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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_league_in_Russia Olympic Status of Rugby Union Sevens and the expulsion of Rugby League from the State Register of Sports of Russia[edit] By mid-2009 the three major clubs of Russian Rugby League had moved over to Rugby Union as a result of government pressure to achieve results in rugby union sevens, newly designated as an Olympic Sport. These clubs were Kazan Arrows, Dinamo Moscow and the champions for the past eight years, Lokomotiv Moscow.[3][4] Russian Ministry of Sports order number 21 dated January 20, 2010 expelled the Rugby League from the State Register of Sports of Russia.[5] The reasoning for the expulsion was reportedly due to the Ministry's view that Rugby League was not a separate sport from rugby union.[6] In February a new president of the RRLF was elected, Alexander Eremin. Mr Eremin, the board members and employees of the RRLF are currently investigating the potential for the continuation of Rugby League in Russia with various government, civic and sports organizations, in particular the ministry of Sports and Rugby Union of Russia [5] After the turmoil of the RRLF losing clubs and players, Edward Taturian has now caused a split with the Rugby League Federation, to potentially form an Association of Rugby League Clubs. Now the good news. Russia are currently still in contention for the next RLWC and have over 2000 registered players. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Championship_(rugby_league) 2018 Teams Moscow Magicians CSKA Moscow Muscovites Spartak Sparta Vereya Vityez Ural RLFC Bersek RC Adrenalin
  2. I don't know much about Africa other then most places are war torn and poverty stricken. Am I wrong? Are there a few places (Other then South Afric which seems to be going a bit backwards) that have decent living standards and push toward first world nations?
  3. There isn't 16 strong teams just yet is there. More fair then ever is the 16 team format but maybe should have been put off a tournament or 2.
  4. They wont until they have enough money to compete with that exceptionally rich RU in their country. Until then any player who reaches world class status (and there hasn't been one for a long time) will be playing the other code because RL cant compete with RU contracts in that nation.
  5. Your right, they didn't consult them, and that was wrong but Tonga were under no obligation to play the game the NRL arranged for them, though it was in their best interest to do so. Tonga would not have been able to arrange any games due to the cost. There is a reason they can barely pay their players let alone the costs of booking out a major stadium.
  6. They are not stopping them Damien, the Pacific Islands just have no money to do so. They are small little islands with no money or experience to book out major stadiums and pay the costs. So the NRL are doing it for them since the RLIF aren't doing anything either.
  7. Because they are the ones putting them on. The Pacific Nations need games and the NRL are the ones organising them, but the NRL are not a charity. There needs to be a reason for them to do so.
  8. If they had all the games at the end of the year wouldn't be a problem
  9. Yep, still available for the Australian and GB games.
  10. He is still available for Tonga in the 2 games at the end of the season. Milford last year played for both Samoa and Queensland. He might not even be selected yet. In saying that its very disappointing. Its a tier 1 test of their brand new tournament involving the rank 1 and 2 worlds best nations and already through this action its been prioritised to 2nd behind state of origin before a ball has even been kicked. Another example of the game shooting its self in the foot.
  11. With constant sold out crowds and kings of nations showing up to the game, I think you are in a very small minority that gives a ######.
  12. It amazes me how many rugby league people seem excited to see him go to another sport. Its never a good thing when rugby league loses one of its best players to another sport. Its very disappointing.
  13. He wouldn't actually be able to get into the country if convicted, correct?
  14. Hayne played what? 4 games and was in play for about 4 or 5 minutes? Its just a waste of talent in my opinion. Its like the best batsmen in the world only been allowed to face 1 over a match.
  15. Eng vs NZ just got over 30 000 last test as the numbers grew by about 10 000 per game. Tonga got over 30 000 v Australia. NZ had a poor crowd vs Australia but like Eng after their win if they had a 2nd and 3rd game the crowds would have grown by quite a bit. Their victory vs Aus and their dominance in the 3rd game of the Eng test series hopefully will help them pull larger crowds next year. NZ v Tonga should be a sell out. I hope its at Eden Park. Next year GB will play NZ Tonga Samoa Fiji PNG while Australia will play NZ and Tonga. Tonga who have sold out their last 4 games (maybe 5, having a mind blank) will be playing NZ Australia and GB. I'm expecting really big crowds next year.
  16. Imagine Russia vs USA in current environment. Grudge match.
  17. =========================== WORLD XIII NOMINATION FORM =========================== FULLBACK 1. Billy Slater  2. Kalyn Ponga 3. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 4. James Tedesco 5. Ben Barba WING 1. Valentine Holmes 2. Tommy Makinson 3. Josh Addo-Carr 4. David Fusitua 5. Dane Gagai CENTRE 1. Waqa Blake 2. James Roberts 3. Joseph Manu 4. Latrell Mitchell 5. Greg Inglis STAND OFF 1. Gareth Widdop 2. Luke Keary 3. Cameron Munster 4. James Maloney 5. Lachlan Lewis SCRUM HALF 1. Cooper Cronk 2. Nathan Cleary 3. Daly Cherry-Exans 4. Kodi Nikorima 5. Jonathon Thurston PROP 1. Andrew Fifita 2. Thomas Burgess 3. Jared Waerea Hargreaves 4. Reagan Campbell-Gillard 5. Jessie Bromwich HOOKER 1. Josh Hodgson 2. Damien Cook 3. Isaac Luke 4. Cameron Smith 5. Jake Friend SECOND ROW 1. Viliame Kikau 2. Tariq Sims 3. Gavin Cooper 4. John Bateman 5. Luke Lewis LOOSE FORWARD 1 Jason Taumalolo 2. Sam Burgess 3. John Sutton 4. James Trbojevic 5. Josh McGuire
  18. You can not quote me on this because for the last half hour I have searched google and twitter and cant find anything, but I swear earlier in the week I read something about a French Rugby League tour in 2020 or 2019. Maybe it was my imagination or maybe it was a premature tweet that got deleted. On the subject matter Id like to remind everyone that Lebanon and France had a spiteful match in the RLWC 17 which Lebanon won 29 - 18. Lebanon are automatic qualifiers for the world cup, need games and are on Frances level. Be great to see them go over there for a series. If what I did hear about the tour was true, then France could take part in Oceanic pool B tournament 2020 since Australia are off leaving a position to be filled probably by Cook Islands at this point. France are technically part of the pacific through New Caledonia. Could even play home games there. PNG, Samoa or Fiji (one will be promoted) would also be on a similar level to France and would be far more beneficial then the Cook Islands to the game over all. A tour/tournament might get the players to take playing for France a little more seriously.
  19. So Tonga will play touring GB, and Aus and NZ in the oceanic cup while Samoa Fiji and PNG will also play GB and each other. Really positive stuff to develop the Pacific Nations. Hopefully it will entice more players to put their hand up for these nations creating a even stronger international competition.
  20. Yeah, and I would have agreed with you a few weeks back, but then a guy informed me on this forum showing that 19 of the 40 man Scotland Rugby Union team were born in other nations. If it works for them then it can work for us. But they would need to be committed. Not just show up for GB/4 Nations/World Cups. The other thing is who can realistically make the side that isn't English. Not many. Its a no win situation really. If they pick only English players then they are they criticized for calling it GB. If they pick Welsh Scottish and Irish players that are not up to it then they are criticized for not sending their best team. If they pick some heritage players then they are criticized for, well picking heritage players.
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