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  1. I've never thought of this but it does actually make sense. Would personally like to see this
  2. Unfortunately I think France's weakness is their lack of heritage players. Other countries don't necessarily need a strong domestic scene as long as they have a good core of heritage players. For this reason I think Lebanon and Jamaica have the most potential in the short term but for long term strength if France can get their domestic scene in order they might be able to step up
  3. I don't think NH vs SH should be done but if we're sticking with GB every 4 years I think a Pacific Islands select could be used as opposition as well as Aus and NZ or maybe Anzacs (Aus/NZ combination) . This would be sandwiched either side by a 4 N tournament involving the tier 1 nations
  4. Watching the SH teams providing tough games for each other and beating GB and also PNG, Samoa and Fiji having the potential to strengthen further got me wishing some teams in the NH would provide some level of competition for England and be able to compete at WCs. Which teams (if any) have the most potential in the future. The home nations seem to be going backwards at the moment and France are as weak as I've seen them. Could these countries have a revival? There's also Lebanon, Jamaica, Italy and Nigeria who could have strong teams based on heritage players but need more numbers playing the game in their own countries. Then there's USA and Canada but that would be quite a few years down the line if ever. What are people's thoughts?
  5. The only leagues that produce most of the players for the professional game are based in the North West and Yorkshire. Hopefully the NE can become the next stronghold for the community game
  6. I wish I had the answer. I was just offering a reason why we don't produce enough quality players. Money is the most obvious way but how do we get the extra money needed
  7. I think we don't do too badly considering that we don't have the numbers playing the game compared to Australia and the Pacific. Unfortunately football takes most of the athletes from a young age in the UK. Only a few towns and cities can compete with football. I imagine there are lots of kids who don't make it as football players who would have made creative league players but have never played the game. I'm not saying we'll ever compete with football but increasing the player pool is the best way to produce players in any position
  8. I think Cumbria vs London could work. Maybe trial it at Academy level or even scholarship level first. I'd include NE players in the Yorkshire set up for now until they can field a more competitive squad
  9. I always have a think who else could go and play in the NRL. Thompson is an obvious one. Who else would be able to go and do well?
  10. There's a lot of comments on other threads regarding the next TV deal with some saying the Championship and League 1 won't be part of it. Does this mean they are looking for their own TV deal and if so how much could they realistically look to get and how much would they need to be no worse off than now
  11. My best case scenario would be England winning some major tournaments with France, Wales and Pacific Islands getting to some finals and more teams being competitive at tier 2
  12. There's no guarantee on producing SL quality players so I'm with you there. Maybe the criteria could be based on funding with X amount of each team's central funding ringfenced for schools and community club development.
  13. I don't think it should just be for new clubs. It should be a minimum criteria for all clubs. I don't have a problem with shared academies for the elite players as I think they have their benefits.
  14. Sorry but I'm with Parky here. If it isn't official criteria it should be. Producing players and generating money should be the two most important criteria for the RFL
  15. I think the NE could be a real growth area for the game at junior and community level. They're not too far from the heartlands so any of the stronger clubs can play in a stronger competition if needed. Newcastle getting promoted could help accelerate that growth
  16. Maybe not a big city but a well known one that would be a great place for away fans to visit. I agree that it's too soon for them in the next couple of years but it's good to see them doing well. I think both the SL and Championship are going to provide a lot of entertainment this season
  17. I think they'd all add something but my preference in order would be Toulouse Toronto York Sheffield
  18. I did say current top 4. I think Toulouse and Toronto are guaranteed. A lot can change over the course of the season but I think at least 3 of those teams will make the playoffs with Halifax, Featherstone and Bradford being other possible contenders
  19. The current top 4 in the Championship are all big cities and aren't from the current strongholds of Greater Manchester, Cheshire/Merseyside, West Yorkshire or East Yorkshire. It's highly likely that the promoted club will come from one of these with a Toulouse vs Toronto GF being my prediction. Which team do you think will add the most to SL and have the best chance of becoming a team that challenges at the top?
  20. Out of interest Parky (and this isn't a dig at you), which current clubs outside of SL do you think would benefit from a rich investor? Bradford being the obvious one
  21. Are they getting decent viewing figures for these games
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