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  1. True. But the NRL has no interest in International competition. They will just extend NRL/SOO in the usual international slot. IRL needs to move on without them. Put some time into France, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Balkans, Nigeria, Latin America etc.
  2. If IRL break away from the NRL, then we should be looking to Canada/USA, as that's where the money is. But we fcked that up already by booting out Toronto to shrink back to the M62.
  3. The NBA is the better example. Bigger than the sport, but they don't try and stop the WC and Olympics from existing, and put money in to help grow the sport globally. There are worse examples to follow for the NRL.
  4. If the NRL 'take over' international RL, then it will cease to exist, while the NRL season and SOO are extended. Then they will have the audacity to wonder why Kiwis, English, French, Fijians, PNG players leave the sport in droves.
  5. Tom Dean had Covid twice in 18 months and won the Olympic Gold medal in 200m freestyle.
  6. These deluded and arrogant Aussies are completely clueless if they believe you can just move the event to next year without there being any possible ramifications. If the WC is cancelled for 2021, then it will never come back.
  7. Play RU: Internationals, World Cup, European club competitions, Olympics, domestic competitions. Play RL: Play for your club, play SOO (if you're from NSW/Queensland).
  8. The NBA is bigger than the Basketball WC/Olympics, but you don't see them thinking they're bigger than the sport and trying to destroy international competition. The NRL are embarrassing. Destroying IRL to save their precious SOO, yet why would any Kiwis/Fijians/English/French want to play RL if there's no potential for them to have representative honours?
  9. Yep, I think I'm done with the sport now. It's a cool sport, but has zero ambition and run by dinosaurs determined to keep it stuck in small pool and take it back to the 60s/70s, rather than look to future. It's so frustrating to watch any attempts to move the sport forwards be destroyed by greed and self interest. RL in this country is no better sadly. I'm off to find sports with growth and ambition.
  10. The last sport I'd want to copy is cricket. This looks like another attempt to get the yoof interested, but they're just not. The only reason it's given endless coverage in the media is because broadcasting is full of middle aged, white, middle class men; cricket's target audience.
  11. What makes people think they won't do the same in 2025 too? Going ahead without them is the best option.
  12. That'd have made a good Confederations Cup. What happened to that idea?
  13. If Aus/NZ/Tonga etc can play end of season tests, then I don't see why Italy, Lebanon can't too.
  14. England played Italy once in 2013 and lost, and yet never again. I know it relies on which players they can get, but I'd rather watch England v Italy or Lebanon, than putting 50/60 on France and Wales on a regular basis.
  15. Exactly. It goes to show the idea we can just move it to next year because the Aussies say so is delusional. It goes ahead this year or it's cancelled. I'd hate to see the fallout if it was the latter. The NRL would probably push to get rid of the WC completely.
  16. South Africa over the US? But glad to hear they're sounding out other countries.
  17. Oh was it the Aussies? Another intelligent idea from them, not. Dinosaurs taking the sport backwards.
  18. But at the same time, you don't want overkill. The Kiwi tour sold poorly in 2018, as it becomes boring playing them all the time. Oh look, we're planning to play them again next year. Yawn. Getting rid of the Four Nations was a disaster, especially as Tonga would have been a genuine contender and not just making up the numbers.
  19. No I'd rather they were there. But we shouldn't be cancelling the WC or bankrupting the sport just because of their egotism and greed. I said years ago RL needed to build IRL without Australia, due to their attitudes towards it. They never did and now look what's happened.
  20. NZ didn't even make the semis last time and Australia have a 50% win ratio in the last 4 years. It'd only be inferior to Aussies who think SOO is the be all and end all, but they think that regardless anyway.
  21. If it was up to me, I'd continue on without them for 2021 and then ban them from 2025 as punishment.
  22. Tonga and Samoa would be even stronger and would be worthy winners. As would Fiji. If England can beat Tonga/Samoa stacked with Aus/NZ interntionals, I don't see why it would be devalued.
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