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  1. Louis McCarthy Scarsbrook looks quick actually
  2. Wouldn't you say Hanley was faster? He started out as a winger
  3. My initial 13 until someone tells me otherwise. 1. Greg Inglis 2. Josh Addo Carr 3. Andrew Ettingshausen 4. Steve Renouf 5. Martin Offiah 6. Danny McGuire 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Luke Thompson 9. Daryl Clark 10. Adrian Morley 11. Steve Menzies 12. Lee Gilmour 13. Ellery Hanley
  4. If you get enough players maybe enter a team in Yorkshire league and another in Midlands
  5. I'd say Adrian Morley for one of the props
  6. Probably go for Ellery Hanley at loose
  7. Clark or Damian Cook were going to be my hookers
  8. I'm using him as fullback. Renouf and maybe Ettingshausen in centres
  9. Fullback - between Mullins and Inglis. Trying to thing of anyone else
  10. I think he's probably quicker off the mark but maybe not over full length. Anyway, we can have one on each wing
  11. Yeah that shocked me too. I'm struggling to believe it. How tall is Daryl Clark?
  12. Might as well start one. Fastest players by position I'll start with Offiah. An obvious one
  13. Maybe fastest. Each position not just a list of wingers
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