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  1. I've been a Saints fan since the 1960s and have seen the good, bad and ugly during that time. The present team is clearly decent and has benefitted from a good coach. However, I have have said all season that we are a few players short of the finished article. I think some of the squad and I include our recent signings are average at best. (Coote being the exception). We also lack an organiser/ general on the park - someone with ideas who can see a Plan B or C if Plan A isn't working. Added to that our kicking game is not good. In the present system, it doesn't matter if you finish top of the League every year, it's not recognised as a major trophy. Simple as that and we've only won one in 11 years now. A similar comparison in my mind is Rory McIlroy winning the Fed Ex cup in golf. Great achievement but it's not a major and people only remember major winners. So I think we are still a Vauxhall Astra and will only get to be a Ferrari if the Board (in addition to our excellent local talent) start to recruit some decent overseas stars - like Wigan and Warrington are doing.
  2. Seems to have been quite a drop in Wigan attendances over last couple of years despite the success on the field. At Saints last week, thought Wigan would have brought a lot more but there end was less full than I expected.
  3. Wonder how much more publicity they would get if they were real contenders? There seems to be some real potential. Just need to stay up this year and build on it.
  4. Any thoughts or views on the attendances for the opening round of games? 16,500 was reasonable at Saints but not spectacular although it was a freezing cold Thursday night. Also be interesting to see how the viewing figures stack up.
  5. Last I heard from a bloke who knows the Saints CEO was that they had only 400 tickets to sell and that was last week.
  6. Nice video. Hope the Bears have a good season!
  7. Think it's a great idea. Gives some of the towns who had success in years gone by another day in the sun. It's got a chance of success because it's at Wembley. Can't believe all the negative comments on here - no matter what the RFL come up with. Yea they make some poor choices but sometimes they do come up with good ideas!
  8. I met Ralph Rimmer some years ago when we were trying to restart rugby league in Liverpool. Was unimpressed then as I am today and was utterly despondent when he got the job. Agree with most comments on here - whole situation is going from bad to worse with the possible exception of Elstone who may be a breath of fresh air. The big question for me is how do we supporters get our voices heard and bring about change? Can we get together, can we write to someone who can hold Rimmer to account? What are our options to get something done - rather than just complaining on here?
  9. It's never been massively competitive across all teams but in those early years there was strong competition from Leeds, Saints, Bradford and Wigan. Over the last 10 years it's been mainly Leeds and Wigan. As I said in my initial comment, I would love to see a team like Hull or Castleford win the competition.
  10. It's not the quality of rugby although there are issues there. It's the inability of other teams to break through, get to the final and actually win the competition.
  11. As a diehard RL fan, I can't believe I'm saying this but I think the Superleague is getting really boring. It's the same couple of teams who win the competition every year - one year Wigan, next year Leeds, then Wigan, then Leeds and so on. So much for the salary cap evening things up - it's just not happening. And it's not sour grapes from a Saints fan as I would love to see other teams make the final as well as us. Something has got to change - it's just becoming very dull.
  12. Think he's doing a great job - simple as that. The international board could do worse than getting him involved in an advisory capacity.
  13. My understanding of the viewing figures is less clear cut than originally suggested. Ive heard that they are up compared to 2017 and 2015 but down compared to 2016. Related to this though, why are RL fans always always looking for something negative to say?
  14. I'm no royalist but the presence and involvement of Prince Harry would attract media interest. The question for me is whether the RFL is doing anything to build a relationship with him and whether he is interested.
  15. Serious question. Does anyone know if there has been any more contact with or involvement of Harry following his visit to the England training camp before the last World Cup? I know he's a big RU fan and has had a lot going on in his life recently but I'm sure he could play a big role in raising the profile of the sport.
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