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  1. I think we should set up a petition so barrow never have to leave craven park ever ever, in fact I’ll send them me phone number just in case they ever need owt from the shop
  2. Centre or second row I think marra
  3. What’s all this signing nonsense,pfffftt the club will be telling us what time we kick off next, who needs it, shaking head emoji thingy
  4. I see there’s another reveal at 7 tonight
  5. Am sure it won’t be as much she’s spent on shoes this week
  6. There’s only 4 directors at the moment that have families and jobs, give them a break they can’t do everything especially bow to every supporter that needs burped and changed every five minutes give them time and all will be revealed,like as already been said as a supporter base we all have our worries for the upcoming season,just chill for a bit longer they are all doing there best. Utt
  7. Think it’s gonna be a expensive Christmas marra, I liked oneils gear but some ellgreens gear is mint, I want everything
  8. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t see owt
  9. I believe there is 4 more to come, one I think is a half how experienced I don’t know, but obviously Chris sees something in him, time will tell
  10. My wish as come true, the big box has been found
  11. I wish there was a big box with these big props in, coz I think nearly every other teams are looking for the same thing, we can live in hope utt
  12. Wow how sad is that loved watching stevie play, rest easy now marra
  13. Come on David we should be setting our sights higher than that
  14. I agree there’s been a great range of gear this past year or two,I just thought I heard someone saying there was a change this season??
  15. Have we got a new kit supplier this year, anybody know when the new gear comes out ??
  16. Who knows marra, this is the rfl after all
  17. You probably have to wait till they had sobered upthen they wouldn’t be able to remember why
  18. I haven’t seen the fixtures yet, so is that for town or every team ??
  19. Wouldn’t read too much into that result(as good as it was) it will be a different team this year
  20. It would be nice to start off with a win, as I think they gonna be like rocking horse s@#t very hard to come by,hope I’m proven wrong utt
  21. Hi, I think that’s what virtually every team is looking for aswell
  22. Any of the polish cities or if you want it really cheap go to the polish countryside,
  23. I wonder if town have shown any interest in holgate aswell
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