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  1. I posted on this topic on the International Forum before I realised it was on here. I believe if it does run that instead of one big European competition there should be a few regionalised leagues. Balkan Super League Western Med for Spanish, Italian etc Scandinavia A league involving Dutch, Belgian, German clubs which I think happened briefly Maybe one in Eastern Europe. I'm not saying start with this many leagues but the first two could be the start then if other nations apply they could be grouped accordingly
  2. I like the idea of European nations collaborating to grow the game. I'd like to it split into 2 or 3 conferences. The Balkan Super League could be one conference and Italian, Spanish and French clubs could form another. If enough teams from further north such as Belgium, Holland and Scandanavia apply then they could potentially form another. Hopefully these countries would all run domestic competitions as well
  3. Are these territories that belong to France or are they independent nations?
  4. Maybe if borders remain closed and we want some representative RL would it be a good time to put on a Yorkshire vs Lancashire or maybe a NE vs NW to include Cumbria or maybe a East vs West so London can be included. Might not be allowed crowds anyway so everyone could just focus on the game. With a WC the following year it would give players the chance to prove they should be considered for the squad.
  5. I think this should be looked at as an option even when everything is back to normal. I'm not sure how easy or lucrative this would be but I would definitely buy one. It would probably have to be run through sky or negotiated into the next tv deal. I suppose the OurLeague stream is a version of this
  6. I always try to remain positive about RL. If everyone has a positive approach then the game would flourish. I agree that it will be well supported and hopefully having if in autumn will still give the RFL and IRL enough time to build some good momentum
  7. My understanding that the reason for having this WC cycle is so it doesn't clash with other major events. Unfortunately all sporting events have had to be postponed (and rightly so) which means next year will have an Olympics and Euros. Will this have a negative impact on the publicity for our WC as all the media attention will be focused on them. Could it have a positive effect by riding on the coat tails of these tournaments and creating some interest in ours which follows a few months later
  8. I applaud all the hard work that has gone in from the London clubs including Hemel, especially in regards to the community game. I'd like to see pro/semi pro clubs in development areas having a more unified approach to development. Could the Skolars and Broncos and possibly even Hemel follow the Newcastle approach and collectively build a London North junior and open age league. If they worked together I'm sure they could help build up a strong community game in that area.
  9. Which 2 games are being broadcast? I know about Cas vs Saints. Who is the other?
  10. Just the way it's going at International level at the moment with the Island nations getting stronger. Players seem to be choosing them. If they're not eligible though it's irrelevant
  11. Is there a chance Haas and Fifita could play for any of the Pacific Islands or are they only eligible for Australia?
  12. I totally agree. Pick players on form regardless of age or where they play. Maybe Watkins has had his best years but if he does find form there's not many better centres
  13. Hopefully we can add Watkins to this list if he hits form
  14. I completely agree that Widnes and Bradford would get decent attendances and may be competitive with the right finances. I also think they'd have a good youth system although these players would probably come through regardless but at Leeds, Huddersfield, Warrington etc instead of Bradford and Widnes. Any club with money to sign players has the best chance to get promoted so this is obviously a big factor but they need to be underpinned with a strong youth system and local community clubs to sustain them long term. London's problem was, although they produced some players, they struggled to attract big names from the North to help them challenge at the top of SL. Toronto seem to have the same problem so that's why I think having access to localish players is a big factor for success. Teams such as Widnes, Bradford, York etc have this advantage but also this can be counter productive as the bigger clubs will just swoop in and sign the better players. Once a team gains promotion how do they become and remain competitive?
  15. What are the rules then Harry?If you look at my original post I don't mention parachuting anybody in to SL. I just ask who would offer the most if they got there
  16. I agree. So, who do you think would add most if and when they got promoted
  17. My top 3 would be Newcastle, London and Toulouse in no particular order
  18. Just for the record I'd like to see Newcastle climb through the leagues and get to SL. They seem to be building something and within the next few years if the NE community game can keep growing they might be able to have a strong set up with decent crowds and one of the better youth systems
  19. Toronto are currently in SL and there are many differing opinions about what they do and don't offer in terms of playing standards, crowds, publicity/media coverage, tv deals, youth systems, domestic set up and leagues etc. What teams would add the most to the competition and why? Teams such as London Broncos, London Skolars, Toulouse, Avignon, Newcastle, a Welsh team, Sheffield, New York, Ottawa. I'm not talking pins in maps here but already existing clubs or, in the case of NY and Ottawa, propsed professional clubs
  20. Yeah I think it is. I'm not against them but it's just a Championship side based in England playing under the banner of Toronto. It's sounds like I don't like Toronto but I would love them to become a big club
  21. They did and created a buzz to start with. Games like tonight dont paint SL in a good light. They just look like a load of overpaid journeymen/mercenaries. If you compare them to Leeds, Saints,Wigan at then there is no comparison. I know it's early days and I hope they become one of the big clubs with a good youth system
  22. I liked the idea of Toronto in SL but im changing my mind. They don't seem to offer much on or off the field at the moment
  23. They haven't signed enough quality players to compete in SL. They're a strong Championship side at the moment. If they manage to stay up they need to make a lot of signings
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