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  1. Why just the heartlands or don't Skolars, Coventry, Newcastle and the Welsh teams count?
  2. Delighted to finally see Dinner for One on Sky Arts tonight. Apparently only the second time it has been shown on British TV but it has been shown in Germany every year on New Year's Eve since 1963. It was made by one of the regional channels in Germany NRF but apart from an introduction it is in English. It is a two hander between an aristocratic lady and her butler on her 90th birthday. The butler must play her dinner guests who had actually all died many years previously. As he toasts the hostess in place of each of them he gets more and more drunk. It was laugh out loud funny. A real treat
  3. At a time when from afar it seems to be a national crisis, it appears monumentally crass to have carried on with the New Year fireworks in Sydney
  4. Enjoyed the first Goes Wrong Show. After seeing a couple of their specials before you can see the gags coming, but it is still done with some panache and I laughed out loud a number of times. Otherwise managed to give the TV a complete swerve over Christmas and don't feel worse for it
  5. I got a fascinating looking book of photographs of Bangkok in the late 50s by an Italian photographer called Fabrizio La Torre (who incidentally served in Buster Crabb's divers unit in the war). Also got the third volume of Jonathan Sumption's history of the 100 years war. By total coincidence I had been flicking through the Weatherspoons magazine when in one of their branches at lunchtime and there was the lovable Tim Martin penning an article attacking Mr Sumption as a white middle class elitist for stating his pro EU views in a newspaper
  6. No. The only place in New Zealand where league may be the dominant code is the west coast of the South Island, but that has a fairly small population and is pretty remote.
  7. I remember hearing Clive James once telling a story about playing rugby league at school and facing Reg Gasnier.
  8. Winning and losing are both habits. i seem to recall Broncos' form changed to a losing run after sending a below strength team to get knocked out of the Challenge cup at Halifax this year.
  9. This many times over. It has been shown most recently on the tour when, given the way it went, I would say transparency of the thinking behind the tour was required. Instead we had from the senior management on the tour either some or all of the time: Ralph Rimmer - invisible but apparently doesn't like to talk to the media Wayne Bennett - dour and clearly detests the media Kevin Sinfield - dour and talks robotically in predictable cliches as if he is Theresa May's love child Jamie Peacock - invisible but would be dour if he said something it does not appear to me that employees of the RFL really think it is part of their job to bang the gong for the sport in the way that David Howes or Maurice Lindsay did. If they don't want to do this then a spokesman really needs to be appointed as a first step to trying to increase the subterranean profile of the sport
  10. It could be that only London are willing to accept changing a neutral venue into an away game
  11. Dark beers tonight. Nethergate Dark Shadow in the rather dismal surroundings of the Cricketers, the Spoons in Ipswich. They keep the beer well but it is otherwise a grim experience. Onto the St Judes Brewery Tavern for a pint of Cabin Pete's Porter, which is a brewery in the mighty metropolis of Bildeston. Very tasty
  12. Already kind of done it if you amalgamate two days. Stayed in a resort in the Philippines. After a day sitting round the pool watched State of Origin in the packed poolside restaurant surrounded by rugby league fan and accompanied by a very pleasant and beautiful young lady. Next night took the same young lady to see the Hong Kong Welsh male voice choir who were on tour. Combine the two and you have perfection
  13. Yet instead of watching the game you are on here slagging off league. I presume it can't be up to much
  14. Absolutely agree. It is a shame that just about every thread about an international game gets turned into this borefest
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