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  1. Discovered and got back though same as Everest etc... Anyway the point stands about webb ellis we are now centuries later talking about him. Another myth is fleming and penicilin
  2. They could just live within their means and the public could attend the stadium more so it sells out
  3. Some would say Toulouse is heartland and it looks like its growing to me. Oh and junior rugby is booming in the north west so maybe its the failings of yorkshire teams and academys thats the issue
  4. Not a bad shout they must have a player of the year award they could name after him, did he ever win that at Leeds?
  5. He is credited with inventing rugby weather you agree or not that he did, he is still credited with it. For me the next trophy renamed or given a name should be after Tony Smith for his services to the European game.
  6. Theres no history with burrow though, he didnt invent the GF just the,same argument to call it Sinfield trophy or Roby trophy. Our main awards should be named after people who took the game forward. For example the world cup in union is named the webb ellis trophy, he had nothing to do with the world cup The soccer world cup named the jules remet after the bloke who was instrumental in their world cup etc...
  7. That is very similar to mine apart from percival for Naquima, I had garcia second row instead of whare and knowles in. Bentley has been poor or injured all season. He was good last year but going off this season only should be nowhere near
  8. Why? We still call it that as thats its name. Lets go pull a few statues down while we are at it. Brian bevan lets get his pulled down or just change the head to Lee briers as hes more modern haha
  9. No, he has not done anything to elevate the game so does not deserve a trophy named after him Hes hardly achieved an inch of what Lance Todd did.
  10. Just being on TV is good enough for this deal, any money is a bonus. If fans get behind and watch in numbers we then have a case for an increased deal alongside premier having more funds to do so
  11. Great news and a kick in the teeth to all of the whoppers who champion a 10 team second division renamed as SL2
  12. Disagree with that. Tolouse in SL is growth. Its turning a semi pro team into a pro environment. Its having a pro set up with a pro academy. The GROWTH of moving to a bigger stadium accomodating new fans. The GROWTH of new sponsors bringing money to the team. The GROWTH of a new player pool that did not feed into SL. The GROWTH of the international game. France want to hold a world cup on their own. This is huge for the global game. Growth is not just playing RL in new areas but also growing what you alreay have. For example its ok planting seedlings in a new area but you need to water the areas you have to grow them into forests!
  13. So the game is contracting is it. Catalan topped the table and played infront of a sellout home crowd. Toulouse 80mins away from SL and Newcastle going FT. Hull KR and Barrow worthy nods for their marketing and increased support. The drop in TV money is more to do with covid and the lack of competition for the rights. Lets remember SKY lost the rights to the NRL and the championship and basically outpriced the competition until they went away and then dropped the price once they had the monopoly again. The only negative is the manchester region and i think the RFL shot themselves in the foot by turning away the team that played out of the ethiad campus.
  14. The 2x 10 was rejected by SL and is no different to what we have now but reduced numbers to balance the TV money with the RFL trying to get as much as possible for their clubs. The TV money distribution is no sorted so this idea is effectively dead.
  15. Thats the third time saints beat leeds by a similar scoreline, all games cannot use the above excuses. Saints loose a few players next year but Leeds need to improve across the park to compete at the top. To be fair Leeds have had a good season seeing as it started so bad and eastmond walked out on you.
  16. Even though Lui was targeted in defence by saints though. First try wasnt a try an wouldnt have been if it went up as a no try. The second was after 18 plays on the saints line after 3 repeat sets. You cant keep a team out forever in defence. Leeds need to change half their pack and newman looked ordinary
  17. The First Sin bin was a straight red but as it was a semi was never going to be a red. The other 3 should not have been sin bins just penalties. The knee to walmsleys head was naughty maybe a sin bin. I thought the ref was equal with his decisions though and ultimatley did not change the outcome which is the main thing. As long as a ref is consistant then hes just calling things as he sees them and may have a different opinion to the interpritation of the rules.
  18. Not that old chesnut. Funding comes from several places One hospitality ticket sold is worth 5 normal admission. Sponsorship again brings in far more than one off gate receipts. There is then of course directors loans Finally just because they are FT doesnt mean they are getting paid a lot of money. Its not as if they are announcing spending to SL salary cap max.
  19. It will be sunny with the odd cloud due in the second half. Nothing too much for the attendance to worry about.
  20. Not at all, wasnt it reported that he felt hard done to that he signed to play championship footy. I cant see any other Championship club to pay him a FT contract
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