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  1. Bramley since April '67. Dad took me and he was a Leeds supporter. Big win v Blackpool Borough and still have the programme.
  2. Followed closely by Jack Austin who regularly lifted the team and supporters with his powerful running...great times
  3. Completely agree with all the comments made. I am sure there is a place for well managed expansion just as there is/was a place for some of the smaller, less glamourese clubs that have gone to the wall for a variety of reasons. We at Bramley did try to rejoin the professional ranks and later the NCL but to no avail. We had hoped that being members of the old National League 3 along with the likes of Hemel/Warrington Wizards as was (now Woolston), Coventry etc that we may be allowed back into the professional ranks, however that was not the case and we joined the Yorkshire Men's League. The club is still functioning as a going concern thanks to the very hard work of all those involved behind the scenes and the committment of the player's. We won league 4a this season so the club continues to be competitive.However the days of watching the likes of John Woolford/Graham Idle/Jack Austin ....my favourite player/Peter Lister etc serm a distant memory...but the players who gave turned out for us since 2004 have also given me a lot of joy and pride in my club. Here's wishing all smaller clubs whether professional or amateur, good luck and best wishes for whatever the future of the game holds as the worst feeling is to see your club cease to exist and play as happened to us.
  4. Watched my first Bramley game/rugby league match in April 1967, home win over Blackpool Borough. Followed them ever since. Watched them home and away over the years as both a professional and amateur team. Been a rollercoaster with some dark times when we left the professional game. Loved walking to McLaren Field to see epic game versus Leeds/Cas/Bradford Northern/Hunslet/Huyton and Doncaster!!.....but not quite the same playing at Kirkstall and then Headingley. Amazing small band of supporters who have stuck with them to get them reformed, this is what makes our game special. Have travelled to Hemel/Bridgend/Carlisle/St Alban's/South London and all points in-between to watch them as an amateur team since 2004 and the away support has always been present, albeit small. No idea what the future holds. Seen some top class games and some great players pull on the amber and black. Fighting back with the Amber and Black!
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