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  1. Got Dion and Bradley to cover Wilko. Put Dixon back at stand off so imo we need a centre and a 9. Heard a rumour we are after a young local lad on loan from a SL team.
  2. Need somebody in marra need a few spots covered.
  3. Out for the season!! Gutted was improving each game. Not looking good for Newts or Wilko and Taylor. Good news about Cooper should be back for the town game.
  4. Couldn't have asked for much more from the lads today everyone gave 110% saints knew they had been in a game. Only downside was coops and Wilkos injury I hope he's OK.
  5. Have you been outside this week marra? No quagmire on Saturday the pitch will be perfect. Maybe saints by 2 mile?
  6. Over a hour 13v12 always going to be difficult marra especially when we went down to a 2 man bench late in the 1st half.
  7. One of them tip tackles mate. Normally yellow card but our coach on radio said he had no problem with it been a red. Tbf the ref was poor he sent Farrell off which shouldn't have been a red in the last 10mins.
  8. Red card in the 1st 10mins didn't help us. But fair play to Sheffield they looked well organised and deserved the win.
  9. They couldn't have picked a worse time and day!!! Alot of fans going to miss out especially the local amateur clubs.
  10. We couldn't have picked a better team than saints at home hopefully make a few quid and give them a decent game.
  11. Defence was spot on marra tackled York out of the game. And we scored some nice tries in awful conditions yet again.... Roll on summer.
  12. If the supporters bus gets here before 1 it's only a tenner to get in!
  13. Looking forward to this game should be a cracker fingers crossed they'll be no extra time
  14. Im sure we will marra. Sheffield next up in the league massive game for us.
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