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  1. 6 hours ago, fairfolly said:

    Tongue in cheek Gav. You know as well as I do that the vast majority of posters on this forum are not happy unless they are complaining about owners,players, referees,linesmen,anything,unless of course it is their club that is getting the benefit.Without trying to be patronising Gav. I can honestly say you are one of the few who I have never seen belittling anything to do with R.L..I fully understand your point about cynicism concerning the Bulls,I have been a Northern/Bulls supporter since 1950 so believe me I have seen everything concerning the club.Maybe I am one of the unfortunate ones who prefers to give somebody the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Just one of the last posts is basically calling Mr. Sawyer a liar for saying that Andrew Chalmers is owed a six figure sum which he has wavered,Where has the money come from,he asks,quite probably out of his own family money,why should he have to explain that to anybody,never mind a gossip monger.Then he goes on to say that Halifax are owed monies from the Bulls when once again Mr. Sawyer has quite clearly stated that all clubs except one have been paid.That club is not Halifax,so once again he is calling Mr. Sawyer a liar. One states that next years funds from the R.F.L. have already been paid when once again Mr.Sawyer categorically denies that it is not the case,once again casting aspersions on Mr.Sawyers honesty.So you might possibly see Gav.,that even though the Bulls are far from innocent in all the shenanigans that have gone on in the last 10 years to call a person who is willingly to put his money and his reputation on the line should not be treated the way he is.I doubt very much though that he will take much notice of gossips who have nothing better to do with their lives only moan,moan,moan.On a separate note Gav. it is good to see your club is almost ready to move to your new ground and hopefully I will be able to pay a visit there when I am back in the  U.K. after Christmas. That is if Brexit will allow me Gav..

    I get part of that was aimed at me but I can't remember recently saying that Fax were still the team owed money. We were one of the teams owed money though from the cup tie before it all started unravelling and because it was causing cash flow problems for Halifax as well I believe the RFL paid Halifax with an advancement of Bradfords central funding from this season.

    So back to AC who when appointed in front of someone who was deemed more suitable by the adminstrator we saw a lot of digging which suggested that AC was not really the money man that most Bradford fans craved. So fast forward till now and we learn that AC has run up what is believed to be a high 6 figure debt helping out a team that he really does not have much affiliation to is shall we say just a tad far fetched. To then go further and say that obviously this could be proved as those figures would have to be shown in the accounts as loans from AC but as of yet the accounts are conspicuous by their abscence which is strange especially as its highly unlikley anyone would even dream about taking over the club without seeing those yet here we have people willing to take over a club that they could essentially get for nothing but instead take it over and despite player sales will start been hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt.

    So the question again would be why do it? Especially given that it can't officially go through until all the creditors have been spoken to and agreed a deal. Has that actually happened? Is that what the delay is for? If its not gone through who is stripping the assets and which creditors are getting paid? Do any of those creditors have direct links with any of the people taking over?

    Im not doing this to poo stir, I have a lot of friends who are Bradford fans and I love our derbys, Bradford fans have been screwed over time and time again and its not now when they should be burying their heads in the sand its now time for them to be asking tough questions because it looks like rinse and repeat to me and this time its more about covering tracks than it is about protecting the future of Bradford Bulls.

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  2. Has anyone asked how Andrew Chalmers has managed to run up a personal 6 figure debt while in charge of the Bulls? Seen as though rumours seem to suggest that he is one of the biggest creditors and is now willing to write that debt off I would think the fans have a right to know how that debt has been accumulated and where that money actually came from. Does the debt even exist and does it explain the delay in the filing of the accounts which seemed to be one of the reasons CB pulled out.

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  3. Last time I posted about Nigel Wood I had my post removed and faced a ban after posting about some of the stuff he got up to so I won’t be doing that again but it’s safe to say my opinion is that he is not someone you would want running your rugby club.

    Its interesting reading the Bradford message board that another consortium is interested and they include people owed a lot of money by the Bulls which could stop the Wood take over happening. They also mention a big scandal that is due to come out shortly that is big enough to be covered by the nationals that could have serious implications over the Bulls continuing as they are.

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  4. 13 hours ago, Cardypaul said:

    Difficult situation Is it true Halifax have withdrawn from the reserve league and what do you see happening to the players?

    The players apart from the select few who have signed new contracts are effectively thrown on the RL scrap heap and now have to find themselves chances elsewhere or go back to play for amateur clubs. Not impressed and quickly losing any remaining love I have for the "proffesional" game.

  5. 10 hours ago, gittinsfan said:

    So 5 players have signed for Fev and can play for Leeds reserves.Does this mean that the whole Fev squad will be able to play for Leeds reserves.When did this DR rule come to being?

    Come on it was obvious what was going to happen regards your reserves players playing for Leeds reserves. Regards the rules I think DR has always been able to work both ways although I would hazard a guess that your reserves players will have signed some sort of contract with Leeds to avoid the messing about of DR.

    I should add I don't blame either team it will work well for Fev filling out Leeds reserves so they can still DR Leeds better available players.

  6. 20 hours ago, yck2017 said:

    This is one i know little about scored a good try against us on his last game for Fax so i hope he can a force for the Knights well come aboard  Will.

    Sharp will be the better signing of the two you have got from us. He is 100% each game and won't let you down, beats the first player most of the time and is good defensively and great under the high ball. Johnston will produce good bits of individual skill for you and has a really good short kicking game, probably his shortcomings are not have a long kicking game which can put more pressure on your main kicker and also he is a more off the cuff type of player which can be great but can also make it hard to follow the game plan. I would say his best asset is his defence for his size is really good, but then again who wants a half back who's best asset is his defence. He won't let you down though.

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  7. 42 minutes ago, Wolford6 said:

    Rowan Milnes and Matthew Storton put up for sale; James Green, Ethan Ryan, Mattie Wildie, Jake Webster, Matt Garside and Ross Peltier  gone. We are now reportedly down to 12 senior players on contract.The new consortium won't make a positive takeover till Andrew Chalmers produces the current accounts. He's apparently out of the country.


    The club is a shambles. We've been here before but, this time, I fear the worst.

    Merry Christmas, Mr Chalmers.

    2 More to leave if, as expected, Bradford lose their appeal over their contract terminations.

    Its still hard to fathom why somebody would want to "buy" the Bulls in their current state.

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  8. 9 hours ago, RL does what Sky says said:

    Yes it is but although the link I posted was to do with soccer (which was to highlight the fact that there are those who want equal pay despite not bringing in equal revenue) in my previous posts I had referred to such RL teams having advantages of using professional club grounds, as well as facilities, and appearing on tv ... which is more than many other teams can do who play a better standard of game. It's not the women's game that I am against; it's having some pity for those teams who play a better standard but are not given get the same treatment.

    Why don't those teams join the womes league then.........

    The women getting on TV are the elite athletes in their sport, just because big Dave playing for West Wales is technically a better player should not come in to the argument.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Poower Lad said:

    Just to be dDevils Advocate on this . We’re these sexist comments he was making , in fairness to Gary he has always been forthright in his comments and how he compares teams in the men’s game . I didn’t see the game but is the standard poor . I’m just of the opinion that we break this down and calmly look at the facts , was it .



    If you compare the game to a male Super League match then yes the standard was poor. Why it would be compared to a male SL match is beyond me though although I do think GS to it to the extreme with his comments on the game.

    I will say though as a male involved in the womens game I can clearly break down where the big differences in this percieved lack of quality come from. As a young lad all I wanted to do was play Rugby with my mates, every minute I could at home, every break at school it were rugby. If I were not playing Rugby I were watching rugby, it's funny but I used to pretend I were GS when I were about 12 years of age. By the time I were 13 or 14 I literally had hundreds of thousands of hours of practice under my belt now compare that to a lot of girls who do not have them hours simply because Rugby is not going to be first choice when it comes to what girls would rather do, they are usually limited to a couple of hours training a week, maybe a match and every now and again a kick around with the few of their mates that have ambitions of playing the game at a good level.

    I would say at the age of 16 most girls will be playing a standard of rugby that is at least 2 years behind their male counterparts at the same age. Now don't get conned that these girls don't put it in on the field, some of the biggest shots I have seen on a rugby field have been from girls. They are passionate, they are full bloodied, they put their bodies on the line and their game is on the up, there is none of the robotic stuff like we get in SL and while there is differences in skill between the teams it allows creativity and off the cuff stuff to flourish. The womens game is growing massively and will continue to do so and as that gets more popular more girls will participate and eventually this will lead to skill levels rising too. So yeah maybe there were some truth in what GS said but he could have put it a much better way or maybe talked about the improvement in the womens game in the last 2 years alone.

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  10. 16 hours ago, sweaty craiq said:

    The next few weeks should be interesting. How will Leeds reserves being called Leeds reserves impact on Fev?? 

    Just specualtion and I said the same on the Fev forum, but Leeds having a reserves will probably help Fev and is the reason Fev didn't apply for the reserves league. Im sure Fev will now send the pick of their reserves team if not all so they can play as Leeds reserves still giving Leeds plenty of chance to send players to Fev to enhance their development at a level that will be far higher than what any reserves league will be.

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  11. 3 hours ago, thepimp007 said:

    Funny how Halifax fans seem to know every in and out of our club. Second part of you post ist a good post, but the "it looks like all contracts are null and void" seems you know what we dont.


    Sorry its more common sense rather than knowing every in and out. If you do not pay someones pension contributions then you are likely breaking your contract with them. 

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  12. 14 hours ago, Lounge Room Lizard said:

    Lost 2 good Championship Players in Green and Webster in past couple of days, with rumour others to Follow. Under 13 First Team Players signed in and no date for when they come out of special measures.

    It will be amazing if the current club continues. It looks like all contracts are null and void anyway and the reality is, who as part of a takeover bid is going to "buy" 600k+ worth of debts when they will shortly have a chance to get the name of the club for nothing?

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  13. 14 hours ago, Lounge Room Lizard said:

    Top 8 but Swap Bradford for Sheffield. Hard to stay in what order. Bradford have lost Webster and Green in the past couple of days with rumours others also going. I would put them currently as favourites to go Down with Swinton. Dont think the Bulls even have 13 Players for next year. Even WHEN they come out of special measures Who are they going to sign? At mo, I would say Oldham and Whitehaven stand a good Chance of staying up.

    It seems Bradford don't have a single contracted player for next season and it would be surprising if any of those that were contracted for next season will be hanging around.

    That destination SL advertising has to go down as one of the most bizzare pieces of advertsing in a long time given what they knew was going on behind the scenes.

  14. On 06/10/2019 at 23:17, dixiedean said:

    In addition to the battle at the top, it should be fiercely competitive at the other end too. 

    Not that it is fun to talk about relegation this far out, but, if Swinton can sort out their off field issues, there doesn't look an obvious team out of their depth right now...

    It could easily be Bradford if they actually make it to the start of the season and are allowed to continue in this league. Other than that I think the 2 heavy wollen teams will be in the mix for the drop come the end of the season.

  15. 1 hour ago, Robin Evans said:

    This is unusual... well, for me it is.

    I'm never confident. Never. I'm usually a miserable pessimistic b'stard who is never happy unless we're 50 points up with 5 to play.

    But.... but.... I've felt all last week rovers would turn the french over.... and whilst i acknowledge Toronto are favourites... with good reason, i still feel the lads have the confidence, skills and bottle to have a dig.....  a rovers win wouldn't be the greatest surprise........ would it?

    If Fev were to turn Toronto over it would be a huge sporting upset. Playing budgets alone say Fev have no chance, added to that a couple of tough trips abroad for mostly part time players and added to that its in Toronto's back yard. All the pressure is on Toronto.......again.

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  16. On 20/12/2018 at 12:31, The Blues Ox said:

    Personally for Fax I hope we can go one better than last season and be out and out 2nd place but in reality given what has happened at other teams and the signings we have made, anything other than top 4 I would see as a very poor season as we look stronger throughout the squad than last year. My worry is the last time RM had a big squad to work with he struggled and we failed to make the top 4.

    Haha my worry came true.  Im not sure many people would have predicted how it turned out this season.

    Good luck in the final.

    Ps. Glad no one took me up on my offer 🤣🤣

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  17. On 26/09/2019 at 05:29, phildog said:

    Would have preferred Ben Black...NO,  only joking!! Only 24 years old should be pacey and keen, good addition at no.6. Welcome.

    Come half way through the season you will still prefer Ben Black even at his age. Im not sure what to say about White, he had the perfect opportunity to get a foot in our team when we started the season with both 1st choice half backs injured. Yet the only game I can really remember him in was the challenge cup game against Dewsbury where he was very good.

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