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  1. I keep coming on this thread to get some updates on tickets, teams, media releases etc but this argument is going on and on. Let's change the subject
  2. I watched an interview with Oledski who said coming here at 9yr old and found it difficult to make friends. Joined East Leeds and made friends
  3. It would be a positive if the RFL could engage the Ukrainian communities in England. Could be a good way of helping the kids integrate into their local communities and might even unearth some potential talent
  4. The problem teams outside the heartlands face is lack of players coming through the ranks. It will cost considerably more to entice players to a club if it means they have to relocate so they end up paying over the odds. It also means the team is unsettled as a lack of a production line means that there is always a lot of player movement each season. A serious effort for expansion for me needs a big junior development push alongside a club entering SL from outside the heartlands
  5. Wonder what combinations he will try out in the Fiji game
  6. I don't think there should be a league but having rep teams for those areas maybe playing a knockout competition might work
  7. I think Oledski is a good player but if anyone is going to dominate the other packs it will probably be Burgess
  8. That's the makings of a pretty strong team. If they could convince them to play they'd be a good chance of qualifying for next WC
  9. I think Nigeria has a lot of potential. A massive population as well as a sizeable population in the UK. What would a full strength Nigerian team currently look like?
  10. The nearest to this I could be happy with would be p and r with the promoted team having to meet certain criteria to get into SL
  11. Aren't South Africa and Morocco in this? Obviously Lebanon are in the WC so won't be in it this year
  12. I hope they don't exempt some from relegation and not others. It will spoil it for me. Either no p and r at all or bottom club gets relegated with Championship winners going up
  13. I've only read the last 2 pages of this thread so am not sure what's been proposed. Are they proposing that some clubs will be exempt from relegation but others aren't?
  14. I hope so. Would like to see it expanded at some point too but am more than happy with the current format
  15. Are there any plans to bring back the WCC? I used to really enjoy watching the games and it's another big event for the RL calendar.
  16. You also replied to me. You quoted me. I'm not sure why you're so angry. I literally just said that I'm interested in watching the GF even though they've both been in it before.
  17. What are you talking about?!!! The question from the OP was does anyone from outside of St Helens or Leeds have any interest in the GF. I'm not a fan of either but still am interested to watch which is what I said. I'm interested whoever plays as I'm an RL fan and the GF is usually a good game and event. Who are the plebs and when did I say I don't want them to win?
  18. Just because I might enjoy watching a new club in the GF doesn't mean that I won't enjoy the St Helens/Leeds final. It should be a good game
  19. Because Storm said so. I'm not sure. Maybe The Storm could tell us where he got the information
  20. How many teams are there in the London League? A strong community game in the capital could produce a lot of potential professional players
  21. Hopefully they can break the 500,000 barrier by the end of the tournament. A big push over the next couple of weeks and ticket sales during the tournament, especially the QFs, SFs and Final
  22. Maybe not for you but what about potential viewers who only have a passing interest in RL? I'm in that category with football and would probably watch Man City vs Liverpool in a final but wouldn't if it was Wolves vs Brentford or something similar. Saints are the best club side and Leeds are the form team and a big club. There's also a lot of history between the two clubs. It should hold a lot of interest for a lot of people
  23. I'm looking forward to watching what should hopefully be a good game. The two in form teams in the final
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