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  1. I really hope so, the future of RL in West Yorks is dependent upon our clubs having modern stadia. All I've heard is that there's still a bit of red tape to work through with regards to Cas' new stadium, but I'm only a fan and have no inside info whatsoever
  2. Been hearing that for years mate. Headingley IS being redeveloped, whilst Cas are ABOUT to build a new ground. Do you see the difference? Let me know when there is parity between the situation at Leeds and Cas.
  3. I can see there being plenty of problems for the Rhinos next season. There are no games at Headingley in Feb but I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few more games in March got shifted to Elland Road/Odsal etc. Why we didn't just move out for a season, is beyond me! Anyway, at least one RL club in Yorkshire is developing their stadium. Worrying times for the area if Cas and Wakey don't get stadiums - West Yorks could end up having only two professional teams!
  4. 2 things here. First it's no guarantee there will be less than 14 clubs in 2015. Ian Lenegan wants 14, according to all our mags, and at the last time of knowing he had at least 5 other clubs backing him up- the so called 'rebel clubs'. To quote Gary Hetherington 'nothing is a formality in rugby league' Secondly, like I say it's yes but no. Any club without a money men will struggle. That's the reality. We're at a crisis stage and in the short-term we need to look to solutions externally. People could've said years 'what if Caddick stopped investing?' well, he has, years ago, and Leeds are still thriving. Other owners, though, may demand a bigger cap. The same 'Caddick' argument will crop up, but the fact is they're needed.. More money comes into the game with a higher cap and so owners do end up paying less on that cap
  5. So you think after the current development they'll level out the slope? On a slightly more bizarre note, do Batman and Robin live in Fev?
  6. I would argue that 10 years will do plenty of damage. For me the largest reason for the 'recession' was ponzi-scheming
  7. Contrary to what most think, I actually believe the economy is heading for tougher times still and is getting worse. In my opinion, the recession will continue to bite away more than ever in the future. Impossible to put dates on these things, though.
  8. Any ideology of SL which includes less teams than 12 is so unrealistic it's not even worth debating. Like I said at the start of the hour (hehe) we need more money in the game and we need more rich owners in influencing the cap, in other words increasing it, to make this happen.
  9. Depends on your youth system and how good your coaches are etc, Try selling that mentality to Wigan-made a fortune of transfers this year but still doing fine
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