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  1. Great to hear this. The very best of luck to you.
  2. This thread has become like Chinese whispers. Field lines to which form of hockey is the most interesting. You couldn' make it up. ?
  3. Yes, they'e promoting it on the angle to attract grid iron fans it seems, but the the bigger picture is that most don' know there is a difference between both rugby codes. That's my point. A boring RU game won't inspire neutral fans to come to watch another Rugby game no matter what form it is. Educating the non Rugby aficionados that there is a different type of sport but that's similar to gridiron, can maybe bring the neutral and the curious to watch this RL international.
  4. There's every reason why it would. A dull boring union game won't inspire speccies to return no matter what form of rugby is being played.
  5. Lets hope the inferior form of rugby doesn't bore the pants off the speccies enough so that they abandon any thought of returning a week later.
  6. Sadly, he's still on thr RLIF board. Need to get rid full stop.
  7. http://uk.blastingnews.com/sport/2017/12/nigel-wood-to-depart-in-sweeping-change-of-super-leagues-board-002230305.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true
  8. If the kiwis don' fancy it, then have an England v American/Canadian select 13 and play it in Toronto
  9. Lets just face it, Aussies haven't and never will support international RL. I wouldn't hold another World Cup there again. They don't deserve it tbh
  10. Pity it's not a full house. COME ON ENGLAND
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