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  1. I have seen on rovers twitter that James H has today had an operation. I am sure we all wish him well for the future, after an untimely end to his stint with us,He has been a class act.
  2. Why should these sooper dooper clubs have half their fines suspended but not us. Smacks of discrimination.
  3. It is deathly silent IF we do get to the final , which we should do as things stand, by the RFL is where do we play this final. It has always been at the home of the leading team at the end of the regular season. BUT we are so far not allowed to travel to France by the RFL edict, ????? Over to you RFL
  4. Superb first half, job done. Went to sl;eep for the first 20 mins of the second half, but as Robin says it felt like a training run. Onwards to Oldham
  5. Team picked Great idea to rest Chizzy and Hardcastle---- Gale & Holmes back in the fold.
  6. Odsal.. send the bulldozers in. The RL would get a heck of a lot more selling it to a property developers
  7. |To me , the answer is to have a completely independent directorship , where the decision are made fore the good of the game and not the so called BIG clubs. Combine SL and the RFL, and lets put the job of directors out to tender, do away with Rimmer, who is a waste of space, use the facilities we already have in Manchester, keep the expertise at the lower lever than Rimmer. Big city teams will never work , can you imagine the crowd watching London & Newcastle ie 500/700 speccies on TV , what a bl----y farce.It cannot work, Some of our smaller clubs have been inexistence for well over 100 years who wants to kill off this. I could go on but it is time to have lunch and go and watch a proper rugby match
  8. Thanks for that about Holmes commentating, thats why he was not the ball boys on the community stand touch line.
  9. Regarding Tom Holmes it seems that the silence is defining . He has not been picked since his poor performance against TO, but he walked across the field to the dugouts with Gale when we played Batley. It seems that the halves are cast in stone ie Brown & Chizzy and I just wonder if his nose has been pushed out of joint. If must be difficult for Webster to put 3 into 2 on a regular basis, and with Walker playing well and no chance of moving Chizzy to full back where does that leave Holmes ?????
  10. What are the rules on loan players , as both Ferguson & Beckett are at Dewsbury and surely they cannot play against their parent club??
  11. Like you Phil I thought Welham fronted up very well.and I also thought that Cooper ran the ball in well , as lately he seemed a bit off the pace.
  12. Not the best first half this season, but we certainly turned the screw in the second half. Looks like we may have seen the last of Harrison as the knee injury looked really bad. Our forwards are certainly taking a battering this season. With Day , Bussey Moors and now Harrison. We need to recall Fergie and get Koppy fir for the run in.
  13. My thoughts are that Webster should rest Chisholm and play Holmes. He surely cannot play as badly as he did against TO
  14. If you are unhappy gingerjon and you would prefer The Millenium Stadium why not tread new ground and have the final at the Millenium Stadium, Featherstone.
  15. Not the best of games, we were only marginally better than TO match, but with the opposition not being as strong the result went our way. Chizzy is still way off fit and what was wrong with giving Holmes a chance to make up for his display last week. Why drop Gale for Blackmore ? Welham had a poor game.Some thought needs to go into our backs. I know Webster is the coach and we won but some of his team selection seems a little odd.
  16. W may have to play either Chizzy or Ben if Nu is not fit after that head bang last week. I agree with your forwards to drop out. Luke doesnt seem to bring the wow factor .
  17. Agreed.... Clubs fined for being naughty boys have been fined with a proportion upwards of a half suspended.
  18. Its got to be hard trying to negotiate contracts, with some of our lads having good jobs outside rugby, happy to play part time in the championship but not go full time in the Super League.
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