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  1. On 18/07/2019 at 14:07, Reverend Ram said:

    perhaps the lure of being on the Beeb next week may keep Murrell quiet enough.

    Easiest way to keep Murrell quiet - hit him late off the ball so he has to leave the field. Fingers crossed he is ok for the game next week as it would be a travesty for him to miss that match because of a dirty tackle.

  2. 11 hours ago, paulwalker71 said:

    11 definite + 5 'interested'

    If we end up with 16 teams, will there be two divisions? Conferences?

    Can't see that a 30 game season is going to happen (it has already been said it will be a home and away schedule)


    If it does end up being 2 divisions its going to be a bit of a kick in the teeth for any team already running a reserve team if they end up in the 2nd division.

    10 hours ago, Oliver Clothesoff said:

    Firstly, what’s the standard going to be like? From a Saints point of view, we have Josh Simm playing weekly on dual-reg with Leigh, he seems, from what I read, to be doing quite well there but the question I ask regarding the re-introduction of a reserve grade is, is he better off playing for Saints Reserves against Leigh’s reserves, or is he better off playing for Leigh’s first team in a real competitive game at Championship level against a Bradford, Featherstone or Toronto? Looking at our current squad, Jack Ashworth and James Bentley have been success stories of regular game time at Championship level with the likes of Rochdale and Sheffield. 

    In my opinion this is a big part of what is wrong with the game. Hopefully in future players like this will be sent on season long loans as in my opinion DR has just given teams a way of stock piling players which in turn dilutes the quality of the competition as a whole. 

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  3. I remember Fax signing numerous players at 50k+ with Karl Harrison been around the 100k mark and turned out to be worth every penny. Sadly as well the transfer fees pushed some players out of the game as well. I remember Leeds putting a 250k transfer fee on the head of the late Mick Shaw who would eventually within a few months be back playing for his local amateur team.

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  4. 8 hours ago, sentoffagain2 said:

      Lets face it any Final played on one of the teams home ground is just not fair.

    Winning the league and not getting automatically promoted is not fair either. The top team should get all the advantages they can because they have earnt it through the season.

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  5. London will struggle when they come down. A load of their team leaving, only the worst full time players left available for them and then only a fraction of those will be willing to move down to London. It will probably take them 3 or 4 years I would think to rebuild and maybe have another push.

    Giants would manage easily and be at the top of the table and the same goes for Leeds. Hull KR have recent experience of how to handle it and they should also cope.

  6. 1 hour ago, J Phil Loxton said:

    We were unable to call on Sutcliffe. Golding Davies Holmes and Harrison from that impressive performance at Blackpool. However Fax were without their talisman Murrell but I do agree with you that Toronto apart I think Leigh are the better side in the championship especially with Toulouse being without key players recently. However we were supposedly a cut above Barrow so I think if you turnup mentally on the day any team can knock off any other. Think Fax have been suffering from semi finalitis.

    I honestly don't think the semi final has had any impact. Other than the game against London and a home game against Dewsbury we have been average at best and that's been kind. Its hard to put a finger on what has gone wrong compared to the last 3 or 4 seasons where we were very competitive.

    Its a great competition Im just sad that we wont be part of the battle at the top this season but like you say if a team has an off day they will get beat although I would expect Toronto to be clear in 1st and then Leigh, Toulouse and Fev will make up the next 3 and on their day any of those could give Toronto a game in the final. Whoever makes 5th will be there just as a token to make the numbers up.

  7. 5 hours ago, David Shepherd said:

    Didn't see that, although I was about 20 yards in front of the bunch of young lads I assume you mean.  

    Seen the tweet about David Singer about 10 minutes ago.  Pretty vile wasn't it?  The account had been removed and rightly so.

    Yeah not quite sure what goes on in peoples heads. What a world we live in when someone thinks a blind side attack on a totally blameless victim leaving them in a wheelchair is something to laugh and joke about. I love a bit of banter with the Fev fans as you know but these idiots end up tarring all the fans with the same brush.

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  8. 15 hours ago, mightyship said:

    Couldn’t go today but listened on Rovers TV. Good win but performance sounded scratchy again - a bit like against Sheffield and Widnes. Good in patches but not quite clinical. Be interested to hear the thoughts of those that could attend- how were we?

    and do we look good enough to take Leigh next week?


    Scratchy probably sums up both teams performances although we are at the lower end of scratchy. I was surprised the contrast in performances from the Fev side I saw play at the bash and was worried we could get a big score put on us the way we are playing. From a Fev point of view you lot must be happy with any away win in the Championship and from a Fax point of view not really much to build on as it were the same problems that have cost us all season, discipline, unforced errors, and poor defence on our own line.

    As for Leigh having seen you both recently I would say that Leigh are the better team and they look like scoring every time they have the ball however I thought Fev were the 2nd best team in the league up until last week so it could all change again after next weeks game.

  9. On the game itself it was a decent game between two teams that looked out of form, no surprise given Halifax's results but a bit of a surprise with Fev on the back of just 1 recent loss. I saw Fev at the Bash and said they were the 2nd best team in the league and expected them to win this game quite comfortably but the reality was they never looked like scoring from anywhere outside our 10 metre line which surprised me. What didn't surprise me was that we conceded 4 tries in that area of the pitch as our defence there this season has been shocking. Other than that from a Fax point of view we put together 25 minutes of decent rugby which is a massive improvement on recent weeks but still nowhere near what we should be producing and some of our players need a good hard look in the mirror over their contributions this season.

  10. 21 minutes ago, David Shepherd said:

    You got evidence of that? If so, please send it to the club.

    Aside from a few fat lads taking their shirts off and waving them in the air, nothing happened (that I saw) that I would call dickheaderry.  Either inside or outside. 

    Only trouble it seems were those same lads sitting down in front of cars and spitting at the cars trying to goad the fans out of the cars. Other than that a little bit of singing about "the spastic Halifax fax Dave Singer". The sad thing for the normal Fev fans is that it seems to be becoming a regular occurrence.

    Oh there was the twitter thing as well with one of your fans. I won't post it on here because its in very bad taste and probably just brings the person in question the attention he craves.

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  11. 12 minutes ago, haskey said:

    Not the oxy boy we know , knocking your team like that. methinks you should cut down on the amber nectar.

    Our performances this year have turned me to the bottle.🤣🤣

    Seriously though I probably expected as much from this season as I have ever done any of our seasons in this league, especially what had happened at other clubs, so to turn out like this has been disappointing to say the least.

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  12. 8 hours ago, haskey said:

    Not necessarily Oxy boy , You didn't watch the shambles of a performance last week by Fev

    No but Ive watched the shambles of most of our performances this season so in my eyes Fev will look to put right the wrongs of last week where as we will just go about the game as normal which means we will play well for 20 minutes and the rest will be spent making unforced errors, giving penalties away, and probably completing somewhere about the 50% mark.

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