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  1. Ross Peltier signed from Doncaster on a one year deal.
  2. Hopefully Owen Harrison our signing from Hull KR can do that,plus some more signings to be announced yet.
  3. Congratulations to all connected with Workington,well chuffed for you all. See you next season.
  4. Oh yes I forgot about Will.
  5. I’m hearing you’ve signed,Connor Robinson,Liam Harris and James Glover.
  6. I was just going to say that. I’m sure you got Tom Gilmore late on. Suppose you can’t please everyone.
  7. My wish list is quality over quantity. I'd have Dale Ferguson, but as BSJ says as his injuries caught up with him. The half back we were rumoured to be interested in as signed a new contract for next year at his present club, which I am glad about.
  8. Don’t want to rub the salt in the wound but have you seen the brochure that Rochdale Hornets have put out?
  9. Manning (for his try and putting his body on the line) Leak(for his creativity and trying to get you on the front foot,class) Hooley(assured under the high ball and linking play up)
  10. Good luck today. Regardless of the result you’ve had a very good season. See you all next season.
  11. Rumours doing the rounds that theirs a few clubs struggling and may end up folding, I sincerely hope that Oldham isn't one of those clubs.
  12. 4 players I believe. On paper I thought you had a decent squad. Poor choice of coach maybe?
  13. Does it matter? It's between Batley,Bradford and the taxman
  14. I’ve not been on your forum for a long time,but I’ve got to congratulate you on the win today. Watched the game on OurLeague and what a great advert for the championship 1. When they scored in the last minute I must admit I feared the worst for you. Thought the referee had a good game apart from the awarding of their first try,I thought your man caught it on the full in the in goal. Anyway it didn’t matter in the end. Good luck in two weeks time in the grand final who I think keighley will again be your opponent’s. Hopefully see you all next season.
  15. Me,half price tickets as well at £10must bring your own booze though
  16. Hope you’re right. Now edited.
  17. Thought it was 15-15 ko?
  18. Good luck today,get them smashed.
  19. He was a decent player when he was fit. He missed quite a lot of games due to head injuries,which apparently he’s suffered throughout his career,probably explains his decision to sign for Sheffield
  20. We do need to market the club better but trying to get them to do that is like peeing into the wind. Why aren’t we announcing more re signings? It must be two weeks now since we announced one. I was talking to Marquis Charles on Sunday and he said he said he’s trying to get a past players up and running again,he’s spoken to the club about it and guess what,nothing. And they wonder when supporters get disgruntled.
  21. He asn’t the funds. You could get Tony Smith and he’d have the same budget. You do know that’s why Ned left don’t you? He said you can’t compete in the championship on our budget.
  22. Oh yes that I would love to see. I'd even go as far as wearing a Batley shirt for the day
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