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  1. 16 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    London Skolars have junior sides. Granted, not an Academy as we know them elsewhere but they have a pathway. Whether that could be said of other clubs at that level can say that, regardless of their postcode, I’m not sure. 

    And a reserve side usually 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Cardypaul said:

    A lot depends on what you class as expansion is it lots of new people playing the game or is having a SL club, ideally both but which needs to come first. For me it’s about getting the game going in the community closely followed by a decent level amateur/semi professional club and building from next there.

    And how do you get a number of community clubs to organically appear out of nothing? With respect people like to say this, but it never happens. The one area of success is probably the North East but those clubs don't pre-date Thunder. The two clubs that came out of the amateur game in the South, Skolars and Hurricanes, clearly both have had their own issues of late and, lest we forget, Keighley last year put forward that they should be thrown out of the league with WWR

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    You'll have to ask those people. I don't think anybody believes it is impossible for people to enjoy it, but things cost money, and we aren't' awash with that.

    The reality is always somewhere in the middle, RL isn't a dying, failing sport, nor is it one that is maximising its potential.

    Generally I would agree, but then speedway wasn't a dying, failing sport in the UK until it started being a failing sport (and possibly dying).

    I have written elsewhere that growing up I couldn't imagine amateur rugby league teams in my county let alone one which is by most standards very successful having produced a number of professionals including one just signed to a NRL club and two internationals. Yet I have fears going forward as no matter how strong that club is the junior leagues in which it plays appear to be struggling and the response from the RFL, as it appears to be for most things in the South, seems to be no more than a shrug of the shoulders. 

    42 years after the foundation of Fulham, there is still no strategic plan in place for London and the south. Not many businesses nowadays avoid planning or suggest the plan is inertia. The lack of money point only goes so far when the increase in employees at the RFL has been substantial from the two or three in the Oxley/Howes era when I started watching. The issue is whether there is real desire to assist the outposts or are they too easily forgotten. If half the effort (and of late monies) involved in the infighting we have seen for a number of years had gone into developing the game both in the heartlands and outposts we might not be discussing this

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    RL is a wonderful sport with a lot of great clubs doing a lot of good stuff in their communities. Why isn't that seen as a success?

    I don't know. I'm not the one suggesting that the sport should just support what it's got. To turn it around if it's so wonderful why do some appear to think that it is impossible for people outside its heartlands to want to participate in and enjoy it?

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Toby Chopra said:

    If we're looking for positives, the Broncos team that was put out today has a number of players in it that must be on better than basic part time wages - they've realised that they won't stay up unless they upskill the team. 

    So if most of the players that they took from the Skolars become surplus to requirement, hopefully they'll be loaned or DR back to Skolars this season. 

    There does still seem to be a working relationship between the two clubs. 

    Their failing sham of a club rips the heart of our club and we should be grateful when they throw us a bone.

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  6. Just finished watching a tape of the game and I am trying to recall a more woeful performance in the NRL. The Sharks were pretty poor in a lot of aspects so one wonders how it would have ended it they hadn't had the error rate they had. Not sure how Maguire still has a job because his team clearly aren't interested in playing for him.

  7. 42 years since the founding of Fulham and the RFL still hasn't got round to producing a strategic plan for London. That gives an indication as to where non-heartlands development sits on the ladder of importance. The stakeholders with power in rugby league would rather be bald men fighting over a comb (structural change, breakaway, realignment, structural change, breakaway, realignment ad nauseum) than get to grips with the fact that you can only get so many players of sufficient quality and funding out of a relatively small number of towns. Can Cas or Wigan really produce any more than they are already doing? It is a shame that the energy that goes into infighting or moaning about how many away fans are turning up isn't put into positive development of the sport.

    It is difficult to run a professional club, but it is at least doubly difficult outside the heartlands. Non-heartlands clubs seem to be expected to grow the game in their areas and produce players while their budgets have been slashed and with next to no central assistance. They have to at the same time compete with clubs who do next to no development themselves, but are able to fill out their teams with ex-academy players from super league clubs and bolster their ranks with loan and DR signings from higher leagues.

    When I was involved with a community club years ago, the impression given in any dealings with the RFL was invariably that people there were pleased that we were playing their game, but that it was their game not our game. I am not sure that anything has changed on that front.

    Having said all of that and so not to be totally despondent, I should note it's not all bad. Growing up where I live I could never have imagined the game not only being played in my town, but to have a thriving junior section producing professional players, including two internationals and one signed last week by a NRL club. That club has grown out of a team which back in the mid noughties was perhaps the WWR of its day: taking weekly hammerings and being subject to the same sort of online derision. At least there is the satisfaction of seeing what developed when nearly twenty years ago we too were being called an embarrassment to the sport.



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  8. 5 hours ago, Tommygilf said:

    I really don't see how calling the competition European is that controversial to you?

    He'll be outraged when he finds out that despite their geographical limitations the RFL calls the national team England (and previously Great Britain) and the ARL calls their's Australia. An argument straight out of the Stephen Jones handbook 

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