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  1. https://boundaryparkpurchase.home.blog/ At least they have got some fans willing to challenge a useless owner
  2. "I thought we had to be over 60 years old to watch Oldham rlfc"
  3. "I'm sure watersheddings is around here somewhere"
  4. The chron is always reporting on the trials and tribulations at latics, they are not afraid to post things of a negative impact regarding oafc, apart from the usual signings at orlfc, no bad news is ever reported, late tax payments, ground problems, fans worries etc, wonder why this is? Or have I missed it somewhere that CH now does the Oldham chron reports?
  5. To sum up, talks are ongoing with oafc but no decision made yet, but wasn't there a deadline for CH to tell the rfl where orlfc will be playing next season? If so, what the hell did he tell them?
  6. I read this on latics forum = Was speaking to someone who knows a lot about Oldham Roughyeds, they are trying to broker a deal to return to boundary park. The only stumbling block is not the debt but negotiations with the new consortium taking over Oldham Athletic.. Take this as you wish but this has not come from the Oldham athletic side but from the Oldham Roughyeds side Edit Hopeully they will agree a deal in 4 weeks time.
  7. 2nd slowest build in history, the promised "development" of whitebank when orlfc moved in surely comes top of the list.
  8. lalar

    Sunday's match

    Hope it's a match not to be missed by our "real" chairman.
  9. lalar

    Final curtain

    If I'm not mistaken, this land has been bought by Hulme grammar school.
  10. Is this directed at CH?
  11. Who is going to pay the debt we owe from the last time we played at BP?
  12. And that's all it was, an advertisement.
  13. Keep your wigs on, you act like there is some special bond. Is just some pub trying to drum up extra custom, been in lots of great places on my travels but wouldn't like it if they all advertised on here.
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