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  1. Just had a look through the ticketing website. Maybe 4,000 sold? The stand behind the goalposts is essentially empty, while the side that will be on the TV looks like it has sold pretty well, albeit that it is tiny.
  2. Was huge, we’re seeing a bit of a replay of the opening 20 of first half - Saints making metres, Catalan struggling again. When will Mourgue come on?
  3. Kicking on the first tackle, when they have had no possession on Saints line all game is just speechless by Catalan.
  4. Saints line speed is preventing any chance to spread the ball. Catalan aren’t making any ground with ball in hand and seem to be struggling. Some luck might help too.
  5. This is as frantic and brutal an opening 10min of rugby league I’ve seen this year
  6. https://twitter.com/MikeMeehallWood/status/1414879763601104898?s=20
  7. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/rugby-league-world-cup-will-go-ahead-despite-severe-reservations-from-nrl-clubs/news-story/2b16c03b84269680103e4615c593a2f0 Hold the phone, Australia may withdraw. Quote: " The Rugby League World Cup will go ahead but it could be missing one key component – the Kangaroos. The Daily Telegraph has learnt while World Cup organisers have confirmed the tournament will be staged as planned, the Australian team is yet to sign its participation agreement. That could lead to the tournament going ahead without the defending champions. Some clubs have lobbied for the tournament to be postponed 12 months given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the extended bubble the players will endure. ARL chairman Peter V’landys confirmed the commission had yet to give the go ahead for Australia to compete."
  8. Nathan Clearly has an injured shoulder and looking at post season surgery. Huge blow to the Kangaroos.
  9. Link to report in the Sydney Morning Herald: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/why-wests-tigers-are-furious-with-fittler-and-nsw-blues-20201101-p56ah3.html Would imagine a call on this will need to be made sooner rather than later. RIP to Northern Hemisphere teams.
  10. Is this entire match just dependent on SBW appearing? Wouldn't he be with the Samoan squad?
  11. Looking like a sub 10,000 crowd again. Who could have possibly predicted this Tour would lose a boatload of money?
  12. Duco Events are the promoter for the GB Lions tour. https://www.ducoevents.com/ They were the same promoter for the Auckland NRL 9's for a those few years there. Will be very interesting to see what kind of relationship they have with the NZRl/RFL.
  13. The entire South Stand?!?! That’s over 21,000 seats.
  14. Just quietly, the ticket sales for the match against Tonga in a week look very grim.
  15. His performance today is one of the worst of the year, in the worst team in the NRL.
  16. Update: he has just been hooked with 30min of play
  17. Watkins is awful. his defence has been reserve grade quality against the Knights
  18. Watkins has probably signed with the worst club in Rugby League. Titans being beaten 46-0 with 20min to go against the Sydney Roosters.
  19. Ryan Hall has been either rested or dropped for the Roosters game against the Bulldogs.
  20. The Triple header is on the same date at the Rugby World Cup Final in Japan. Could very well feature New Zealand and England in it. It will kick off at 10pm NZ time. Assuming the GB v NZ Test is at 7:30pm, most of the ground will start emptying, if they even attend. hilarious.
  21. Source? Lots of Aus/NZ media saying the same as well regarding NZ Tests for end of year
  22. As Spud said, it did not at all. There is no money to be made from TV rights due to the current tv deal which bundled in Internationals.
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