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  1. Sharp will be the better signing of the two you have got from us. He is 100% each game and won't let you down, beats the first player most of the time and is good defensively and great under the high ball. Johnston will produce good bits of individual skill for you and has a really good short kicking game, probably his shortcomings are not have a long kicking game which can put more pressure on your main kicker and also he is a more off the cuff type of player which can be great but can also make it hard to follow the game plan. I would say his best asset is his defence for his size is really good, but then again who wants a half back who's best asset is his defence. He won't let you down though.
  2. 2 More to leave if, as expected, Bradford lose their appeal over their contract terminations. Its still hard to fathom why somebody would want to "buy" the Bulls in their current state.
  3. Worth mentioning as it keeps cropping up but there are a number of proffesional teams that have girls teams under their umbrella. Wakey, Warrington and Hull KR are 3 off the top of my head. Theres a number of others that are treat like feeder teams to professional clubs as well.
  4. Why don't those teams join the womes league then......... The women getting on TV are the elite athletes in their sport, just because big Dave playing for West Wales is technically a better player should not come in to the argument.
  5. Good luck. On paper a DR agreement with Cas looks good, it certainly did to Fax these last few seasons, but once the inevitable Cas injury crisis hits about 2 months in to the season it will make you wish you went with someone with more players.
  6. If you compare the game to a male Super League match then yes the standard was poor. Why it would be compared to a male SL match is beyond me though although I do think GS to it to the extreme with his comments on the game. I will say though as a male involved in the womens game I can clearly break down where the big differences in this percieved lack of quality come from. As a young lad all I wanted to do was play Rugby with my mates, every minute I could at home, every break at school it were rugby. If I were not playing Rugby I were watching rugby, it's funny but I used to pretend I were GS when I were about 12 years of age. By the time I were 13 or 14 I literally had hundreds of thousands of hours of practice under my belt now compare that to a lot of girls who do not have them hours simply because Rugby is not going to be first choice when it comes to what girls would rather do, they are usually limited to a couple of hours training a week, maybe a match and every now and again a kick around with the few of their mates that have ambitions of playing the game at a good level. I would say at the age of 16 most girls will be playing a standard of rugby that is at least 2 years behind their male counterparts at the same age. Now don't get conned that these girls don't put it in on the field, some of the biggest shots I have seen on a rugby field have been from girls. They are passionate, they are full bloodied, they put their bodies on the line and their game is on the up, there is none of the robotic stuff like we get in SL and while there is differences in skill between the teams it allows creativity and off the cuff stuff to flourish. The womens game is growing massively and will continue to do so and as that gets more popular more girls will participate and eventually this will lead to skill levels rising too. So yeah maybe there were some truth in what GS said but he could have put it a much better way or maybe talked about the improvement in the womens game in the last 2 years alone.
  7. Just specualtion and I said the same on the Fev forum, but Leeds having a reserves will probably help Fev and is the reason Fev didn't apply for the reserves league. Im sure Fev will now send the pick of their reserves team if not all so they can play as Leeds reserves still giving Leeds plenty of chance to send players to Fev to enhance their development at a level that will be far higher than what any reserves league will be.
  8. Sorry its more common sense rather than knowing every in and out. If you do not pay someones pension contributions then you are likely breaking your contract with them.
  9. It will be amazing if the current club continues. It looks like all contracts are null and void anyway and the reality is, who as part of a takeover bid is going to "buy" 600k+ worth of debts when they will shortly have a chance to get the name of the club for nothing?
  10. It seems Bradford don't have a single contracted player for next season and it would be surprising if any of those that were contracted for next season will be hanging around. That destination SL advertising has to go down as one of the most bizzare pieces of advertsing in a long time given what they knew was going on behind the scenes.
  11. It could easily be Bradford if they actually make it to the start of the season and are allowed to continue in this league. Other than that I think the 2 heavy wollen teams will be in the mix for the drop come the end of the season.
  12. Are we sure its not just another "admin error"?
  13. If Fev were to turn Toronto over it would be a huge sporting upset. Playing budgets alone say Fev have no chance, added to that a couple of tough trips abroad for mostly part time players and added to that its in Toronto's back yard. All the pressure is on Toronto.......again.
  14. Haha my worry came true. Im not sure many people would have predicted how it turned out this season. Good luck in the final. Ps. Glad no one took me up on my offer
  15. Come half way through the season you will still prefer Ben Black even at his age. Im not sure what to say about White, he had the perfect opportunity to get a foot in our team when we started the season with both 1st choice half backs injured. Yet the only game I can really remember him in was the challenge cup game against Dewsbury where he was very good.
  16. I don't think discussions got that far and Tyrer dismissed straight away. As I said though I don't think thats a slight on Fev more a case of how much he likes it at Fax and the factor of a testimonial. Not to mention he probably wants to become the clubs highest points scorer.
  17. If you get chance ask Bradon Moore for a fair assesment.
  18. Which fans? The ones laughing or mentioning certain incidents?
  19. I believe Fax gave him permission to speak to Fev but he turned down that opportunity. Been in line for a testiminial at Fax probably was part of that consideration.
  20. A fair assesment and I think it will stay the same next season. Saying that who would have put Fev orLeigh in the top 4 at this point last season? Hirst a good signing for us and his quality has been plain to see. Talk around here that Fev made an offer to us for Tyrer and another player who has just left.
  21. I can't imagine its easy working for Campbell or Beaumont two wannabe coaches. Still nice to see Leigh splash the cash and fall at the first hurdle.
  22. That sounds more realistic. The Rochdale game second to last is one of the examples of counting all tickets as there were not over 1k people in the ground that day. Not quite on the level of the batley game a few years back though for counting every ticket.
  23. Yeah doesn't feel righ that. At some of our games this season there has been a feeling of far larger spaces on the terraces than normal. I know season tickets are always counted and I would imagine the same for the community club days despite only small numbers turning up. I would imagine our actual average of people through the gates on matchdays is probably somewhere around the 1500-1600 mark.
  24. A fair assesment of both players. Murrell has suffered for a number of years now not having a partner who can take some of the pressure of him and its probably also one of the reasons we have been the lowest scorers near the top 4 for the last 4 years.
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