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  1. Don’t think it would matter if they played their wives at the minute marra
  2. So what’s stopping you now? I’ll buy the stamps if only we had known it was so easy to get promoted
  3. I believe there’s a Fijian coming in visa been cleared by the rfl, don’t know if it’s a back or a midget forward. Allegedly???
  4. Geez that’s a shock, what a player he was we could do with a maverick like him now, rest easy boxer marra
  5. Don’t worry he will behave his self, just hide the car keys
  6. Could it be pez that’s outbound ??
  7. My mate used to hear voices in his head shouting kill kill kill, but he managed to get tablets off the doctor for it any luck it could help the ref
  8. I know what you mean, but I would prefer we were play s@#t and have a few points on board
  9. Absolutely gutted I feared for us before the match,but I needn’t have worried town I thought played really well, and you’ve got to feel for poor old Ethan at the end I think a draw would have been fair, god it’s frustrating being a town fan at the minute utt
  10. Does anyone know much about these lads ??
  11. According to Chris the club should be announcing the two new players today
  12. Would been nice to have postlethwaite in on the wing,he’s always looked good under the high ball whenever he’s played fullback
  13. It’s gonna be a tough journey but I’m happy with the amazing people leading us forward, despite Willie Wilkinson trying his best to score points and put a dampener on the night
  14. Well dews already have us wrote off,London being the club there main opposition for league survival,fair enough but would be great to prove them wrong, come on boys give us some hope utt
  15. Probably something that’s never to be repeated in our lifetime unless we get that elusive sugar daddy that everyone else is looking for
  16. Now you really are just being picky
  17. A newer one not jenkinson was it, we are doomed I tell ya
  18. Ahh fair enough marra my bad
  19. It’s that same director who said he would push the sales of jam in Workington Morrisons if we won the ike southward trophy, and fair play he did in his haven top,so he said this time he would get a tattoo of towns crest if we won tonight,sorry can’t remember his name
  20. Obviously want the win for two points,but for the haven director to end up with a town badge tattooed wherever on his body utt
  21. Bits that I have heard is he needs to keep his head down,his ###### up and his mouth shut,want him to be the next boxer but like as been said maybe an older head would help utt
  22. It got me believing we would stay up.and that’s before a pint utt
  23. I think the interview on the interweb with Chris will have put some supporters minds at rest.at least we now know that they are looking to bolster the squad as soon as.it certainly made me more confident we can survive this season given a littbit of luck utt
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