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  1. Some good reading there mate. I noticed on one of the pages (3rd I believe), you mention our discipline and how bad it use to be. This season it has changed drastically for the better. Could the reason possibly be that we have an ex referee on coaching staff?
  2. Something a miss at Fev. What I want to know is, why is our Chairman laughing and joking with Jamie Ford, the coach of a York in our division? He was there in directors box other week. I can't imagine what that does to our current coach's frame of mind. Think you'll find our troubles have little to do with players and coaching staff, and more to do with up on high making absurd appearances.
  3. For those who attended the match today, I'm looking forward to the comments on how we played.
  4. Not sure where the tries have been scored, but I have a hunch they're all on the wing.
  5. Well, we must be playing absolutely appalling.
  6. Better than I thought it was going to be. Do we look promising though? Didn't attend as £23 to stand up and freeze my knackers off didn't entertain me.
  7. Bleeding phone. A bit inconsiderate don't you think? Take the time to think, not all people are lazy and jobless. Some of us have jobs but don't earn a pretty penny and what we do earn goes towards survival.
  8. Wish I had a season ticket. Absolutely gutted.
  9. I'm for and against it. I'll hold my hand up and say that I've bought concessions a few time just because I couldn't financially get full ticket price. Also, this is the first year, ever, for me to not have a season ticket as the early bird was VERY early and didn't extend up until December like previous years. The problem with this ticket malarky is this: let's say someone over 60 buys a concession ticket, but then can't make it to the match due to illness etc, you're telling me that ticket can't be given to someone else to take said persons place? I think the crowds will suffer in all honesty and if the crowd is down, the bar intake is down. I'd just accept it, if loads of folk are getting in for a tenner a pop, how much revenue would they lose if they stopped going altogether because of it?
  10. Well, today is going to be difficult to watch. 14 players. No forwards to interchange. Walk over. 50+ for Leigh today.
  11. Thought they'd open up with that to be honest. I'm going for Newman. As for summerbash, waste of bloody money. ?
  12. This major announcement signing non existent?
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