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  1. You could try counting them at the next home game.
  2. Good to see Jy Hitchcox back in the squad.
  3. They’ve just got a really good physio Doug.
  4. None, we managed to keep all our players on the pitch this time.
  5. Yeah that must have been a great effort by a really patched up team. No real preparation time etc. I was expecting a heavier defeat than that to be honest.
  6. That’s bit cynical of you Doug. Surely Swinton wouldn’t do that ?
  7. One of the towns real characters. Once met never forgotten. They don’t make ‘em like Moggy any more. RIP.
  8. Mm, Keighley up next I see.
  9. It looks like that’s what they’ve decided to do. Fair enough.
  10. The two “ D’s “ win you games - defence and discipline. Neither has been good enough this season.
  11. Looks like the tough decisions have been made sooner than I thought they would be. Rangi player coach ? Penkie player coach ?
  12. That would have been my choice also. Tyrer’s had a great season so far, he’s never had a bad game. If this season tapers off to nothingness some tough decisions will have to be made.
  13. Last season we had two guys get red cards early on in crucial games. At the disciplinary both were found to have no case to answer. Of course it’s too late then. Given the furore over players suffering from early on set dementia and consequently taking action in law against the RFL anything remotely above the chest is now a high tackle. It’s no good moaning about it. We have to come to terms with it.
  14. What happened to McNally ? I thought he was fit to play. Losing him apparently meant moving Sheridan from scrum half to full-back, Chase from stand off to scrum half, and bringing in the new guy to stand off. Wasn’t there a stand in full back that could have played that would have meant us playing with our usual settled half back partnership ?
  15. I’m being told we had 4 yellow cards as well as the red card, if that’s true it’s beyond ridiculous. We won’t beat anybody in this league, apart from the odd lower level team, with stats like that. I’d be fining the players in future - 25% off their wage for a yellow card, 100% off for a red card. Two things win you games - discipline and defence. If we are expecting to go further in the play offs we need to get both of these right asap.
  16. Well it worked at their place, so we knew what to expect. We should have been ready for it and on our best behaviour today.
  17. I’m on holiday so I’m missing this one. Sounds like I’m the lucky one. I said earlier you can’t play the teams around you with a player down all the time and expect to get a result. Two yellows and a red card I’m hearing now. This isn’t an isolated incident that we can just forget about. How many games have we been at least a man down in during the last couple of seasons ? Way too many ! We’ve probably played more games with 12 players than we have with 13 ! If the people running the show can’t do anything about discipline - time for a change ?
  18. The best club side I ever saw. As a Hornets fan - the Wakefield team of the late 1960’s.
  19. They’re a well organised team who have a game plan and stick to it. Basic minimum error rugby until they get to their opponents 25 then they move the ball around. A hard team to beat.
  20. I’d say the real problems started when the football club’s new board took over.
  21. I suppose we thought that even the football club would see the benefit of bringing the England v Fiji game to Rochdale. However their new board obviously had other ideas about what is good for the town.
  22. Rochdale has the biggest population of Fijians outside London.
  23. The statements says a lot but it doesn’t tell us much we didn’t already know. There’s nothing really said that wasn’t in the public domain back when the lease was agreed several years ago. It doesn’t answer why Hornets have been prevented from getting payment from car parking. It doesn’t answer why fans have to be crammed into 1/8th of the ground. At the Oldham game a disabled Oldham fan had to be found a seat in their Directors box because he couldn’t get a suitable seat in the sold out stand. It doesn’t answer why Hornets memorabilia has been allegedly removed from the display cases in the main stand corridor.
  24. Like I said the other day “ Actions Speak Louder Than Words “. I didn’t need telling, it was that obvious.
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