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  1. I'm sure St Helens resting a couple of players will be the reason why.
  2. The USARL is only 8 weeks long though. What would they do for the rest of the season?
  3. Good news they're focusing on US players. They are an untapped resource just waiting to have a bit of money put into development. So many athletic 18 year olds don't make it to college, that's who they should be looking at imo, not 25 year old NFL failures or union converts.
  4. Not sure how we'd cope with being favourites. We were underdogs/tipped to go down last time. I'd be happy with top 3, as I expecting a hard year of rebuilding. Featherstone will be favourites given they can pick whoever isn't selected for Leeds.
  5. Philippines has over 100m people. If RL was their top sport, we'd be boasting over it.
  6. National sport of Lebanon too. People think because sports are popular here they're popular the world over. Cricket is virtually unheard of in continental Europe.
  7. Buzzing about London, but just wish it was Newcastle rather than Bolton, a serious lack of ambition there.
  8. But what countries do have money? How much do Serbia or Jamaica have? They're better run as they haven't waited around expecting RFL handouts, they've done it all themselves.
  9. Because there's never been anything "Scottish" about it. They should start from the bottom and develop their way up. It's unfair seeing them in WCs all the time thanks to heritage players when they do zero development. And you can't say they haven't had chances.
  10. Totally alien? They've been in 4 WCs, been on BBC and drew with NZ, which was big news. Even with all that nothing has come from it.
  11. France need to bring in some professionalism and a top coach. There's no reason why they can't be competing with the top nations.
  12. I don't get the obsession with Scotland, there's no interest there. There are more deserving countries that should be invested into.
  13. We scrapped it to bring back GB which nobody wanted. WC, Regional (European, Oceania, Atlantic etc), Commonwealth Championship, 4 Nations/Continental Cup 4 year cycle works.
  14. Well done Toronto. They fully deserved it and it would have been ridiculous if they didn't go up after winning 26 from 27 games and being so far ahead. It's exciting to bring a new audience to SL and I think we have a promoted team who will compete higher up in the league, rather than finish bottom or struggle. Not sure what will happen regarding early season games, but perhaps they could take games to Florida or California?
  15. Paris or Marseille would be perfect, or even Nice or Lyon have good new stadiums.
  16. What about the unfair advantage that Northern clubs can bring in a load of loans but we can't? They had a chance to be safe last week and bottled it. Hope they go down next season.
  17. How much would flights to Toulouse cost? They are just being greedy and targeting Toronto just because they've got wealthy backers. It shouldn't be their job to cover the whole league. Especially when they're not taking any Sky funds. They keep pushing their luck and Toronto will walk away to union and RL will have no one to blame but themselves.
  18. It's great to see RL finally spreading across the US, but I fear they haven't learned their lesson. Once again they're trying to spread too far, rather than focusing in local areas and build a steady competition. Dallas to San Antonio is four hours travelling each way, a lot for a start up amateur competition. Agree about the monikers too. Why does every club need to copy the NRL? US sports team's names are usually to do with the city or region.
  19. Gutted, but unfortunately we weren't good enough over the course of the season. It was the Salford and Leeds defeats that relegated us rather than last night, we gave ourselves too much to do. But still proud of the team. Everyone said we'd be the whipping boys, but we took it to the last day and go down with 20 points, no disgrace. I can't see us coming back sadly, as we will lose our best players and have to rebuild from scratch on limited funds.
  20. Is the plan to get to SL or to be a small lower league club? I think it might be hard to compete in Liverpool as a SL club, I think there will be a struggle to draw crowds (yes I know that's rich coming from a Broncos fan). It will be hard to develop players, as working class kids will already be playing football or boxing, so RL would come a distant third at best. Obviously James Graham is one, but he's an anomaly rather than the norm. If they focused on Liverpool, the Wirral and Lancashire (Preston, Blackburn, Chorley, Lancaster etc) for development purposes, it would be adding to the pool rather than fighting with St Helens and Widnes over a small pool.
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