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  1. Why do Warrington, Wigan, and Saints all get 5 figure crowds then?
  2. You are conveniently ignoring the fact that McCrone stood in between the player playing the ball and the acting halfback. Just because you’ve got your hands in the air doesn’t make you immune from being penalised for interference at the ruck.
  3. Can’t see that, not a lot of season left.
  4. They always have done, on the Friday night, very successful.
  5. Suggest you look at Darlo’s recent history, where they are now, and who has been their owner.
  6. ......and they will be nowhere near the Football League. I can give you Darlington as an example.
  7. It seemed that way yesterday. Well worth the horrendous 7 hour drive from Stockton on Friday (it usually takes 4).
  8. Well come on then? What did he do wrong? I detest it when someone makes a statement like that and then can’t follow it up.
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