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  1. They may have grasped the nettle finally but when you see the final implications for you club life can become a very different place. There are some sides who are regarded and regard themselves as invulnerable from and to the changes that affect everyone, and their view of world is always guided by well we'll be safe! If it is mainly based on structure change rather than gain sponsors, coverage income streams and changing the media's attitude to the sport ...... 12 Years Before the Mast!
  2. For those of you who aren't in the know this is the equivalent of the Mail doing a three page spread on RL.
  3. Beware of Twitter and the translations as well in that case!
  4. I've no doubt the Wolves will be fine. They are not a laughing stock anymore than Myler at Leeds. Taking the mick is just a part of RL culture as much as any other sport. Whether or not Powell will be given time to change what he needs to at the club is another matter. There is no doubt that change can have an adverse effect and they're missing Hill almost as much as Salford are missing Gil Dudson. I don't think they should lower their expectations and aspirations though.
  5. It's not just a measure of those making up and creating the test, it's a crystal clear symptom of the importance they're given and lack of any real substance. E Courses the new outsourcing!
  6. The point was not the rumour or whether or not he goes to Cas ... it's believing stuff on Twitter!
  7. You have to pay to vote ... well on that basis alone.
  8. The ones I liked best though were the ones where the information is misleading and even wrong so that when you go back to answer that question you still don't know the correct response.
  9. I think the pass score necessary on these is a bit of a give away about just how legitimate they are. If I listed all the ones I've done online, I'd look like a cross between gifted and talented, mensa and qualified for every job ever invented.
  10. You can never rule out player movements but if we're depending on Twitter ?????????
  11. "Accentuate the negative, Ignore the affirmative, Latch on to disadvantages ........"
  12. Harry I know the printed word can be unhelpful at times but I'm always a little anxious on match day. I think that doesn't make me stand out from the crowd.
  13. I'm sure you're right about that it just didn't seem normal for posters.
  14. I hesitated to say high level sponsors as I assumed you'd know I didn't mean Arkright's corner shop Trafford Road Salford.
  15. No It's not when it's this imprtant Damien. I count 16 pages as just enough for a run of the mill, common or garden, everyday issue like what Leigh's chairman is cross about this week.
  16. And I assumed IMG would be engaging sponsors for the game as a whole. If it means what I'm most suspicious of, I won't care either way.
  17. Well I asked Martyn if he could at least say if it was positive and I haven't seen his Martyn for dust. Details were short but that doesn't usually prevent posters basking in the heat of confusion, suspicion and dire expectation. The RFL is hardly the most transparent organisation and could give the present government and several of the previous ones a run for their money in this respect.
  18. I agree to some extent with what you say Toby but the viewing figures are much better than this statement suggests.
  19. It's interesting that this thread seems to have lost interest when it's a crucial and dramatic event.
  20. I have to say this is exactly what I was refering to. 1) We are marginally behind Cricket for bums on seats. 2) The viewing figures are very good and high enough to merit far greater coverage. 3) At the moment the footprint from Newcastle to Cornwall just in the professional side of the game. These are just three examples that at least undermine the too regional argument. If people from inside the sport don't see these things and won't argue the case it will prove those who make decisions about recognition correct. If you won't argue the case for the sport you can only value and support it's poor treatment. If you accept other people's notions about the things you love there is no point in loving them as your passions are considered worthless.
  21. I think you missed the thread of my post Tommy. I said there are attitudes both inside and outside of the game that are so embedded that it wouldn't matter how much of the UK we gained a foothold in. The question of silly knighthoods is just a reflection of the hierarchy of the system rather than the northerness of the sport. When people stress our geographical footprint behind their reasong for a lack of recognition they have a tendency to ignore changes and growth on the one hand and that why great sportsmen and women are left out consistently like their achievements are insignificant and have no value. To put this down simply to regionailty is to support the nonsense and failures of the system.
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