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  1. I enjoyed yesterday's game and always like watching NZ play and love International RL. I would personally prefer a 4N tournament though as adding Australia and Tonga would give the UK fans and general public some great RL over the next few weeks.
  2. Maybe move Lomax to 7 and bring Ratchfird in at FB. Trying to think who I'd play at 13
  3. Let's just enjoy the game and start an attendance thread afterwards!
  4. How come Solomon Islands and Vanuatu aren't stronger? They've got much bigger populations than Tonga and Samoa. Isn't there much league played there. Isn't there big communities in Australia and NZ like Tonga and Samoa?
  5. If this game delivers it should help push ticket sales for the next two games. A bit of a mentioning and some advertising during the game on TV for the other two would also help as there should hopefully be a lot of people watching at home
  6. I voted England. I don't have anything against GB but I only think this would work if Wales, Scotland and Ireland were much stronger so it would be a true GB side rather than just England with a different name
  7. I've been trying to think of a schedule and keep changing my mind. Should we still have tours or would 4N style competitions be better? I definitely think there should be a European tournament in the 4 year cycle as well something involving the top teams across both hemispheres. Maybe a 4N the year after a WC involving the 4 semi finalists The following year have a European competition which could start mid season and then finish off at the end of the season. Have Pacific competition in this year also involving Aus and NZ. The year before a WC there could be a 4N again. I'd probably have the top 3 Pacific Nations from the previous years competition plus the team that finishes top of the European competition (until a time when or if the NH teams catch up to the SH teams. Then it could be expanded to 6N) Other countries could also play during these times. During the first 4N the other European and Pacific Nations could play to decide who joins the other teams in the following years European and Pacific competitions. The unsuccessful teams then play in their own group below eg Euro B, Euro C, Pacific B at the same time which could also double as WC qualifiers alongside Americas qualifiers etc. The year before the WC the unsuccessful teams could play an Emerging Nations WC and all the qualifiers not involved in the 4N could play against teams in their own hemisphere for WC seeding to decide which groups they go into. The last thing I missed is mid season games during 4N and WC years. These could just be standalone tests against the team nearest to them in the rankings in their hemisphere. Eg Eng Vs Fra, Samoa Vs Fiji, Wales Vs Scotland etc. I'm hoping all this makes sense
  8. Good point. We could just offer them solutions and let him take the credit
  9. Should we all as RL fans start emailing the RFL with these questions as well as offering our ideas. If enough of us regularly do this it might help get them to be more proactive
  10. I'd like it to be held at a big venue such as Etihad. Could make it a massive event. Think they could get a big crowd. Would also like Catalan dragons to get a game as CC winners to add some prestige to the cup.
  11. I know some don't like Bateman in the centre but I think he's our best bet for stopping Manu who is a game breaker
  12. I'm looking forward to this series, especially after the Kiwis performance on Saturday. All 3 games should be high quality and a higher standard and intensity than SL. SL fans and RL fans in general should be queuing up to buy tickets
  13. Maybe having the same teams winning the trophy isn't ideal but as far as the quality of the big games go I don't think it's boring. A game with lots of tries is usually just down to poor defence from both sides and isn't that high quality and one sided games are boring to watch. The highest quality games usually are close and don't have loads of tries and the ones that are scored are usually well worked as the defence is hard to break down
  14. I agree with all of those but I'd also add training facilities and a strong youth system. Maybe not full of local juniors but something that allows young players from wherever to have the best chance of progressing
  15. There's been a lot of talk about crowd figures on here and even though I try to be positive I agree that they need to be better. What should be the priority or what would people on here rather see if they had to choose. 1. Each individual club increasing their average crowd figures so the overall so average increases Or 2. All the big events sell out so the play offs and GF, Magic Weekend, CC semi finals and Final and Internationals all play in front of capacity crowds and even use bigger venues (CC semis and Internationals). I would personally like no2 to happen in the short term as I believe this would have a much bigger impact on the sports profile and media presence which then might help attract more spectators to regular games. You can only choose 1 because obviously we'd all like to see both eventually
  16. What are your 5 criteria? I'm not asking to shoot them down but I like to know other people's views.
  17. I agree we need to be testing ourselves regularly against NZ and Australia and picking on form regardless of age. The three years between each WC should be filled with International fixtures. Mid season tests against NH opposition, maybe used to play some of the younger players, then Tri Nations, 4 Nations or fixtures in a league format as mentioned on another thread at the end of every season. Lots of International RL which to me is the most exciting form of RL and helps build up the excitement between WCs as well as many other benefits to the wider game such as sponsorship, TV revenue, media profile and increasing the profile of RL
  18. I wasn't overly excited about the upcoming test series against NZ but their win and performance today has got me looking forward to it. I think today's game might help with ticket sales
  19. I'd definitely pay £10 per month if there was enough content on there.
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