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  1. Two new signings for next season. Matt Garside and Elliott Morris from Halifax.
  2. As this been confirmed that you're at home this year?
  3. I've heard Sheffield but who knows, at least we know who the players are now that are leaving us.
  4. Why did Batley speak with not only the two mentioned above but others as well? It's marvellous what a good coach can get out of a player, hopefully Liam will do the same next year.
  5. Say it quietly as some Fev supporters on their Facebook page were giving Hicks it big style and that was before they kicked off
  6. We sacked Greenwood after the Halifax game.
  7. No mate I’m out with family,if it had been the earlier kick off I’d have come over. Should be a cracking game.
  8. Good luck today in your semi final at Fev.
  9. Hope it's a positive result and you all have a great day. And remember 'behave ya sen'
  10. Great re signing,he's got all the skills of a top halfback. He seems to pick up a lot of injuries though.
  11. It’s all rumours at the moment and until things are announced just treat it as that. Don’t forget Brad Graham and Ollie Greensmith were going to sign for Batley,so like I said it’s just rumours.
  12. I reckon Batley’s budget would be the least. Halifax York Barrow Batley In that order.
  13. Now that would be great but I can’t see it happening,so Leigh vs Batley final it is then.
  14. Been out tonight for wife’s birthday meal so I missed the re signing of Ollie Greensmith,another good signing.
  15. Brad Graham sign’s new contract for 2023. Must admit didn’t see that one coming.
  16. Injuries, working and holidays I've heard. Liam could have brought our players back that have been out on loan but obviously chose not to, says it all about our recruitment.
  17. I'm following the game on twitter, we're 12-10 up.
  18. No Sykes tonight and only 16 players named.
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