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  1. After the death of Dr John, a bad month for New Orleans music has tuned into a really rubbish month with the passing of the great Dave Bartholomew yesterday. One of the most important names in the Crescent City scene as bandleader, producer and composer, particularly in partnership with Fats Domino.
  2. By the way as a long standing and dedicated fan please join us at the Skolars Supporters Group meetings. As everyone else who attends away games also attends those meetings and none of us knows who you actually are, we are keen to find out who you are so we can say hi in future. Our next meeting is held at the Queens Head in Acton Street off Grays Inn Road near Kings Cross on Wednesday 6th March at 7pm. Everyone is welcome
  3. 42 posts from Leaguefan and all 42 slag off Skolars. Can anyone see a link?
  4. Traditional joined up thinking. Our line into London is shut this weekend for yet more engineering works so it is a tedious trip instead on the rail replacement bus. Fortunately one of the utilities has decided to make things even more enjoyable by choosing this weekend to dig up the approach road to the station and put in a threeway traffic light system, which paralyses the town even on a Sunday morning. Given that for the last two years the railway has been shut at weekends for 6-7 months every year, surely it could not have come as a shock that this might be the case?
  5. I didn't manage to see Leeds' game last week. Having been on the pop last Saturday I nodded off a couple of minutes into the game only to wake just as Angela was interviewing Blake Austin. In the meantime the cat had decided to tuck into my Chinese takeaway so I wasn't in the mood to replay the game again. By all accounts they were pretty disjointed and the Myler Lolohea combination didn't work. Can a week make a difference. I didn't think Wigan were that bad in defeat to a good Saints side so I would fancy them even with the potential distraction of next week. In any event had to deal with the clients from Hell this afternoon, who happen to come from the White Rose County, so in revenge I will break the habit of a lifetime and cheer Wigan.
  6. Enjoyed the game. Hull were much better to watch this week. Connor was good, but towards the end it appeared like he was having to shoulder all the playmaking, which made him easier to target leading to mistakes. Sneyd is what he is, but their pack is also one dimensional with few offloads in them. a couple of the forwards appear past their sell by date now. Cas always looked like they could turn it up and strike when they wanted. Watts was very good, but McShane was my man of the match. He made the plays which made the difference. Two small criticisms. With the speeding up of the game there appears to be more of a propensity to just step over the ball rather than play it again. Also Thaler appeared not to have got the memo about moving the game on with some of his inordinate video ref decisions.
  7. Another enjoyable game. Looked like Cas could run away with it, but with Connor back in the team Hull began to look much more confident and dangerous going forward. Cas were very up and down, but always looked like they could score if they put their mind to it. The missed kicks may punish them. I am sure Sneyd would have kicked them. The battle between Watts and Taylor is great. Watts ahead.
  8. After an interminable week at work, looking forward to some rugby league to get me to the Friday finish line. Hopefully with Connor and Miloudi in the team there should be a bit more exciting play shown by Hull than last week. Particularly pleased to see Miloudi to be honest. Still fancy Cas will be a bit too good for them. Is this Watts first game back? If so, he may put in a big performance (or alternatively completely lose it).
  9. Lost my live action today as Cutsyke blobbed on a trip to downtown Camulodunum. It does mean I don't have to rush back down the A12 to see this though. Possibly the tie of the round for me. Austin versus Lolohea, Hurrell and Merrin means that there are some really exciting debuts. Fancy Warrington, but it could well be tight. Really looking forward to it
  10. Like last night more of an arm wrestle in the second half. Neither side really showed enough to stretch away, but thought the Hull three quarters were making more effort in early tackles giving Sneyd better options to kick to the Rovers line. The Faraimo try was pretty special too, but as it was only a two point lead Hull always risked what happened in the final seconds. Bit mystified by Drinkwater as motd. Had fingerprints of an expert just picking winning side's halfback all over it. Enjoyed munching on a slab of organic brie through the second half. Seemed a rugby league thing to do.
  11. Not as good as last night, but still pretty entertaining. Got the feeling towards the end of the half that Hull had run out of idea. Thought Drinkwater kept playing over McGuire and didn't think Atkin at full back and Linnett in the second row were good positional choices. However, Garbutt and Greenwood gave Rovers much more go forward off the bed with significantly quicker service from Lee at dummy half. Rovers ended the half playing all the rugby.
  12. Home in time for this one after enjoying good old fashioned British sleet on the walk from the office (no perfidious European snow to endure). Hull appear to have picked a side almost entirely lacking in creativity. If the kick to the corner can be defused not sure where there points will come from. Even with Drinkwater getting ready to show how relentlessly average he is after last year's fluke, Rovers should have too much for a side who I cannot imagine are confident. Nice to see Paul Cooke in the Sky studio. Always think he talks with real intelligence and thought about the game.
  13. Second half was a bit more of an arm wrestle, but no less enjoyable for that. Saints halves created more and Fages was very good. Not the first time I felt Williams really has to insert himself into a game more. is it too easy just to rely on O'Loughlin? Percival and Coote were also good for Saints and just felt they had the edge in teamwork. Wigan, however, showed themselves to be as gritty as before doing well to stay in the game. Thought Greenwood had a monster game and he looks like he could do some damage this year. Enjoyed Bullock's debut and Hardaker was as good as one could have expected in the circumstances.
  14. Enjoying this. Nice to see a game which has the potential to finish before bedtime. Surprising (and positive) lack of errors for first game of the season
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