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  1. 3 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Yes I know, but v France was worse.

    Did you go to the LSV for those French games Hela?

    Considering that Leigh is just around the corner from three of our best supported clubs who lets say for arguments sake have 10K home fans each, there was not much appetite from those for the French fixtures, and in my opinion quite rightly so they were forgone conclusions of one-sided games, again would you wager on the outcome of England v the best of the rest non English the SL can offer?

    I'd probably back rest of the world but it would be a good game played at a high standard

  2. 31 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    It is to controversial at the moment, with coaches trying to gain every inch possible with the flat and line balls, ensure it goes backwards, not some crazy notion of allowing it to be passed forward, what next armour and helmets?

    The forward pass will always be a controversial decision especially with flat passes and camera angles. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes not. Unless it's an obvious missed forward pass then I'm ok with that.

    Taking away the flat pass or line ball might solve this problem but it might also take away a big part of the attacking game and speed of the plays 

  3. 2 hours ago, The Rocket said:

    I was going through the populations of the countries involved: New Caledonia   285 000   ;   Vanuatu       290 000 ;   French Polynesia    280 000 ;     Solomon Islands       670 000 ;    Fortuna and Wallis Islands 12000.   These countries typically have young demographics so I expect with a total population of over 1.5 million that there is a very large potential player pool. This combined with very good pathways into a highly professional Rugby League system i.e. Australia/Queensland , we may well see a good quantity of French eligible players coming through.

    If this just produced 4/5 NRL players every few years if would massively benefit the French national side

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  4. 6 hours ago, unapologetic pedant said:

    The value in attracting people to minimal-contact versions of RL is one of my pet themes. Tag RL is my preference since it`s closer to the tackle game than Touch. The poster who wanted the tackle game focused on is missing the point that when other formats are integrated into RL clubs this means more members and volunteers as well as participants. The more people in a club, the greater the presence in the community and the bigger the fanbase for the Tackle game.

    NZRL missed a trick with Tag. It was devised by a Kiwi (Perry Haddock) for RL players in the off-season yet the leagues and clubs ignored it and it`s developed a life of its own in the NZTFI away from RL clubs.

    As far as I`m aware the Auckland RL are alone in attempting to recover lost ground via KiwiTag. The only team I`ve seen competing regularly in national Tag comps from outside is Porirua Tag, and I don`t think they have any formal connection with the Vikings.

    Completely agree with this.  I wish RL clubs in the UK would run midweek tag/touch competitions. There could be different levels.  

    It could just be social, non competitive games of tag or it could be a weekly league run by the club that teams of 7 or so players enter and play a couple of fixtures each week. A bit like Soccer 6s. 

    Another option could be for individual clubs to run touch/tag teams that compete against other clubs in an organised league.

    A combination of all these would be great and would increase the amount of people accessing their local RL club and make it a much larger part of the community. It would probably also help with recruiting volunteers, players etc for the full contact teams

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  5. 1 hour ago, DavidM said:

    Were the Bulldogs players under orders not to pass to Thompson ? His primary strength is his running game , you’d have thought they’d want to use it . There was a moment late in the second half where you could see how frustrated he was as he was missed out again . If that’s how they’re gonna nurse him through long minutes at 13 it’s a waste .  I saw lots of Tolman and Napa but he’s better than them . Get him doing two full out shifts at prop ripping in like at Saints . I did like the do with Pangai though . As a Pom you can’t back down , you’ve gotta get stuck in . Ridiculous anyway that you get put on report for that , that was pretty good stuff , both guys liked it . By the way Bulldogs are still rubbish , Foran has totally lost it , Wakeham is rubbish . Nothing come from there . Just a team of graft and no guile 

    I was getting frustrated watching it. There were a few occasions when Thompson set off to take the ball in and the 9 just looked at him and then went the other way.

    I agree that he needs to start at prop taking the ball straight off the ruck as that is what he does best and would also mean he got more chances to take the ball in.

    I think it would make a big difference to the Bulldogs winning the battle in middle of the park

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Damien said:

    I would love something like this mid season to provide internationals then focus on the northern and southern hemisphere countries playing each other end of season.

    I agree. Mid season tournaments in Europe,  Oceania, the Americas and Africa then at the end of the season there could be a 4/6 nations for the top ranked countries and other tournaments involving Jamaica/USA/Canada and European nations and possibly SA, Nigeria etc. 

  7. If this is going to go ahead regardless of RLEF then I think a compromise should be found to work together and incorporate into RLEF structures.

    Giving clubs a higher and more prestigious level of competition could be a big marketing tool to help with the development of RL in Europe.

    This EuroXIIIs structure is the start and will probably need tweaking and adjusting to find the most suitable structure for this level of competition. 

    The biggest focus of the RLEF should be to strengthen and expand the domestic leagues and increase participation in individual nations. Any additional income and raising of the profile of RL should be used to help achieve this

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  8. I hope this venture succeeds and expands and applaud anyone who puts time, effort and money into helping RL grow. 

    I'm just wondering where a successful EuroXIIIs will fit in to existing structures. Obviously it is starting as a development competition but if it becomes a more permanent structured competition what level will it be?

    Will it sit above the existing domestic leagues of the participants with qualification like the Champion's League in football and will there be a more tiered structure with regional leagues inbetween domestic leagues and EuroXIII such as the Balkan's Super League?

    At what level would qualification be open to clubs in England and France who already have a stronger set up? Would it be no higher than Southern Conference level and the regional leagues below Elite 2 in France?

    Will it be tiered in a different way with a top division, second division etc with p and r between them?

    Instead of qualifying for EuroXIII will it just be application based like this year with any club able to apply regardless of their place in their own domestic set up?

    If it is application based will these be from regional clubs drawing players from their domestic clubs a bit like a rep team or existing/new clubs who fancy a different challenge?

    If it is existing or new clubs will they still be expected to enter a team in their own domestic competition? 

    Will there be a requirement for clubs to focus on junior development and also have their own junior pathways?


    Lots of questions but i'm looking forward to seeing how it develops

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