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  1. I agree. He seemed to know what he was talking about and broke it down well
  2. I was taking a break!! I wasn't the OP I was just saying how I think it should work if this game was to happen
  3. Potential line ups NW Tomkins Makinson King Watkins Charnley Ratchford Lomax Hill Roby Lees Farrell Currie Knowles Yorkshire and Humber Evalds McGillvary Newman Wardle Johnstone Connor Gale Watts Clarke Walmsley Bateman Smithies C. Smith Draft players McMeeken, Sarginson, Griffin, McCarthy Scarsbrook, Clubb Probably missed some and others might prefer different players. Think it would be a good game though
  4. That's the official name of the region
  5. I'm stepping out of this now. It's hard to have a discussion with someone who doesn't seem to understand Just have a look at State of Origin rules. Don't waste your time replying. I've got better things to do than argue on a forum. It's just a bit of fun. Have a good day
  6. I think you're getting confused. I said anyone born or RAISED. Tomkins was raised in Wigan so would qualify for NW. I'm not sure what you mean about Johnstone. I thought he was from Yorkshire
  7. What are you talking about? I was referring to Tomkins and Sarginson. I'll make it a bit clearer for you. Any English player either born or raised outside the NW or Yorkshire could be placed into a draft
  8. Knowles from Walmsley would be easy. The North West is a region which includes Cumbria, so North West vs Yorkshire and the Humber would solve that. Anyone outside those regions could be placed in a draft and picked by NW or Yorkshire if wanted/needed
  9. I don't think non RL die hards would even notice
  10. I really hope the RFL take this opportunity to get into different communities. So much untapped talent being missed. It could also be an opportunity to attract kids from cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and London as they have such diverse populations. If Jason Robinson is on board then hopefully his profile can help the RFL get into these communities
  11. Wales are usually quite strong at u16 level. If West Wales can sign and develop any players that don't go to SL then add a few more experienced players then they could become a good side.
  12. Ha, I almost felt I needed to apologise straight after I posted
  13. I noticed that too. The bounce was favourable but Tedesco couldn't adjust because Williams sent him running to the corner flag and then put it off the side of his boot
  14. Two big names to get people talking about RL in Wales and the West Wales Raiders in particular. If it increases their profile and gets a few more through the turnstiles then it can only be seen as a positive. They might even help them win a game or two and maybe attract one or two more signings
  15. I think 14 k was quite a lot of money in the 80s
  16. That seems more plausible which doesn't make it sound as bad. I was surprised anyone would sign for 14k for a full season. However, it's still looking for scraps til the end of the year. Unless you're a top earner in SL then playing SL isn't very secure or even lucrative. I'd be encouraging my son to get a career rather than looking at professional RL.
  17. It's not like he's just starting out and trying to make it. Then I could understand him playing for such a small salary. He'd be better off playing semi pro league or union and sorting out a career outside the game
  18. The Leeds game was in the BBC 10 O' clock news headlines
  19. I think the role of the modern fullback has taken away the need for a traditional 13. 7, 6 and 13 used to be the players to spread the ball now it's 7, 6 and 1
  20. Tedesco at fullback and Cameron Smith at 9. They're my 3 easy ones
  21. Thought I might as well stick to the theme of picking a XIII based on certain criteria. This one is based on the current best players in their position from recent form. I need to have a think before I come up with mine. I'll start with Taumalolo at 13
  22. I've thought something similar but would regionalise it a couple of leagues down. Maybe have a Yorkshire Premier and 1 then regional. Would probably have the same as you but Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax would be grouped together
  23. I seem to remember Craig Wing being a bit of a hit with the ladies
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