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  1. Spotted some crispy pancakes in Farm Foods last weekend. Loved them in my pre-diabetes days
  2. Had no idea he was still alive. Doesn't seem that long since Pops died but must have been if Pervis was 85. His nightclub had a very unfortunate name
  3. I mentioned him in the people who are alive but you thought was dead thread. He would be great just for "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", but he lived an extraordinary life
  4. Longtime Lakeside Hammers and Eastbourne Eagles Manager and Promoter Jon Cook
  5. Storm, Panthers, Eels, Raiders, Tigers, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Dragons 288 7 home wins 2 to score 30
  6. There is an excellent version by Ella Fitzgerald as well
  7. Fascinating fact: Llanelli is further away from New River than Doncaster, Hunslet, Keighley, Oldham and Rochdale. Yet some people think this is the basis for an easy travelling unfunded amateur league
  8. I would certainly agree with the latter part of your post, but is the first part accurate? While it seems to me that the RFL expect expansion clubs to develop the game in their area with little or no assistance on top of running a club, while at the same time we are expected to compete against heartlands clubs whose idea of development is to check each off season which academy players are surplus to requirements at the top SL clubs. Are for instance NCL clubs so dependent on their local championship/league 1 club?
  9. 1. Rabbitohs, Storm, Titans, Panthers, Eels, Roosters, Warriors, Dragons 2. 384 3. 4 4. Knights v. Roosters
  10. Another gobiron supremo gone: ex-Muddy Waters sideman Paul Oscher
  11. Panthers, Titans, Eels, Sharks, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Storm 360 7 Panthers v Knights
  12. Strange that on the same day that Spurs announce that they want to play in a league where results don't matter that they sack their manager for not getting the right sort of results
  13. 1. Panthers, Knights, Storm, Titans, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Dragons, Cowboys 2. 288 3. 2 away wins 4. Rabbitohs v. Tigers
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