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  1. Some things are very different about RL supporters, other sports' fans will turn up to the opening of envelope whereas RL fans won't bother in numbers fo a major final. It's not so much they can't be fooled as they can't be bothered.
  2. I can hear the music for the Twilight Zone in my head More posters backing SRD than their opponents "DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HALF HOUUUUUUUUR!" Der Der DERDER DER DER DERDER
  3. If that is the case then it would blow the "we're all friends in sport" argument put forward so often on here, out of the water. Now, if that's all you've got, the Vichies might turn out Vichy, it's hardly surprising or disastrous come to that. This is a mountain out of a molehill thread.
  4. It is amazing how often threads drift off the point usually led by pet hates and prejudices. It is also really interesting that rather than celebrating a 12 year strategy with a major company we're looking for the catches and seeing the darkside. Sort of OMG it's IMG what else can go wrong. Financial maybe but for NRL coaches there's only SOO that can't be agrued against and this would probably be too much of a risk for their players. I think they'd also assume it's a rubbish idea because they didn't think of it. In any case the NRL have been looking down their noses at us for so long they'd need a microscope t see anything. Yes we need to look to sorting our own end and have done. The NRL, more often than not, works on the isolation model of Aussie rules.
  5. "IMG, which was taken over in 2013 by Endeavour which owns UFC, represents and manages some of the world's greatest sports figures and fashion icons and stages hundreds of live events and branded entertainment experiences annually. " From the all too unlikely DaveTWire Guardian I did a last post thread on avoiding marginalisation .... well this is one inroad, a 12 year approach is almost unheard of length for RL. However, there are always consequences and outcomes, some of which will be unforeseen, a number of which will be obvious and quite a few that the SL/RFL boys who wouldn't ask for water if they were thirsty will keep well hidden. https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/sport/wolves/wolvesnews/20128658.rugby-league-announces-img-new-strategic-partner/ Investment is needed but always comes at a price and this is RL like a candidate at the Dragon Den.
  6. Sarah Lancs has surprised me by how good she is as Julia Child.
  7. Love Life Season one done and dusted started season 2
  8. My old house but not taken when I lived there. Sorry soemthing is blocking the photo!
  9. When i lived in Cuxac-C., anytime there was a match in Narbonne I was like a rat up a drainpipe to watch it. Always stopped at L'oulibo too.
  10. For those that like P&R and don't see the alternatives as sensible the car crash and the casualties are the drama and the excitement. Self interest has become the stock in trade of those who are largely unaffected by P&R and we only need to look at the difference in salary cap punishments to come to a jaundiced conclusion about the reasoning behind them.
  11. Losing sight of the important stuff is the social media way!
  12. In the meantime , although the thread lost it's way slightly, there would seem to be concensus that : a) Sylvain was wrong to ask now, b) it would be wronger to change the rules now, c) that still doesn't mean it won't happen and d) P&R is a contentious issue that is unlikely to go away. For a TGG forum that's a huge amount of agreement and maybe we should see if it's a world record for Guiness!
  13. The trouble with anecdotal eveidence is that it could be 100% correct and might be just as false. Our chat and feelings can marry up especially when we are in poorer or unhappy times. The blame can be placed at the door of something or someone so easily. This is becoming more and more normal as times pass. The decline in support could be entirely down to Sky or bear no relation to it at all, but it could be argued very strongly. It might argued that profesionalism in kick and clap has taken away numbers from the game or that the overarching influence of soccer however unmerited that might be. It might simply be that RL folk are no longer true believers and there is no one to fight the good fight on its behalf except on safe social media sights of like minded individuals. Especially true where controversy and argument is frowned upon or brings out the worst in folk. My own pet thing is the Beeb treatment of RL before Sky which did actually make into the laughing stock everyone claims we are to suit their argument; and when people criticise Sky it should be said that they never treated us as appalingly as Aunty did. Or just seeing the same teams win the trophies again and again and again might have done the damage. Very nice if you're one of them though. It could also be a direct result of all the false dawns and unrealised promise that RL seems eternally dogged by.
  14. They are possibly related and you've drawn conclusions. Things that happen at the same time or even roughly are not always connected, no matter how much you'd like them to be. There was a general decline in support and not just RL. Those things may be RL specific but people might just as easily been more swayed by disillusion with the RFL and or lack of success of their sides. I can't help what you don't understand, especially if you don't refer to specifics.
  15. Broken sky and heartaches that flowers won't mend .... When I was younger I believed that dreams came true .....
  16. There is no doubt that RL has a tendency to be marginalised. It's because of this that we look for mentions no matter how small or even ridiculous they are. The question is how best to address the issue? This is as important for the women's game, PD version as well as the men's. And does the FTA coverage help or hinder, in this respect? Unless you're marginalised and don't care.
  17. It is interesting that this has become a "used to be" thread because some posters seem to find neccessary to jump into personal if slightly disguised posts. These are not, on the face of it, too terrible but are far too often the resort of some posters, and display if nothing else a lack of respect.
  18. No problem, do you need anything else while you address other things?
  19. I don''t really have interest in Brits in the NRL for lots of reasons but mostly much of the related punditry, but when those picked play for England I'll be really involved.
  20. Although, on the face of it those numbers seem quite conclusive, and damn licensing there are many other factors and things that will have influenced those figures. The shilly shallying of the RFL not the least among these things the idea that marketing a game is totally the responsibility of the home side etc etc The post covid numbers might be used in a similar way. Is it RL or just the chance to be outside? As dkw as already pointed out the posts above are redundant.
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