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  1. Apparently politics in Tonga RL, I've heard that players would not play for the old Board. IRFL stepped in and new board appointed. Legal wrangle in Tonga from old board. Hence why shown as invitational, compromise so players would play.
  2. Both games were competitive and played in a good spirit. Shame the crowd was sparse, but to be honest I didn't see that much advertising for the event on any RFL site.
  3. Not sure for how long, but in recent years it's been a southern based competition. Quarter final is a bit misleading, though that is what it's called. In effect the four semi finals are always matched up as London v East and West v Midlands. As West has two leagues, West itself and South West, the two champions of these play off in the quarter final to earn the right to play the Midlands winner. Not sure of the date for Wests v Brentwood, but I know Devon v Sherwood is on Sunday 1 September at a neutral venue to be announced, roughly half way between the two teams involved.
  4. Results stand with unplayed games given as 24-0 to the opposition.
  5. Fixtures are on RFL website www.rugby-league.com/leagues__competitions/southern_conference_league/fixtures The website also lists the clubs. Only clubs who the RFL are "confident" would fulfil all fixtures were accepted as I understand it. It may not be perfect, but it is a start.
  6. It is happening with fixtures commencing April 27, 14 teams split between Eat and West. Why there is not a website or why you can not find the fixtures I have no idea, that's RFL responsibility. The clubs were given the fixtures a few weeks ago. The club I am involved in has our fixtures showing on our website https://www.allgoldsrugby.co.uk/fixtures/ The league itself is having a launch on February 23 at the London Broncos v Castleford Tigers match.
  7. Why the need for a new thread when there is one five pages long already on this subject. Just dividing posts between two threads. Worse case attention seeking, or laziness, by original poster...
  8. The only list published on here so far is the one for the West. Hemel will be in the East list which has not been made public as yet, to the best of my knowledge.
  9. Nobody has been let in as yet. Those clubs that expressed an interest have now been sent an application form, along with a set of minimum standards. Formal applications have to be with the RFL on 5 November.
  10. Correct Mr Rhino. All Golds visit Saltash Essayons this Sunday 19 August. Kick off 14.30 Venue Torpoint RFC. Unfortunately going to miss it myself, due to family holiday. The winners host the Midlands winners on September 2, at the same time the winners of London and East meet. Final at Hemel on September 9.
  11. Harry Jepson is a club competition again this season, though I believe that representative games will take place also.
  12. That's the problem with the RFL website I mentioned above. There is a South west league, as you say called a premier division, based in Devon and Cornwall. There is also the West of England League I described in my first reply. Two totally separate competitions, not linked at all, apart from winners of both due to play each other in the Harry Jepson cup play off game, before teams from other regions enter. Confusion understandable. I have had players asking how to register this season, as West of England League not shown on drop down box for registration purposes, despite playing in W.o.E. League, our players register to South West...
  13. There is no premier division. This year started with 12 clubs in 3 pools of 4. Idea was top 2 from each pool into super 6s and the 2 bottom teams in each pool into the plate 6s. In each latter group of 6, play each other once with top 4 into semi finals of league and plate., then final. Two teams withdrew during season, so 6s have become 5s, but with same conclusions. All of the above refer to the West of England League, which for some historical reason sits on the South West section of the RFL website.
  14. Mr Rhino, you were slightly ahead on that announcement. Your posting was a good few hours ahead of the All Golds being asked about a change in kick off time. As a club Director, and the person responsible for the admin side of the club, this was the first I had heard of it. Having said that, I have since had a pleasant text exchange with Swindon St George, and can confirm that the first game is taking place at 1.00 which is slightly earlier. Thanks though for your postings on the West of England League, it's much appreciated, and is often easier to find fixtures/results here than on RFL website.
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