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  1. Even as a Wigan fan, I don't think he's worth the gamble for a touring squad. I think he could've been the difference if he'd played that WC final (taking the pressure off our struggling halves) but that's kind of the point, he was injured. I don't know what he's on at Wigan but I think he's probably using up more of our cap than he's worth.
  2. 2 years ago he was in the World XIII. He was today but it's not been that long since he was top-class, his injury's clearly shaken him.
  3. Serbia are much more stable than Greece whose political situation would limit their opportunities to grow the game on the back of an RLWC appearance. It's Greece's home game being played in England because they can't legally play matches on their soil. As a result, I hope Serbia get through.
  4. MEA tournament is going to be an aesthetically pleasing tournament what with Nigeria's jersey and now this...
  5. It happens everywhere (although the World Cup was a breath of fresh air). It doesn't bother me too much but my girlfriend hates it and I'm sure it stops a lot of people from going.
  6. While there may be questions about the open age game, the health of the youth game is fantastic to see, as it's these guys who could be Wales' next internationals. Great job to all involved.
  7. Pretty sure this MEA Championship is their debut so maybe a little premature, even if they can call on some SL and NRLyoung guns.
  8. I meant the tweet from the Dragons that Catalans Media was quoting, not that it's terribly important.
  9. The tweet he's quoting is from Catalans and subsequent to the match.
  10. Hardaker has been disappointing at centre every time he's played there, it would be a bit of a waste. If he's gone well at 6 then pairing him with Hastings in the halves could be a nice combo.
  11. It's what we need so I'm pleased but there's a side to his game that I don't like and he has to keep his discipline (and hold of the ball). An upgrade on Tautai.
  12. Yeah, think it's fantastic that all these events (men and women's) are being put on and if it's easier to organise it in Manchester first time round then fair enough.
  13. Somewhat inevitable maybe the loss of senior sides, the bigger worry is junior numbers (looking at it from a pro perspective).
  14. Exactly, there's a bunch of countries ignoring the junior set up almost entirely, which is arguably the cornerstone of the development of the game in every country. If we're taking it seriously and not just trying to get a viable-ish World Cup that makes a bit of money, enforcing these rules has to go hand in hand with allowing heritage players and nation switching.
  15. It's a bit of a gamble to move to a small town with no historical interest and hope it works. Bordeaux would make more sense (but I don't think it does). They don't seem like a candidate for Super League, unlike Avignon for example.
  16. Not quite sure how indicative this is of our brilliance. Great that we're winning and our defence has been good but Wakey are woeful.
  17. I personally see both sides of the debate but I think they're kinda academic - he's not good enough.
  18. If it really is just the Elite 1 players heading out for the 9s then they're doing their best not to get invited for the next one (admittedly not for a while). Apart from that, it's excellent news.
  19. Canberra seems like as good a place as any for him, other English lads have gone well there. Echoing what's been said above, I'm not convinced he's got the kind of organising game to be paired with Wighton, he seems to need that pressure off him.
  20. Bevan French rumoured to have signed too, could be partnering Hastings in the halves although I thought he was more of a fullback, not sure where he'd slot in. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/the-mole-manly-sea-eagles-brad-parker-parramatta-eels-bevan-french/57aceafd-a606-48d8-997d-c677a2359b72
  21. You'd hope Leuluai would'nt be in the halves and that Smith and Hastings would be the new pairing with Williams leaving.
  22. I'd be inclined to agree. Having someone who has a good long kicking game in the halves would be an improvement on what we put out last year and take some pressure off the likes of Williams. Plus we nearly lost the decider against the Kiwis because of poor goal kicking - Sneyd is probably worth 4 points a game if Widdop isn't playing and that's more than we can say for most of our halves. Austin made his choice and he can stick with Portugal.
  23. I understand the logic behind this but I think if we really want to grow hte game then there has to be home games for each nation every year. England never maintain any momentum with the fans because we don't play regularly enough. Even when we have a Four Nations or a World Cup here, if there's not games already organised and on sale in England then there's such an opportunity missed to keep any new fans interested but we've not got a single bloody game on here this year. All major nations need consistent home games.
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