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  1. I dont think you will be far off with that although I think Tier 2 and Tier 3 will basically be one. Saying that we lose to Dewsbury tonight we might make up part of tier 4. :) Regarding York I would have kept Sharp at Fax, I would rather have him at FB than Grix but I think Johnston was part of a group of players that should have been moved on over the last couple of seasons and I were surprised York went for him but been best mates with the coach probably helped him. They only had to look at Fax and their attack to see the organiser and runner did not work in Murrell and Johnston and that is what they re-created with Robinson and Johnston although its early days for that partnership.
  2. Id agree with the top 4 and really could be in any order but don't think York will be anywhere near 5th. Hard to say who will grab that though.
  3. I certainly didn't expect us to be unbeaten after the first 3 weeks.
  4. A couple of surprise results in Sheffield nearly turning Toulouse over and Oldham beating Haven at theirs. Bradford was never going to be a blowout on a tight soggy pitch and anyone who has seen York this season will not have been surprised by that result. I thought the handicap mark of about 14 was printing money. Oh and London was a big surprise if we are honest, I think a lot of people could have seen Widnes win a tight game.
  5. Going on that will probably going to pick the bones out of Leigh, Fev, Fax, Haven and maybe Widnes.
  6. So actual handicaps out.... Batley -6 Bradford +8 Halifax -10 Leigh -14 Sheffield +14 Haven -6 Widnes -4
  7. I know we have not seen a right lot of rugby so far this season but going on friendlies and what we have seen I think York will miss out on the top 5 with possibly Widnes getting in there.
  8. Waiting for the bookies so here goes:- Batley Bulldogs v Swinton Lions (Batley -8) Bradford Bulls v Featherstone Rovers (Bradford +14) Halifax v Dewsbury Rams (Halifax -10) Leigh Centurions v York City Knights (Leigh -16) Sheffield Eagles v Toulouse Olympique (Sheffield +18) Whitehaven v Oldham KO 6.15pm (Whitehaven -6) Widnes Vikings v London Broncos (Widnes -2) If the handicaps were anywhere near those(I think Leigh will be better than -16 so will be a no brainer) I would be taking Bradford, Fax, Leigh, Sheffield, Haven, and Widnes.
  9. Modern society has turned people in to a bunch of fannys. I remember in the early 90's been on the terracing at Thrum Hall(god rest her soul) in the snow against Widnes and wanting to go about ten minutes before the end of the game. My dad told me in no uncertain words we would not be leaving the game early. Little bit of rain nowadays and people dont want to go outside.
  10. Only 1 leader of our pack . If Fax fans don't know who that is then it makes you wonder what games they have been watching for the last few seasons.
  11. Batley looking like spoiling my acca. Looking like they will do well to get within 30 or 40 of Widnes.
  12. Lots of roads unpassable here and getting worse. Really can't see it going ahead.
  13. Leigh played a Friday night fixture, Sheffield played a tough Sunday fixture. It would have had a bearing.
  14. Getting someone to talk on the pitch is, in my opinion, one of the hardest skills to develop. A lot of it comes down to understanding the game at a good level because the players around the player in question have to believe that person knows what they are doing. In junior rugby its quite a problem in that you can teach different skills to players but to get someone on the pitch at a young age and been able to take a team around the field is pretty difficult. Personally for me I would put more worth on a scrum half with very little skill but a big mouth who can take the team around the field over a scrum half with the razzle dazzle skills that were mentioned at least at amateur and junior level anyway. Not sure about tips but all I would say is study the game and go deeper in to game plans and the players that execute them also speak to your coach afterall its his gameplan you are probably going to be following. By the sounds of it you are putting it in when defending which always gets respect from the bigger/older players so maybe speak to them away from the pitch about your concerns over bossing them around, you will get more respect from doing that and to be fair most of the big guys just want to hit the ball up hard so you are not stopping them doing that just moving them to where you want them to do that so they won't be bothered.
  15. He has sped our play up quite a bit, maybe it explains why we were so off last week with him having to go off injured. Misses out Sunday due to concussion but Brandon Moore returns so we should be fine in that position.
  16. We don't have local youngsters.......they are all snapped up by the Sl clubs. If they don't make it then some will filter back to the Championship others will go to the amateur game and some will quit.
  17. I think our pack is pretty strong to be fair. In my opinion its the quality you have in your backs that could make it a rowt on a fine day. We are looking pretty much close to full strength going on the squad named. I feel a bit better for having Moore, Barber, Robinson and the two DR lads in.
  18. If true then it would suggest some fiddling of the numbers going on or that we had less home fans than we normally do although that does go along with the thinking that the Fax V Fev games are no longer the big draw they were.
  19. I think getting rid of DR would dumb down the Championship for a little while but then when some fringe SL players realise they are struggling to get regular game time at SL clubs they will inevitabley move down to the Championship which should in theory raise the standard in the Championship. SL would never go for it though as they can just stockpile players at the moment and with a combination of DR, Loans, "season long signings", and whatever other things to bend the rules they can come up with, they know they can use the Championship teams to develop their players with very little risk of losing them. We are Super Leagues bitches.
  20. Oi thats my rumour. In all seriousness though I don't think its too likely as the only player that didnt really perform in the backline against Sheffield was Woodburn Hall and I cant see Uate playing centre. I thought your assesment of our game against Sheffield was spot on though and it were a total contrast to a couple of our pre-season performances. The only thing I would say though is that last season we would not have won that game especially going 7 points behind with the same amount of minutes left and a couple of tries disallowed that on the replay look perfectly fine along with a sin binning for an aggresive tackle. I may be clutching at straws but as we won its what im clinging to. I can't see anything but a comfortable Fev win so Im hoping Fev are complacent and we catch them cold.
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