open age men's teams, a women's team, and a thriving juniors section. Swindon St george are doing a great job within the town and it's surrounds.
  7. For those looking forward to watching games, at the moment the RFL Guidelines are still no spectators. Though I appreciate at some rugby and football grounds, this may be "got around".
  8. Correct in that there is a Community Clubs Webinar at 6.30 on Thursday this coming week. RFL said they were in discussions with Government and Sport England over the fine print, and hoped to be in a position to up date at the webinar. Phased reintroduction to full contact in training, but again I'm led to believe full information/timescale on Thursday.
  9. Today, Monday 15th February, marks the 113th anniversary of the deciding test match in the first ever international series in Rugby League. The series was between England (Northern Union) and the New Zealand All Golds. For details of this historic event, and how it links into the present day, please see the full article on this link: 100 + 13 = A Rugby League Anniversary (mailchi.mp)
  10. Gloucestershire All Golds have never existed, the original club were the University of Gloucestershire All Golds. When the university stepped aside the club was renamed as All Golds, no geographic suffix, and is registered with the RFL as such. There are not separate clubs called Bristol and Gloucestershire. There is one club called the All Golds. The side in the SCL will play in Bristol, and the "new" side in the WoE will play in Gloucester. There is one club running all operations.
  11. Cheltenham Phoenix remain a strong community club playing in the West of England League. Schools work continues in the Cheltenham and Gloucester area, although stalled somewhat by covid this year, with a view to expanding into the Stroud and Forest of Dean areas too. There is a healthy relationship between All Golds and Phoenix.
  12. Gloucester: heartbeat of the All Golds ~ Outstanding venue at Churchdown School for 1908 Cup, Golden Fern Cup and Primary Schools' Festival Jay Woodley ( All Golds' Schools' and Community Clubs' Development Officer) is based at Churchdown school Staff and set up at Churchdown school are outstanding All Golds' club: superb HQ at St Peter's Sports Centre (school) fine facilities top staff Gloucestershire - we have so many schools, staff and other personnel as friends and partners. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have all of the above Thank you all so much
  13. The partnership between South Gloucestershire Stroud College and Bristol All Golds took further steps today with the college's rugby academy information going live on their website. The article below gives all the information. An exciting prospect not just for the youth of Bristol and the West Country, but it's available to those from elsewhere too. https://www.allgoldsrugby.co.uk/destination-bristol/
  14. As it stands the All Golds are planning to run two teams in 2021. Bristol is the Southern Conference League. Gloucester in the West of England League. The future? Does anyone actually know what the picture will look like in a few years? The club's aim is to be in a position to progress in a sustainable fashion, and to play at the best level they can.
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