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  1. Glad to see Warriors actually putting in a worthwhile performance. First 40 sets completed is pretty incredible. The Dragons, however, look like they could play until the next pandemic and still not score
  2. Last ever Hawaii Five-0 tonight. Didn't realise until it was announced at the beginning. I know it's not great art, but I will miss it. It has been a reliable companion for ten years on Sunday nights.
  3. It has become a running joke for me and my Mum that Portillo never gets off any train with any luggage. Having said that I didn't think his programme about empire last night was too bad. He certainly didn''t make any effort to pretend England's involvement in India was benign.
  4. Watched an Australian comedy on Sky last night called Extra Time. It was filmed in Wagga Wagga, but the sport involved was Aussie Rules rather than rugby league. Despite that and a rather obvious ending, it was charming and funny (although some of the ocker accents were pretty hard to follow at times)
  5. While never a super league player, Michael Knowles has improved every team he has played for at Championship level
  6. No that would only be if I had said I had sent the other 9 correct answers in by post
  7. Really enjoyed Stumptown tonight. Strong start with a great central character. Hope it continues in the same fashion.
  8. Someone would catch a really bad cold in that case given that they are playing in a stadium that has just been built for them.
  9. I decided to follow a minor league team this year and chose the Rocket City Trash Pandas. No idea if they will actually get to play.
  10. Got to love self published books. Reading one at the moment set in 1952 where the hero has arrived directly from being a British military policeman in the League of Nations mandate of Palestine, despite the former having been sound up six years previously and Israel having been independent for four years by then. He meets someone on arrival who is said to come from Bangladesh even though that country would not come into existence for another 17 years. Later the hero who is the narrator proves his point by saying his knowledge of the first world war was hazy but everyone knew the story of how the Japanese conquered Singapore. The author also writes that a substantial part of the population in Singapore in 1952 were Japanese (despite in reality all Japanese being banned from the colony from 1945 to 1953). I only need to read now that Singapore was founded by space aliens to realise the author has got all his facts from the History Channel
  11. Interesting to see whether a human rights abusing murderer will pass the Premier League's fit and proper person test
  12. I live less than 700 yards from the house into which I was born in Brentwood in Essex (albeit that until lockdown during the week I stay in a village called Old Newton which is just outside Stowmarket as I work in Ipswich. The A12 is just about tolerable twice a week not twice a day). Been in Brentwood 45 of my 50 years, but had a five year period in my early 20s when I lived in Utrecht, Springfield (not the Simpsons ' home town but a village outside Cupar in the Kingdom of Fife), Regensburg, Roth (a town near Nurnberg) and Bournemouth. After that craziness I have been back in the town described in the 80s by the Telegraph as the dullest in the UK for the last 25 years. Thinking I have to move to Ipswich or thereabouts now before total inertia sets in. I do, however, spend about a month a year in my wife's home town of Phetchabun in Thailand and that's where I would like to end up
  13. Been watching through all the series and episodes on Amazon Prime of two programmes packed full of pop culture references both from around 2010: Psych and Community. Love both and find them endlessly amusing. Psych is a comedy detective series, where the protagonist pretends to be a psychic to hide his observational skills when solving crimes. Community is a sitcom set in a pretty hopeless American college. Both have likeable ensemble casts, where even those with negative character traits are not unpleasant or pitiful. There is no humour of spite in the shows. Both also played with their genres and are happy to get somewhat surreal.
  14. Just finished Joe Country by Mick Herron, the sixth Slough House book. I am not a great fan of the espionage genre, but have always enjoyed this series. This book, however, was a little disappointing. While still amusing, it was pretty insubstantial. It felt like a book written to complete a contract.
  15. Watched Spiderman Far from Home last night on Sky. Didn't much enjoy the previous incarnations, but this one with a somewhat younger than usual Peter Parker was good fun. I prefer the Marvel films when they have a bit of humour to them and aren't too far up their own backside. Thought Jake Gyllenhaal was good in it.
  16. The documentary about Eel Pie Island on BBC4 last night was really good. But then it is my sort of music.
  17. I rather liked Sue Perkins' travelogues. Never seen anything they have done together before that I recall
  18. Big fan although I have only got to the end of series 3 so far
  19. What Memories We Make: the Complete Mainman Recordings 1971-4 by Dana Gillespie. Mainman records was a label established by David Bowie and this is a really interesting compilation of tracks recorded by Dana Gillespie from her "discovery" by Bowie. The early material is Bowie-esque but by the end of the compilation the tracks have morphed into the raunchy blues that Gillespie has generally recorded since. Recommended.
  20. The Probate Registries for deciding to introduce new forms for applying for Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration now with only a four week handover from the previous system (meaning any applications with HMRC for inheritance tax compliance will be out of date by the time they are signed off). It will mean having to some how draft, get out and arrange signature by often elderly clients of completely superfluous documentation.
  21. Same here in East Anglia. My Mother who is in her 80s and has always made her own bread is very upset about it. She suspects many packets will be sitting on panic buyers' shelves going off, as they will never actually get round to making any
  22. Already happening. Went into the B&M in Stowmarket yesterday to buy some litter for my Mother's cats and the two pet food/litter/bedding aisles had been completely stripped.
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