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  1. Shortly off to Thailand for the rest of the month so getting in the mood with a slab of molam.
  2. And the third point is that one of the clubs voting for this system was the London Broncos
  3. This is what Skolars did do. Towards the end they were regularly picking 15 southern produced players plus one antipodean who had played for a southern conference team for years previously and one northerner who had played for them for years. Didn't do them much good when heartlands teams full of SL academy dropouts, loanees and DR came to town.
  4. Show some interest would be a start. I understand that since he took over, the present Skolars' chairman asked for a meeting or a telephone conference with Ralph Rimmer (until his departure) on a number of occasions and was rebuffed every time.
  5. Their reaction here appears to be "meh" again. That's not even reactive, let alone proactive
  6. She was a historian specialising in that period. I have got a couple of her non fiction books including one about the crusade against the Cathars
  7. As someone who has lost the professional club they support at the end of this year, I make no bones about feeling pretty miserable about the game. Normally I watch every televised game and would have been buzzing about last night, but I just had absolutely no enthusiasm about it and the boosterism beforehand. It just appears that those running the game have no real interest about anything or anyone whether supporter, player or volunteer outside a very small geographical area and I have to ask myself whether it is worth the unrequited emotional input anymore.
  8. Huddersfield, Leeds, Wigan, Catalans, St Helens, HKR Most points: St Helens Least points: Wakefield
  9. A thread congratulating a Welsh team on a victory turns into one slagging Ireland and Scotland off. How rugby league
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