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  1. After his successes in his last two roles, it must surely be time to welcome back Zimbabwean super fielder Gus Mackay into the fold.
  2. Arguing that there is no consistency between the NRL and Super League disciplinaries does appear rather odd. As does using player welfare arguments to say dangerous tackles shouldn't be punished
  3. The feeling in the clubhouse is pretty positive. Given what was done to us, most fans feel happy as to where the club now is on the pitch
  4. Skolars 16 Canes 6 at halftime. Midlands had a player sent off for something or other in the first set of the game
  5. If I remember rightly they forced an abandonment of a Championship final through their actions towards the ref and then wouldn't accept their punishment
  6. No mention of him at all, although Vern Unsworth was a character in it. Agree with what The Storm says about the film. Excellent. Really portrayed how difficult the conditions were and how incredible the rescue was. I had wondered if a running length of two and a half hours would be a bit much, but it was gripping throughout. Even though we all know the outcome the end was quite emotional. It was also good that the film portrayed the effort and sacrifices made by Thai people in the rescue. It treated them with respect.
  7. West Wales kicked the kick off out on the full. Things didn't get better from there. Skolars 40 WWR 4 at halftime
  8. On the train into London. Beautiful day. Hopefully Skolars will continue to play in the same fashion as last week's second half
  9. I think I would just go for everything listed in Jimmy Rogers (Muddy Waters' guitarist not the singing brakeman) song My Last Meal
  10. Quite. My club turned up at a meeting last year to find that another club (one which incidentally has gone bust so far three times in our history) in their league had put forward proposals to throw them and two other clubs out of the league. All the lobbying was done behind closed doors rather than that club having the courage of their convictions and being open about it. Why should my club play to their game and keep it secret?
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