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  1. 14 hours ago, jamescolin said:

    Just having a laugh and a bit of humour. Thanks to all that participated. I am getting more participation than when we have actual voting. Ok some of it might be drivel but at least we are keeping it light hearted. My apologies but it is the way my mind works I love a laugh and the make up of words and their variations have always intrigued me. UTR. A bit of humour chases blues away, that plus a mental dustbin for stuff not worth bothering about. Better than tossing and turning in bed and worrying about nought of consequence. Ok ALL get a mental dustbin. If things are of consequence write down all the possible answers, pick one, do it and forget the worry. This method has worked for me for a long time. Unclutter the brain. 

    Won't chase me away. ?

  2. Modern society has turned people in to a bunch of fannys.

    I remember in the early 90's been on the terracing at Thrum Hall(god rest her soul) in the snow against Widnes and wanting to go about ten minutes before the end of the game. My dad told me in no uncertain words we would not be leaving the game early. Little bit of rain nowadays and people dont want to go outside.

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  3. On 08/02/2020 at 12:00, Ainley Top said:

    Absolutely. And to think there's Fax fans who see him as the leader of our pack. ? I can't see us getting much out of tomorrow's game but ? you never know. 

    Only 1 leader of our pack . If Fax fans don't know who that is then it makes you wonder what games they have been watching for the last few seasons.

  4. On 06/02/2020 at 19:13, The Blues Ox said:

    So handicap wise....

    Leigh -16 V Sheffield

    Toulouse -34 V Oldham

    London -32 V Whitehaven

    Swinton -4 V Dewsbury

    Widnes -20 V Batley

    York -8 V Bradford

    Fev -12 V Halifax


    I said I would take Toulouse with anything up to -36 so Im still taking that. Nothing really stands out apart from maybe Batley at -20. I expect Widnes to win the game comfortably but not sure if its 20 points comfortably.

    Bang on 20 points pfffttt.

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  5. 11 hours ago, Manfred Mann said:

    Interesting  coincidence that both Leigh and Toulouse each scored 11 tries and 7 goals in their respective victories today.

    Leigh let in two tries, Toulouse one.

    It is looking like Toulouse and Leigh could perhaps be playing against each other at the season's end for the right to be promoted to Super League.  I suppose that Featherstone, London and Widnes might also compete, but of course it is too early to know.

    I am surprised that Sheffield performed so poorly today. Were they suffering from injuries to regular first choice players?

    Leigh played a Friday night fixture, Sheffield played a tough Sunday fixture. It would have had a bearing.

  6. Getting someone to talk on the pitch is, in my opinion, one of the hardest skills to develop. A lot of it comes down to understanding the game at a good level because the players around the player in question have to believe that person knows what they are doing.  In junior rugby its quite a problem in that you can teach different skills to players but to get someone on the pitch at a young age and been able to take a team around the field is pretty difficult.

    Personally for me I would put more worth on a scrum half with very little skill but a big mouth who can take the team around the field over a scrum half with the razzle dazzle skills that were mentioned at least at amateur and junior level anyway.

    Not sure about tips but all I would say is study the game and go deeper in to game plans and the players that execute them also speak to your coach afterall its his gameplan you are probably going to be following. By the sounds of it you are putting it in when defending which always gets respect from the bigger/older players so maybe speak to them away from the pitch about your concerns over bossing them around, you will get more respect from doing that and to be fair most of the big guys just want to hit the ball up hard so you are not stopping them doing that just moving them to where you want them to do that so they won't be bothered.

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  7. 1 hour ago, headtackle said:

    Players come and go and hinder the development/game time of local youngsters. Imagine trying to make it in the game and being in one week out the next. 



    We don't have local youngsters.......they are all snapped up by the Sl clubs. If they don't make it then some will filter back to the Championship others will go to the amateur game and some will quit.

  8. 55 minutes ago, Michael Bates said:

    Would the bad conditions really be that bad for us? Given the quality I believe we have in our pack and the flair of Chisholm unavailable, would stripping the game back and attempting to batter them up the middle actually favour us?

    I think our pack is pretty strong to be fair. In my opinion its the quality you have in your backs that could make it a rowt on a fine day.

    6 minutes ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Yep just a rumour...Roberts & Wilson in on DR.

    We are looking pretty much close to full strength going on the squad named. I feel a bit better for having Moore, Barber, Robinson and the two DR lads in.

  9. 58 minutes ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Hmm...I'd say there were at least 250 Fev fans in the North stand at last season's game plus maybe a sprinkling seated in the main stand, and that followed immediately after our worst performance of the season when Barow hammered us at home.

    If true then it would suggest some fiddling of the numbers going on or that we had less home fans than we normally do although that does go along with the thinking that the Fax V Fev games are no longer the big draw they were.

  10. I think getting rid of DR would dumb down the Championship for a little while but then when some fringe SL players realise they are struggling to get regular game time at SL clubs they will inevitabley move down to the Championship which should in theory raise the standard in the Championship. SL would never go for it though as they can just stockpile players at the moment and with a combination of DR, Loans, "season long signings", and whatever other things to bend the rules they can come up with, they know they can use the Championship teams to develop their players with very little risk of losing them.

    We are Super Leagues bitches.

  11. 41 minutes ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Rumours they might be fielding an Australian International with 200 NRL appearances and 118 tries on DR on Sunday...hope so, maybe some of the flak we usually get for our use of DR will get shared about a bit more, then again...

    Oi thats my rumour. ?

    In all seriousness though I don't think its too likely as the only player that didnt really perform in the backline against Sheffield was Woodburn Hall and I cant see Uate playing centre. I thought your assesment of our game against Sheffield was spot on though and it were a total contrast to a couple of our pre-season performances. The only thing I would say though is that last season we would not have won that game especially going 7 points behind with the same amount of minutes left and a couple of tries disallowed that on the replay look perfectly fine along with a sin binning for an aggresive tackle. I may be clutching at straws but as we won its what im clinging to.

    I can't see anything but a comfortable Fev win so Im hoping Fev are complacent and we catch them cold.

  12. So handicap wise....

    Leigh -16 V Sheffield

    Toulouse -34 V Oldham

    London -32 V Whitehaven

    Swinton -4 V Dewsbury

    Widnes -20 V Batley

    York -8 V Bradford

    Fev -12 V Halifax


    I said I would take Toulouse with anything up to -36 so Im still taking that. Nothing really stands out apart from maybe Batley at -20. I expect Widnes to win the game comfortably but not sure if its 20 points comfortably.

  13. 3 hours ago, MADREDNIGE said:

    It's a good job Rovers fans don't boycott Fax away because you'd lose a decent chunk of revenue! 

    Fax V Fev games don't have the same sort of pull that they used to have. That was clear at the home and away games last season with maybe only a hundred or so travelling away fans at each. Our home games against Fev used to be our biggest attended games but last season it was in line with games against teams like Batley.

  14. 13 hours ago, MADREDNIGE said:

    Can't see it being a big crowd, poor ko time and Fax don't bring many. 

    True. Still quite a number of Fax fans that boycott this fixture. Its sad but its hard to argue with their reasoning.

    Game wise it should be an easy win for Fev as we were pretty poor against a very average Sheffield team so Im just hoping for can compete for a big chunk of the game and anything else would be a bonus.

  15. Yeah all home wins.

    I think Leigh comfortably beat Sheffield if they play anything like they did Sunday and the same goes for Fev beating Fax. Toulouse Im taking them on the handicap with anything up to about 36. London easy home win, Swinton a tight one but Im not expecting Dewsbury to get out of the bottom 4 this year so going to go with home advantage. Widnes easy win against another team I see in the bottom 4. York game could be tight but think York will have too much despite their poor showings so far this season.

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