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  1. They always have done, on the Friday night, very successful.
  2. Suggest you look at Darlo’s recent history, where they are now, and who has been their owner.
  3. ......and they will be nowhere near the Football League. I can give you Darlington as an example.
  4. It seemed that way yesterday. Well worth the horrendous 7 hour drive from Stockton on Friday (it usually takes 4).
  5. Well come on then? What did he do wrong? I detest it when someone makes a statement like that and then can’t follow it up.
  6. Fully in support of Dave T. No-one has been an apologist, by the way is it a rule on here that you have to answer any question you’re asked?
  7. Suggest people have look at the alleged head shots and then they have a think about what caused the brawl. Thirty seconds left, score 30-10 to Catalans and McIlorum targets Akiola with a pre-meditated straight arm. Had this not happened, the trouble on the pitch would not have happened.
  8. Don’t be so stupid. Chris Hill, Stef Ratchford and a couple of others were trying to calm the crowd down. Hill shouted to the ref “My family’s up there.” James Child completely lost control. Catalans players were continually talking to him throughout the game. At one time he told them to move back 5-6 times and was ignored.
  9. Don’t blame Leeds, they played pretty well. Huddersfield were dreadful in defence and devoid of ideas in attack. I don’t think I’ve seen a worse team all season.
  10. Leeds have played pretty well tonight, but Huddersfield are dreadful, absolutely no imagination in attack, and awful defence.
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