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  1. The result of being on the road for many years. The support was quite remarkable for this period but the next generation were not able to attend and engage with the "Home" matches. This probably created a problem for the areas amateur clubs as well hence our poor showings at this level today We are now paying a price for this policy.
  2. You need to start another thread for that please.(Admin you need to remove this person)
  3. Useful strength to the squad
  4. Isnt it the famous "Protector" of our young stars Brian Hogan knocking the ball back in the photo at the old Fartown Huddersfield. Is it the famous phantom hooter game?
  5. With Bridge in the pack and his ability to offload a centre who can finish off approach work is required. Scott prod him with a stick to get him super fit. Sorted.
  6. Hoping a wet start doesn't see a decrease in crowds
  7. D1041

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    After closing time early Sunday morning a more interesting subject
  8. Canada seems to be the in place
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