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  1. On 28/10/2019 at 19:39, Blind side johnny said:

    Asset-stripping is usually understood to mean removing assets from a business and relocating them where the "strippers" can gain access to them for their own means. As I understand it this is a long way from such a scenario.

    You may have seen this from the Bradford fans board and someone who says they are an interested party.


    The Bulls' fans are the club's #1 asset. Of that there can be no doubt. But we allege that Wood and Sawyer don't see it that way. They we aver are largely concerned with their own selfish motives and interests. For example, we believe at this time that the two of them are allegedly seeking to reconcile their own debts in part via a ruthless asset stripping exercise. In that regard we urge fans or the credible RL press (i.e. Mr Sadler excluded), to ask Wood and Sawyer the following question - "Please confirm with proof who were the top three BB17 creditors by value as of 1700hrs on 22cd October 2019? ".

    They have mentioned the date is relevant before but what you reckon about the top 3 creditors?

  2. 7 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

    According to LE the monthly salary bill of £70k is the most pressing. This won't satisfy you at all, of course.

    Obviously if thats true then it must include some players that have left. If not then its clear to see where Bradford were going wrong, they could have easily afforded to stay at Odsal if they were spending similar on players to say Dewsbury couldn't they?

  3. 8 hours ago, fairfolly said:

    Still no reply to my questions then Blues Ox. I will ask again, why are you bothered and what are you going to do about it if you do not like the answers?

    Im a rugby league fan is why Im bothered, as already mentioned I have Bradford fans as close friends as well and I love our derbys with Bradford. I wouldnt expect those questions to be answered but if they were and it all turns out well and good for Bradford then great, if it goes the way Im thinking its going to go then I will come back and say I told you so.

  4. 10 hours ago, M j M said:

    What assets are there to strip. What the hell are you talking about? Nobody's making any money out of this.

    Im not sure if you are serious or not but I will give you the benefit. What assets to strip? The sale of players. Id assume cutting players from the payroll will probably help in saving money in the sense that when funding comes through or sales of season tickets there won't be much in the way of wages to pay leaving more money in the bank. The second part is theory the first part is fact. 

    Nobody is making money from this - Id agree with that until I see anything to the contary but I never said they were, I asked the question who is benefitting. Lets say there is a whole list of creditors, word from different people(One may have been Sawyer in one of his various interviews) is that not all of the creditors have been spoken to or agreed any deal, what if the ones getting paid off with the sale of assets are directly linked to the people taking over?

    Im not saying that is certainly the case but it is a possibility hence the question. Now apart from the moral questions it could lead to problems down the line for the club and fans. First of all theres the question of who actually owns the club because at the moment it looks to still be the original people so it does beg the question should they actually be paying off creditors just yet. Ignoring that as just a slight delay in filing some paperwork it has to be asked how do they decide which creditors to pay off when its been openly admitted that they have not spoken to all of them? What if the others turn around and say they now want paying in full or at the very least want the same deal as the ones paid off, hello winding up order and more burying heads in the sand.

    Its not my club though so I really shouldn't be bothered. To be fair if I didn't know what I know about Nigel Wood I probably wouldn't be.

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  5. 1 hour ago, fairfolly said:

    Blues Ox,

                      Still digging that hole I see. Your hands must be full of blisters by now.

    Not digging a hole, asking questions that Bradford fans should be asking. If the deal isn't quite signed sealed and delivered then it goes back to the question of who is doing the asset stripping and which companies are benefiting from it and do they have links to the people who are taking over?

  6. 1 hour ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Surely it's just the same as buying any business. It involves terms of agreement and contracts which involves lawyers who, acting in the best interests of their respective clients, won't rush things unnecessarily. Notwithstanding the angst and impatience of forum posters I don't see the buyers/sellers getting their knickers in a twist over this, unlike you.

    So you are saying it might not bequite over the line yet then?

  7. 3 hours ago, fairfolly said:

    Blumming hummer, a certain poster has posted on the Bradford Fans Forum,we all know posters do not make stuff up so it must be true. 

    Wakefield Ram, I am with you on that,I do not know Mark Sawyer but I know he knows a hell of a sight more than random posters trying to stir up trouble. What I would like to know is when the Accounts and Details appear on Companies House and they do not like them,what are they going to do about? Take the R.F.L. or the Bulls to courtor carrying on saying I told you for the next 10 years.The R.F.L. and Mark Sawyer have seen the accounts so even though they may make unpleasant reading they believe they can overcome the problems.As for the Bradford Bulls supporters site they will probably be the dimwits that post in the T&A.

    Unless Im getting confused the RFL and Sawyer have seen the revised budgets rather than the accounts? Why has the takeover not been officially completed despite what these trustworthy people are saying?

  8. 12 hours ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    As I posted earlier the possibly 'missing' shares are likely to still belong to the original shareholder: The Orcas Rugby League Ltd - if that report is correct, although MG says that it is wrong. He has also commented that MS has said 3 different things in 3 different interviews!?! Anyway the 'new' shareholding and changes of company Officers should be registered with Co House before long.......as well as the latest accounts.

    Once done the changes happen pretty much the next day at companies house. Im sure I read it somwhere that the "takeover" had been completed but it might just be something else we have got wrong?

    Reading posts by a certain poster on the Bradford fans site you would say that person either has too much time on his hands or knows something else is about to go down and given the level of detail he is able to go in to  it certainly suggests the latter.

  9. 13 minutes ago, fairfolly said:

    One for Blues Ox.

    Matthew Shaw,

    Q. Is it true the club has received advancements on next seasons central funding and if so how much?

    Mark Sawyer.

    A. No.

    You need to stop digging, that hole you are in is getting deeper,another couple of weeks you will be in Australia.

    They paid Halifax with an advancement of this years funds. I believe other people have said they have used future funds though.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Just one point: despite what many have said on here I haven't seen any statement saying that AC has "waived" the debt that lies on Bradford's books. It has been said that he is not currently pursuing it but that is not the same at all. No business person would waive such a debt, even if only for tax reasons.

    From the piece in the T & A it mentions somethig about sponsorship so maybe he has wiped it out in exchange for free sponsorship. I doubt that would be allowed to happen but it would raise more questions if it did. Nigel Wood allowing his good pal AC to advertise for free in exchange for wiping out an alleged 6 figure debt........

  11. 10 minutes ago, fairfolly said:

    Blues Ox, 

                       Read his statement this morning in the T&A. Then believe it or do not.You will get the answers to most of your questions there.

    It really doesn't answer much unless Im reading the wrong article. If anything if I were a Bradford fan Id be even more worried after reading that. Still won't be long until those accounts are available.........

  12. 6 hours ago, fairfolly said:

    Tongue in cheek Gav. You know as well as I do that the vast majority of posters on this forum are not happy unless they are complaining about owners,players, referees,linesmen,anything,unless of course it is their club that is getting the benefit.Without trying to be patronising Gav. I can honestly say you are one of the few who I have never seen belittling anything to do with R.L..I fully understand your point about cynicism concerning the Bulls,I have been a Northern/Bulls supporter since 1950 so believe me I have seen everything concerning the club.Maybe I am one of the unfortunate ones who prefers to give somebody the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Just one of the last posts is basically calling Mr. Sawyer a liar for saying that Andrew Chalmers is owed a six figure sum which he has wavered,Where has the money come from,he asks,quite probably out of his own family money,why should he have to explain that to anybody,never mind a gossip monger.Then he goes on to say that Halifax are owed monies from the Bulls when once again Mr. Sawyer has quite clearly stated that all clubs except one have been paid.That club is not Halifax,so once again he is calling Mr. Sawyer a liar. One states that next years funds from the R.F.L. have already been paid when once again Mr.Sawyer categorically denies that it is not the case,once again casting aspersions on Mr.Sawyers honesty.So you might possibly see Gav.,that even though the Bulls are far from innocent in all the shenanigans that have gone on in the last 10 years to call a person who is willingly to put his money and his reputation on the line should not be treated the way he is.I doubt very much though that he will take much notice of gossips who have nothing better to do with their lives only moan,moan,moan.On a separate note Gav. it is good to see your club is almost ready to move to your new ground and hopefully I will be able to pay a visit there when I am back in the  U.K. after Christmas. That is if Brexit will allow me Gav..

    I get part of that was aimed at me but I can't remember recently saying that Fax were still the team owed money. We were one of the teams owed money though from the cup tie before it all started unravelling and because it was causing cash flow problems for Halifax as well I believe the RFL paid Halifax with an advancement of Bradfords central funding from this season.

    So back to AC who when appointed in front of someone who was deemed more suitable by the adminstrator we saw a lot of digging which suggested that AC was not really the money man that most Bradford fans craved. So fast forward till now and we learn that AC has run up what is believed to be a high 6 figure debt helping out a team that he really does not have much affiliation to is shall we say just a tad far fetched. To then go further and say that obviously this could be proved as those figures would have to be shown in the accounts as loans from AC but as of yet the accounts are conspicuous by their abscence which is strange especially as its highly unlikley anyone would even dream about taking over the club without seeing those yet here we have people willing to take over a club that they could essentially get for nothing but instead take it over and despite player sales will start been hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt.

    So the question again would be why do it? Especially given that it can't officially go through until all the creditors have been spoken to and agreed a deal. Has that actually happened? Is that what the delay is for? If its not gone through who is stripping the assets and which creditors are getting paid? Do any of those creditors have direct links with any of the people taking over?

    Im not doing this to poo stir, I have a lot of friends who are Bradford fans and I love our derbys, Bradford fans have been screwed over time and time again and its not now when they should be burying their heads in the sand its now time for them to be asking tough questions because it looks like rinse and repeat to me and this time its more about covering tracks than it is about protecting the future of Bradford Bulls.

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  13. Has anyone asked how Andrew Chalmers has managed to run up a personal 6 figure debt while in charge of the Bulls? Seen as though rumours seem to suggest that he is one of the biggest creditors and is now willing to write that debt off I would think the fans have a right to know how that debt has been accumulated and where that money actually came from. Does the debt even exist and does it explain the delay in the filing of the accounts which seemed to be one of the reasons CB pulled out.

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  14. Last time I posted about Nigel Wood I had my post removed and faced a ban after posting about some of the stuff he got up to so I won’t be doing that again but it’s safe to say my opinion is that he is not someone you would want running your rugby club.

    Its interesting reading the Bradford message board that another consortium is interested and they include people owed a lot of money by the Bulls which could stop the Wood take over happening. They also mention a big scandal that is due to come out shortly that is big enough to be covered by the nationals that could have serious implications over the Bulls continuing as they are.

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