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  1. Yet instead of watching the game you are on here slagging off league. I presume it can't be up to much
  2. Absolutely agree. It is a shame that just about every thread about an international game gets turned into this borefest
  3. When we first got a car with a cassette player my parents raided the bargain bin at Woolworths and for years we had a rather random collection of The Three Degrees, songs from Disney films, 10 cc, Manhattan Transfer and the Boston Pops Orchestra plays the Carpenters inflicted on us. I detest them all to this day. My other memory is the Sunday evening road trip from my Grandparents house in Milton Keynes back to Essex in the years before the M25 was opened. If we were lucky it was improved by Alexis Korner's blues show on radio 1. If we were unlucky it was the light operetta on radio 2 and the journey seemed to last for infinity
  4. Entries in the latest Good Beer Guide (out last week) for Lincoln are: Adam & Eve (25 Lindum Road) BeerHeadZ (4 Eastgate) Cardinal's Hat (268 High Street) Golden Eagle (21 High Street) Joiner's Arms (4 Victoria Street) Jolly Brewer (27 Broadgate) Ritz (143 High Street) - the token Spoons Strugglers Inn (83 Westgate) Victoria (6 Union Road)
  5. Last time I was in Lincoln (admittedly over 20 years ago) a lot of the pubs were tied houses for the Mansfield brewery (and therefore outlets for Marksmen as in the defunct team). Ghastly beer. Given the history of that brewery, that might mean that there are a lot of pubs selling Marstons there now.
  6. Do Manly have players out through injury? I can't be sure from the commentary
  7. After the death of Dr John, a bad month for New Orleans music has tuned into a really rubbish month with the passing of the great Dave Bartholomew yesterday. One of the most important names in the Crescent City scene as bandleader, producer and composer, particularly in partnership with Fats Domino.
  8. By the way as a long standing and dedicated fan please join us at the Skolars Supporters Group meetings. As everyone else who attends away games also attends those meetings and none of us knows who you actually are, we are keen to find out who you are so we can say hi in future. Our next meeting is held at the Queens Head in Acton Street off Grays Inn Road near Kings Cross on Wednesday 6th March at 7pm. Everyone is welcome
  9. 42 posts from Leaguefan and all 42 slag off Skolars. Can anyone see a link?
  10. Traditional joined up thinking. Our line into London is shut this weekend for yet more engineering works so it is a tedious trip instead on the rail replacement bus. Fortunately one of the utilities has decided to make things even more enjoyable by choosing this weekend to dig up the approach road to the station and put in a threeway traffic light system, which paralyses the town even on a Sunday morning. Given that for the last two years the railway has been shut at weekends for 6-7 months every year, surely it could not have come as a shock that this might be the case?
  11. I didn't manage to see Leeds' game last week. Having been on the pop last Saturday I nodded off a couple of minutes into the game only to wake just as Angela was interviewing Blake Austin. In the meantime the cat had decided to tuck into my Chinese takeaway so I wasn't in the mood to replay the game again. By all accounts they were pretty disjointed and the Myler Lolohea combination didn't work. Can a week make a difference. I didn't think Wigan were that bad in defeat to a good Saints side so I would fancy them even with the potential distraction of next week. In any event had to deal with the clients from Hell this afternoon, who happen to come from the White Rose County, so in revenge I will break the habit of a lifetime and cheer Wigan.
  12. Enjoyed the game. Hull were much better to watch this week. Connor was good, but towards the end it appeared like he was having to shoulder all the playmaking, which made him easier to target leading to mistakes. Sneyd is what he is, but their pack is also one dimensional with few offloads in them. a couple of the forwards appear past their sell by date now. Cas always looked like they could turn it up and strike when they wanted. Watts was very good, but McShane was my man of the match. He made the plays which made the difference. Two small criticisms. With the speeding up of the game there appears to be more of a propensity to just step over the ball rather than play it again. Also Thaler appeared not to have got the memo about moving the game on with some of his inordinate video ref decisions.
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