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  1. Interesting video. Was there for the opener and most the home games of the first season (free tickets!!!!!!). Opener was a cracking game, with a great atmosphere. Winning was the icing on the cake. Sadly by the end of the season, home fans were almost outnumbered by the away fans. Fair weather fans? Maybe... but in a city so far from the heartlands and where at the time the rival code barely drew over 10,000 fans for most club games anyway, a good team (read one able to win at least every other game) was needed. Something that PSG sadly wasn't. Year 2 was a complete disaster if I recall. And quite frankly I felt no connection (and probably wasn't alone, judging by the crowds) with a team mostly comprised of Antipodean journeymen. And no, before anyone asks, I don't have a PSG jersey.
  2. Yep. That's about it. In other words, the NRL is run by muppets.
  3. Barry Russel resigns from his position of Sharks CEO. An interesting tenure to say the least.
  4. Well, I agree with you 100%, Graham. Yet, I'm always amazed when I read that people put themselves in that sort of situation in the first place. What is it, the 4th or 5th incident since the start of the month? It's going to be a long offseason. Edit: Of course, it goes without saying that I'm in no way defending De Belin's actions if what is alleged is true.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to believe that this young woman is telling the truth and has been through a painful experience... but, when he proposed a nightcap, what was she expecting?
  6. Apparently, Shaun Johnson to Cronulla for 3 years* is now officially official. Should be thrilled, but replacing a guy who breaks his contract with another one is hardly excitement-inducing. * Will see how long this contract lasts...
  7. Featherstone Rovers... Most journos just copy & paste what they read on the internet.
  8. Don't tell me that Jeff Robson is coming out of retirement.
  9. not that much actually, they'll need to release a reserve grade player first.... and maybe the U/16s water carrier. Tough times ahead.
  10. If Inglis is forced to relinquish the captaincy, I suggest Cameron Munster instead. After all, a kick to the head is barely worth a fine in the NRL.
  11. One of my favorite players ever. I honestly thought he'd spent his whole career at Penrith. So did he, probably. But, I'm glad he eventually signed to Cronulla. One of the many signings that made 2016 possible.
  12. Point taken. We, fans, look at things one way. Players however have their own motivation. Who knows what Fittler's thinking anyway?
  13. Come on, FD. Money is a big incentive, you can't deny that. I think Fifita shouldn't be selected however.
  14. I read somewhere that he was of the field 66% of the time last year. I wonder if he gave 1/3 of his salary to charities. I'm sure he'd like to be healthy and he certainly doesn't get hurt on purpose, but having a marquee signing/superstar player injured so often is disrupting. It was amusing when he was playing for other teams, not so much now.
  15. He probably should call it a career. Chances are that he'll keep tearing that ACL every year until he retires.
  16. I listened to it. It was brilliant! Alas he wasn't even taking the ######, if one of his later tweet is to be believed... The game is in good hands.
  17. He was a young promising Shark. I always liked him, even when he played at the Tigers. I think he was smashed by Hopoate while at Cronulla... an awful hit which could have gone very wrong. He's had a good career and a lot to be happyproud about. Enjoy your post-retirement career, Keith.
  18. Why not? As long as it ensures the safety of the players... But why 5 minutes and not 10? And why limit this to 'playmakers'? Any late tackle should be punished the same not depending on who the victim is. Next thing we know, the halves will be protected species like the NFL quarterbacks. If a team fields a forward at 5/8 (Not quite sure if it has happened before, but you know, one day a coach is bound to think out of the box), is he too considered a playmaker/little man or is he fair game? All things considered, although I like the intent, I don't like the proposed solution. Late tackle, high tackle, spear tackle... penalty. And if it was deemed dangerous, a red card. Just follow the rule book. Things will improve very quickly.
  19. I'm genuinely astonished... But he hasn't signed anything yet.
  20. My knowledge of West Yorkshire's finest places has improved tenfold overnight. Edit: These are (it goes without saying really) wonderful suggestions. I hope George does wander in these parts from time to time...
  21. I hope the poor kids are fitted with parachutes... falls can be deadly. Congrats to the young lad and his wife. But, really? Boston? What's next? New York? Chicago? Detroit? Bradford?
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