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  1. Here Today with Billy Crystal good writing so all is not lost.
  2. When you watch the NRL on the same day it's fascinating noting what's let go and what's penalised. There's a world of difference and one is certainly not better than the other. There's a huge amount of pushing the envelope that reaps dividends in risk and reward balance in our game this normally means the dominant side gets away with it more often than not and works alongside the "discipline" notion for the less dominant team. I also thought the constant references to the age of the players at both ends of the spectrum was unnecessary and not in the least helpful.
  3. Do any of the others have RL writers or just Our Rugby Correspondent? Our Rugby Correspondent speaks volumes about emphasis, leaning and what will and won't be covered.
  4. The decision might not've been spot on but was according to the rules, it was always about how the Wolves reacted. I was disappointed in Ratchford. Warrington were worn down. I thought the Sky commentary lacked balance far too often.
  5. The Bourgeoisie apparently! Too often at the Guardian and Spectator Garden Parties for one group, too many simlar jollies for another. Though I had to swerve to avoid a rude answer!
  6. I have to say they were on offer which probably means they'll lose their allure next time I shop!
  7. I did think that Anita but it is subsidised otherwise that would be even more true. It is also interesting how middle class the menu appears.
  8. " ..... kind of mood you're in tonight...." I almost hesitate to say this but I bought two bottles of Gary Barlow, only tried the white so far but it's nearly as magic as Magic! ( the weekend not the Paul Daniels fo those with a problem thinkin' on!)
  9. Remaking Midwitch is a story of making the same film based on one which wasn't exactly great in the first place and yet more evidence of artistic bankruptcy in the film industry. Surely that lack of ideas would make a far better script than an update kids go scary.
  10. I found this fascinating https://www.parliament.uk/globalassets/documents/commons-catering/menus/banqueting/menu-banq-apr-2022.pdf There is far more to this but it would transgress and I no longer care beyond a very mild annoyance and far greater indifference.
  11. It's not a question of quality for e-training it's a issue of cost so 99% of it is a thing you do so it looks like you've done it, a kind of nice pretense that we all share cos it's simpler that way and it can still go on the CV.
  12. Without RL it would be mostly paint drying followed bt traffic lights changing and then the potters wheel.
  13. You do get the feeling that if RL had a presence in every town from Lands End to the tip of Scotland and even in that bit of stolen Ireland that there would still be claims that it's a small sport and some fans still being apologetic for daring to think its sportmen and women worthy of the token and largely false gestures of a completely unmeritocratic system. "Take you caps off inside, the pies've arrived!"
  14. Chips Rafferty or Robert Mitchum in The Sundowner? It's a difficult choice between those two! My vote is Bud Tingwell
  15. So teaser and eye for the gap apart Martyn "fascinating" as in positive?
  16. I always wondered where they got the viewers for Gogglebox from so thanks for clearing that one up for me everyone.
  17. The total of any, repeat, any disposable income will become the barometer of viability of London Finals/events, as well as the thermometer for RL's health. BTW has Elton John gone yet? £198 ! He'd do less well with a gun at the main post office down our way!
  18. No Dave, not they don't necessarily want to go more they can't be bothered more often than not. Other sports see their event as magic because they're events. Simon Johnson skirted around restructure neatly but it was quite obvious that is very much in the offing. ( that phrase doesn't sound right so I'm hoping you catch my drift).
  19. I think you agree more than you don't there Dave. I did not want to use the example of kick and C simply because it would look like the same old same old. They spent years cultivating that result with the help of press and Beeb, but the result is still the opening of an envelope.
  20. I won't be watching John but I didn't want you to get lonely on this thread.
  21. "Has a london based challenge cup become financially unviable?" When you add the geographical economic footprint of the sport to the effects of Covid and the cost of living Crisis ( hope this isn't considered political) the question may be will RL become financially unviable?
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