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  1. 10 hours ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    Not a criticism but there's a big gap between Championship and League One. 

    I’d say a massive gap and that’s why we’re in this league,we just couldn’t compete not just last season but last 3 or 4. Hopefully come straight back up stronger both physically and mentally. We’ll see a long way to go yet.

  2. Good performance yesterday apart from a silly 15/20 minute’s,especially when they went down to 11 men. Liam made a few changes due to bumps and bruises,should be back this week apart from Louis Collison who a broken thumb. We don’t seem to have a problem scoring tries keeping them out seems to be a problem,we’re conceding too many soft tries and eventually we will be punished for it. Anyway onto Workington away,for me our biggest test so far. Just watched their highlights from the Doncaster game yesterday and the like to throw the ball around.

  3. I thought Midlands played with plenty of spirit but their forwards were blowing a bit after 10/15 minutes. Liked the look of Ben Stead in the halves. I was surprised with the number of supporters that travelled 👏 we're not stupid we know we've got such as Doncaster, Oldham, Hunslet etc to play yet but we are getting better as a team. Next 2 league game will tell us were we are, Workington and Rochdale away. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Yorks Tim said:

    Fun fact: last time I was in Dewsbury was with Coventry Bears playing the Celts. Playing for Celtic that day was Alex Walmsley.

    What is the beer / food offering in your stadium? 

    Will I need the big coat?

    There’ll be a good welcome for all the travelling supporters.Beers not bad,can’t comment on the food outlets.

  5. First home league game on Sunday and our very first game against Midland Hurricanes. Saw their first game against Cornwall and if I’m honest it was very poor,but let’s not underestimate them otherwise we could be at the end of a defeat. A few fans criticised our display last week against Ashton Bears,but I think that was a bit harsh on Ashton’s display. 
    Anyway back to this Sunday’s game. Liam and the players will have worked this week in preparation for the game so I’m very confident we’ll get the win In what has been a stop start season so far.

    I’m going.

    Rams 38

    Hurricanes 10

    Fts Whiteley

    Mom Butterworth 

    Att 558

  6. 4 hours ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    Thinking their Academy/reserves but that barely worked with Hull KR. We will probably just get offered odd spare player, but not sure many will want to play League One 

    Robbie Butterworth played for Oldham on loan,good player and he’s a Dewsbury lad as well.

  7. 3 hours ago, Therein73 said:

    An annual topic I admit, but who would you like us to get in the 3rd Round ??

    Draw tonight on BBCiplayer .........from 6pm I believe

    As a dreamer and a sentimental oldie, I'd love us to get Bradford at home and avenge the semi-final defeat of '73 ........ 😏   (I know we've played and beaten 'em in the CC since then, but it's the 50th anniversary ..........and it'd be a decent crowd !!)

    Home draw would be nice,but what’s betting we get one of the Cumbria clubs away.

  8. 12 hours ago, coolie said:

    Midlands will be interesting next sunday

    They are racking up points so know where the try line is

    Not to be underrated 🤔

    No disrespect but I'd like to think that we will provide stiffer opposition that  Cornwall and Hull Dockers. And if we can't then we have massive problems. 

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  9. Without getting carried away with ourselves this should be a comfortable win. But as we all know we've been on the receiving end against the amateurs down the year's. Listening to Liam's interview after our victory on Sunday I don't see many changes for the cup game, plus with having a small squad we are limited to how many changes we do make. 




















































  10. 4 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

    In the past you could only serve one match of a suspension in friendlies. This must now have changed.

    I'm not complaining, mind.

    When I spoke to Paul at the Bradford game he said he’d spoken to someone at RFL about that,as he explained to them international players used warm up games to burn off suspension’s.

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  11. 51 minutes ago, NickD said:

    I see we will be playing Ashton Bears.   I wonder if it'll be a Saturday or a Sunday.

    I think it will be played on the Saturday. Where are they based?

  12. Our last pre season friendly against Huddersfield Giants before the season starts proper week after in North Wales. Just seen Giants squad for Sunday, very strong squad. It will be good run out for the lads,please fingers crossed 🤞 no injuries. 



  13. 5 hours ago, Yorks Tim said:

    Hope you don't mind me intruding here and expanding on this topic. Hurricanes are using Ellgren for the first time this season and you might be able to help with my question.

    I can't help with the bobble hat question as everything in our shop apart from jerseys is listed as 'out of stock'.  

    My question is to do with general sizing. I'm generally XL but buy replica playing shirts in 2XL as I like them a bit loose. However the Ellgren 2XL jerseys are not as loose as our previous supplier's and so I'm wondering if I should go with 2XL for hoodies, jackets etc.




    The hoodies are more generous in size than the shirts.

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  14. It’s going to be harder than some supporters think next season,some good players in championship 1 now. I’m hoping we can finish top but if not I’d like to think we’ll be good enough to go up through the play offs.

    My predictions are.

    Our recruitment as been good and probably our best pack of forwards we’ve had for a few seasons,but again I worry about our halfbacks.


    Looks like they’ve recruited well also and with Ridyard leading them round the field they’ll be a danger.


    Added some experience to an already good squad. Been losing finalist’s for last two years so they’ll be hoping for third time lucky.


    Quite a few ex Rams players in their ranks so it will be interesting.


    Don’t really know much about Workington as it looks like they’ve lost quite a few players. They look like they are going more local next season.


    Again another club that have lost quite a few players for various reasons but have signed some one or two players with the experience to do well in this league. And in Gary Thornton they’ve got a experienced coach.

    7)North Wales.

    New coach and a few new players coming in so I think it might take a bit of time to bed in. We play them first game so we’ll see.


    Don't know much about them other than that they seem to have a mixture of players from other championship and championship 1 clubs,and ex Rugby Union players. They seem like a club that are building year on year.


    They are always there year on year getting the odd surprise result and I think it will be same next season,let’s just hope that it’s not us on the receiving end of one.


    Saw a few of their games last year on OurLeague and they are not a bad side to watch,but with Neil Kelly our ex coach leaving along with a few players I think they will struggle.

    Good luck to all the clubs in championship 1 I look forward to meeting up with a few new supporters next year and not forgetting our good friends from Workington and Oldham.



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  15. 54 minutes ago, Rambo said:

    Out of interest does anybody know if Lawford the Bradford scrum half is a relation to Dean Lawford the ex Leeds/Dewsbury and Batley player??

    His son. One or two bulls fan’s reckon he’s not ready for championship week in week out,maybe we try get him on loan.

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