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  1. Watched Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railway Journeys tonight. Not a fan of his at all but I thought he dealt with the death railway section with real dignity. I went along the section of railway shown a couple of years ago and the points he made rang true. I was quite touched by the scene at the cemetery at the end of the line in Burma, which looked just like the ones in Kanchanaburi (where the Bridge over the River Kwai is).. The part of the programme about the Burmese railways was great too. it really does look a fascinating country and there were some very funny sections such as when the train had to go over tracks with no ballast. The film really made me want to visit the country, hopefully once the last vestiges of the disgusting regime there has gone.
  2. The Golden Scales by Parker Bilal. I'm a sucker for detective stories set in exotic locations so when The Times on Saturday gave the fourth Makana instalment a cracking write up I thought I would start at the beginning. It has not disappointed as yet.
  3. We're going to trundle over to that after the Broncos semi. Feel we need to see some decent rugby during the weekend. I'll be getting my Welsh 2000 World Cup shirt out of mothballs!
  4. Enjoyed the game greatly. With a man off for each side, possession would be key and Leigh had it in the last quarter. Worst crowd for a final by a bit of a distance. I liked the ground but was it the right move to take the game to Halifax?
  5. Just back from the finals. Great game and really pleased by the committed performance of the Skolars. Crusaders just had a bit too much for them, but they can hold their heads up high. Crusaders' fans were great sports and really added to the atmosphere.
  6. So they are suggesting that the relegated clubs could go from a 26 game league season to a 12 game league season. Genius
  7. The competition doesn't need a big boost. It has been more successful than anyone could have hoped for this year and all the clubs appear to me to have bought into it. I think given that all teams have been relatively competitive this year there must be hopes that Coventry will be a successful entrant next year. However if four teams (or five if Toulouse get the nod) come down next year, what will happen? Firstly in my view it will be a poisoned chalice going up this year as the chance of survival will be minimal. Second the competition will have a group of clubs in it who frankly don't want to be there. We can look forward to the division of death garbage again. Thirdly the league will be unbalanced again with expansion clubs potentially facing the grind of playing heartlands teams week after week with the ensuing damage that can do after consecutive batterings. It annoys me that CC1 now appears to be an afterthought in the restructure. One of those at the heart of the RFL's plans has been quick to take credit for the success of CC1 this year and now appears not to give a monkeys about it. As to regionalising it, I know that Hemel as an amateur club have always wanted to play in national leagues. How ironic now they have finally reached semi-pro level that they may be forced to play on a regional basis
  8. On the issue of commercial astuteness, how astute is it to send out that the message that it has to be played on the doorstep of one of the participants as it is going to be such a walkover and that is the only way a crowd will be attracted. In the circumstances I think many Wigan fans will stay at home. It's hardly a marketing masterclass.
  9. It should be noted that this is London's fourth away match on four weekends, including a trip to Perpignan too
  10. £62.50 for cheapest room. Don't know how many are left at that rate.
  11. My suspicion is that given the location and time it won't even be that many. Still I look forward to the thread blaming London fans for the poor attendance
  12. According to National Rail Enquiries, it is going to cost over £100 to get from here (South Essex) to Wigan on a day return. No idea what it will cost getting from Wigan to Leigh. Then have to get back to Wigan for last direct train at 8:15. No idea how manageable that is. Fortunately looking at Google it costs about £2.48 petrol to get there from Wigan or a massive £3.28 from Widnes.
  13. CC1 has been in my opinion a great success this year. Hemel, Gloucester and Oxford have been able to compete at a realistic level from the beginning. It appears no consideration has been given to this league by the other professional clubs, who are now going to unbalance it by using it as the dumping ground for the five clubs unable to be part of the new world order.
  14. From what I have been told by friends living in Hemel, their profile isn't particularly high even in the town.
  15. I was watching some speedway on Sky recently and the commentators mentioned how much damage it had done to the sport losing all the clubs in London. Strangely there would be some on here squealing with delight if that happened in RL.
  16. If it wasn't for the fact that this allegation is like many of your other statements untrue and a figment of your imagination. Clearly you aren't man enought to retract the untruths you have posted and apologise for calling people doing a great job at Elvers, Brentwood County High, Bulldogs, Skolars and elsewhere ####.
  17. No one has defended the failure of Essex Eels. The club folded just like many others both in the south and the north have in the past. Like a number of other posters on here, I am just fed up with you coming on here acting as the oracle of all things RL Conference and constantly belittling other people's efforts. It may surprise you that no one sets out to be involved with a failed club. I wonder what exactly is your experience of running a club. As I cannot remember anyone from Coventry ever turning up to a NL3 meeting I attended I assume I haven't come across you personally (obviously I would tap into your huge knowledge if I had). I also cannot recall you being involved in the Eels so I am not sure where your in depth analysis of the supposed goings on at the club comes from. All you are doing is peddling half truths and myths no doubt read off the interent and describing people you don't know in the slightest as #### and a joke. Who do you think you are? These are people who have put time, effort and their own money into trying to give opportunities to play the greatest game in Essex which never existed when I was growing up. Some of these #### who were involved with the Eels have done and are still doing great things for the game of rugby league in the south for little recognition. They have my utmost respect and yet a keyboard warrior like you has the temerity to describe them as ####. I doubt you will contribute to the game in your lifetime what they put in in one season. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  18. You still have to keep going don't you? You have printed absolutely untrue statements and do not have the guts to admit it. You know absolutely nothing about what happened at the Eels and therefore I suggest you just give it a rest now.
  19. If you must keep up your tedious obsession with the Eels may I suggest that you occasionally print something that is vaguely true. There were no owners. It was an amateur club. There is no 5000 capacity ground for any sport in Romford (not even the dog track holds that many). They played at the end at Romford and Gidea Park RU which has a grand total of zero stands. Try posting something that is not a figment of your imagination.
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