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  1. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/57995/betfred-women’s-super-league-south-to-break-new-ground-in-2021
  2. I know there's lots of doubters but I know the guys in charge of the project and I'm 100% certain it will be built, even after all the obstacles that keep being thrown in the way. Many thanks for doing yhe questionnaire too, where abouts are you then?
  3. Hi everyone, me again the Oldhamer in Cornwall As some of you know we are making great strides to develop the game here in Cornwall and hopefully one day we will see the Cornish Rebels play in the Stadium for Cornwall in League One. With this in mind we are seeking the thoughts of Rugby League fans across the country especially those with experience of League One. And who better than my fellow Oldhamers, a town with such a rich history of Rugby League. Hopefully the days of League One are behind the club now though! If you could spare a few minutes please let us know your thoughts, weather it be positive, negative or middling, all response are useful to our research. If any TotalRL posters could share the survey link below with other individuals who might like to complete it (3-4 minutes) that would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you and stay safe Oldhamers! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScL8JpbSp1uGX2hQRhDdTdseXgC5Y9xREl7opq9ihiSyaFA2A/viewform
  4. http://www.cornishrebels.co.uk/colin-groves-announced-as-cornish-rebels-director/
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