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  1. How many players from the past liked a drink the night before and didn’t let the team down on match day.not saying it’s right but everyone’s different
  2. Always sad to lose a townie another link to the past gone.rest easy big fella
  3. To be fair I like hearing rumours true or otherwise
  4. Could we afford him??
  5. Like everybody else I’m desperate to finally get our first two points,it would be a massive boost to everyone connected to the club to et them today,hopefully I’m not living in cloud cuckoo landAll the best today lads do us proud utt
  6. got to say I’m impressed with haven so far,kept saints pretty quiet having said that saints just score wonder if that will open the flood gates
  7. You would hope, they had learned there lesson
  8. Looks like they have resigned Dawson then
  9. A bigger key is having enough bodies, fingers crossed
  10. If they can’t make it marra I’m available from dinner time
  11. Heard he had gotten a job down at bae systems, so it’s maybe shifts that will clash with training and playing, shame because we can ill afford to lose any more players
  12. Just asking the question marra
  13. I just hope next week they have the whole team with machine guns to stand half a chance
  14. What do you do with glen riley then and his drink drive and pinching a car ??
  15. Don’t be daft,he’s far too polite.(sorry Sandy)
  16. Christ if they carry on like this, they will all end up on crime watch
  17. Any millionaires among them marra
  18. You could see Scotland until Nicola sturgeon put a wall up ,now on a good day we are only allowed to look at the Isle of Man ,but that’s only on a Tuesday between 3 and5 not much to see now but the
  19. You had better get used to it there will be a few of them this season, although I don’t know what people expected against established teams with a damn sight more money than us, of course it’s frustrating but survival is the only thing that matters this season and then see where we are next utt
  20. And folk were wondering where dec was gonna play,
  21. Luckily they won’t be throwing money at him like we will
  22. Word is dessie as passed away at only 63 so sad, was brilliant for town great memories
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