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  1. If not already got a ticket in draw please consider buying one. If we can reach our £1,000 target it will mean this years Pink Weekend will have raised £19,500 and our running total hits a staggering £150,000 which is why we have added this extra fundraiser. We expect to announce another signing shortly so all this will be a superb end to our season on and off the field. Only this week i heard of two ladies associated with the Club diagnosed with breast cancer. It does not go away in a pandemic!! The fact that in two seasons where we have been affected by a pandemic we hopefully will still have managed to raise £31,500 again is a remarkable achievement so thank you to anyone who has helped in any way.
  2. Perry can play centre or wing the same as Dale. Next year we expect to play more games and so will inevitably get injuries so players that can play in more than one position are vital. This is the first of our proposed new signings with 3 or possibly 4 more to come before we review the position and we still don’t know the monies we will receive but undoubtedly it will be significantly less than this year and even more significantly less than we would have got finishing 4th in previous years so there will be a shortfall and this is a calculated risk as we still don’t know if there will be a reduced Championship & SL of 10 next year. We like other Clubs are desperate to get in that 10 if it happens hence our strategy which is far more risky than previous years under our stewardship. We therefore need more support than ever.
  3. We have announced the players at our Club who have resigned for next year which is a formidable 19. We will not announce any new players whilstever we are still playing. No suprise that we are presently concentrating on our big game tomorrow and all the players who have done us proud this season. Whatever other Clubs do I personally don’t care. We do it OUR way and we will respect other Clubs and players whether we are respected or not. Now let’s concentrate on Toulouse !!
  4. Just to confirm Levi was available last week and was likely to play for us but on Sunday he rang in ill hence did not play. The team was shuffled about a bit by Craig and George Senior ended up in the centre and did a magnificent job. We have a superb squad this year hence we are looking to sign them now before others do but as we do not know what monies we will have next year this is a risky job we are doing although calculated. At a later date when things become clearer we will expand on this but for now let’s just enjoy the moment and get a decent crowd this week as we push for the playoffs.
  5. The slope is said to mean it is 9 feet lower at the bottom of the ground than the top.
  6. It is simple. We agreed a release clause with Jack as his aim is a FT contract. We did not want him to leave us but what can we do? It is to help Jack not necessarily to help Hull although we have no bad feelings towards Hull. We stick to our agreement and Jack knows we have helped him and is happy to come back if Hull don’t keep him so it is as good as everybody is going to get. There is no financial reason whatsoever why we are loaning him as we would like to keep him ideally to help in our top 6 push. It is not even a financial thing for Jack who has a job outside rugby but he just would like to be a full time RL player if he can. Good luck to him and now good luck to us v Halifax!!
  7. Kaye had to isolate on track & trace so will be available this week. Morton unavailable for personal reason we knew about before season and might be back this week but definitely week after. Logan was ok with his shoulder but has a back issue so not sure if back this week. Broughton & Buchannan had minor strains so may be back this week but if not hopefully soon. Tonks needs rest for a back issue and Brown has broken bone in hand which will be reviewed in 2 weeks. So not certain who will be back this week apart from Kaye.
  8. York have a ticketing site where you will beable to get tickets. Their stadium is superb. Well worth a visit.
  9. Just to clarify we would clearly have preferred to sell tickets earlier but we only found out yesterday that Kirklees would allow crowds. We did not wish to sell tickets then have to give refunds because crowds were not allowed. Also it is not as straightforward as saying the capacity is X just sell that many tickets. We have had our basic plan for a while but have constantly had to change it. The capacity is not simply a fixed number as it depends on the number in each group who book tickets as you need to leave 2 seats free between groups. The seating is the main problem not standing as much. I think the Rams capacity is based on best estimate by everyone. Ours is likely to be a bit higher but it depends if everyone books single seats then it would not. We are all stressed out with all the problems but i think things will go well now although who knows!! The Indian variant in Kirklees has been a major issue this week and so probably the problems would have been a bit less had we played 1 or 2 weeks earlier. Anyway we are back!! Just come with friends and enjoy. Weather forcast at moment is good so stay for a drink afterwards as well to celebrate our return after 465 days since last home match.
  10. If the game had been behind closed doors with no crowds we would have put it on OuRLeague but as people can attend we decided not to put it on. People can come to the game if they want to watch it. There is a £1,250 cost to stream so it is not financially viable to do so if people can attend. I appreciate people who cannot get to the game will miss out but the cost is an issue. Then when OuRLeague is free streaming for some games people will be reluctant to pay anyway.
  11. Until we actually meet Kirklees face to face at our stadium it is difficult to say. Public Health have a meeting today to discuss their approach to us so we will just have to wait and see.
  12. I am aware Dewsbury have had initial discussions with Kirklees and the result is not promising. We are hoping to have a meeting with Kirklees on Thursday if possible but we are dreading it. We only have one home game v Swinton before 21/6 so that is some relief only applying to this game but it is more challenging for the Rams. I am in constant contact with Mark in the hope we can help each other. My biggest worry is that significant restrictions continue in place after 21/6 which would be a total disaster. i understood we would be allowed 50% of capacity which is the headline but reality it seems is totally different as social distancing rules seem to make that totally unachievable. Hopefully I am being too pessimistic but I don’t think so on what I hear so far.
  13. Bowman a negative test after symptoms last week. Saw consultant about his knee problem on Monday and given an injection. Hopefully will now be back shortly without having an operation. So good news.
  14. He is fit to play but has been told to self isolate so is unavailable.
  15. If away fans were not allowed at those away games and somehow that was enforced we could video those games and put them out later in week but not live. However let’s wait and see as things change all the time and it may not be an issue.
  16. In the period between 17/5 and 21/6 we have one home game v Swinton and 3 away games v Dewsbury, Whitehaven & York. York is on 20/6 so a chance it may not be affected i suppose if things go well. We have one free weekend.
  17. If it was 25% capacity for our stadium we would be fine for most games. If it was 50% we would be fine for every game . People will have to spread out around the stadium so might not always be able to view from where you want. i understood from 21/6 restrictions are to be lifted all being well although who knows? The grey area is 17/5 to 21/6 where there has been a suggestion that away fans may not be allowed but not sure how that will be policed or indeed how we can sort it in first place. We are no wiser than anyone else at the moment. What we are wise about is that winning pay costs money and no crowds means no income to pay it!!!!
  18. Just to confirm that the idea of streaming all games was so that fans could watch when we are playing behind closed doors. It costs us to stream a game with commentator but i think the production is excellent. The home team covers the costs and gets 90% of revenue with 10% to away team. When crowds can attend not all games will be streamed. However before Covid we had started to stream a selected game on OuRLeague each week and the plan was to continue that each Sunday evening to make that slot our own. I believe that will continue but BatleyBulldogs will not stream every game when crowds are allowed back.
  19. Just to update- Bowman is out of squad and Brown is in.
  20. Dale Morton did not take on kicking duties as a precaution as he had suffered a tweek to his quad and wanting to make sure he didn’t have any reaction which he didn’t so that is good news.
  21. A couple of people have had a problem buying Season Tickets and i can see why. Firstly on Delivery you need to click on box to choose eticket or post. A new season ticket application will need to choose post for us to send the actual card. A 2020 holder can pick eticket as you will use your 2020 card which we will reactivate. The second issue is once you have arrived at your cart and are ready to pay there is a box at the top of the cart with a picture of a ticket which you have to click to pick the name of the person who the ticket is for. Then if you have more than one ticket you click on + and complete details. i think that is it although i am certainly not the best person at the Club to ask!!
  22. Just to confirm that the War Chest will be running again this year as 2021 is a year more than ever where we will need any income we can get. it remains a sponsorship of £5 per win or £100 for the season and after each win there will be a members draw with £100 prize as before. Any member who paid the full £100 in 2020 can rejoin for 2021 and pay as much as they wish to pay or pay £5 per win this year instead. Anybody with any queries or who wants to join as a new member just ring me on 07831230999. Previous members with an email address will get an email next week. Thanks for your support.
  23. No problem someone pointing this out or indeed anything else. The new players and the fixtures are now the site under the section “ Team” which i think was the issue. John Miller along with Dan Winner & Joe Miller do a great job on social media at no cost whatsoever. OuRLeague members, Facebook and Twitter are superb when measured against other Clubs. Instagram & traffic to our website can no doubt be better and we are aiming to try to improve all the time but it is not easy and at moment it is even more difficult for everybody. With all our Covid regulations, twice weekly testing etc it’s hard just to get a player photo as we seek to ensure there is no spread of the disease should a player or official get it. So it’s not “ a joke” the update wasn’t done and it’s not as simple as saying we’ve had a year to do it which was my only point. If you see anything which needs looking at just let us know and we’ll do what we can with the time resources we have. Anyway, just waiting for crowds back now and getting back to something like normal as I’m sure is everyone.
  24. I have seen criticism of website and it is correct that the players & fixtures need updating under “ Team” which we will sort before first home game. The 2021 players and their sponsors are all listed under “News” as are the 2021 fixtures so they are there to be seen. The suggestion that we have had a year to sort it is a bit harsh to say the least. It is not that we have been doing nothing for a year as in fact we have sorted more things out to TRY to improve the Club than ever before. During lockdowns, furlough, no income from games and indeed everything that everyone has had to endure. People at the Club for no wages have totally grafted this year to keep the Club going and get us in a great place going forward and i think we are in as good a position as anytime in the Clubs history. We also look to have a decent team by the way as Craig and his staff seem to have got a great team spirit going and indeed our backroom staff have been absolutely magnificent in these difficult times. We will continue to have faults but let’s just stay positive and have half full not half empty glasses. I just can’t wait for people back at our first class stadium watching games.
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