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  1. Rodney Litchfield - Wigan born actor R.I.P https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodney_Litchfield
  2. Barge pole do not touch. RL does not need this bloke.
  3. When Toronto start producing home grown talent and a grass roots league., then maybe ill get exited about expansionism
  4. The loss of Hemel Stage is a blow to Southern RL.
  5. Such terrible news. I wish him all the best. I can't imagine what he's going through right now. What a great player. ?
  6. Great to hear this. The very best of luck to you.
  7. I get these types all the time. Just feel like telling 'em to #### off and get a grip. Some ppl can be real ar##ho##
  8. Not really a fan of scotch, although I do like Glenmorangie every now and then. Feckin Irish Whiskey is surprisingly good. I buy it online as I've not seen it in the shops anywhere in the UK Can't beat Jameson's for me.
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