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  1. Nobody was cutting their nose off to spite there face, it's a matter of attitude, one party shouted loud the others didn't because it wasn't in the best interests of the sport. St Helens have provided lots of coach education to our development team and through CPDs to the teachers of the primary and secondary schools in Cornwall. They provide lost of support and we run a number of festival days through the year with the support of the saints Community team. The last 3 years over 150 secondary students have attended each of our festivals and all gone home with Saints goodies after a great morning of skills training and afternoon of games. The RFL also support our work through Primary Rugby League and England Talent Pathway, and are regularly in attendance at our festivals and development days. We are hoping to divert the secondary kids to the Rebels where we will split into East and West of the County with a 3 game origin series planned for U16s hopefully this summer. I totally agree that a 3 month season won't ever help build the sport but the club's outside of the heartlands need to be focusing on developing their own players rather than using union players. So if we have to have a 3 month season for the next 3-6 years while our youngsters come through so be it, but it's better to build with a plan than expand and there being nothing underneath an open age team, which is unfortunately often the case.
  2. True but some of these clubs haven't played more than a handful of games for the last two seasons, so a moree formal structured competition is a step in the right direction. The region is only served by A roads and with the huge number of visitors in the summer travel has always and will continue to be an issue. Cornish Rebels to Dorset is 175 miles each way and with holiday traffic can easy take 4hrs. There is a huge obsession on this forum of an 8 month season for the southern and regional leagues to be deemed successful, but surely a competitive league increasing participation slowly growing club numbers, whilst clubs like the Cornish Rebels continue to work with St Helens community team and the RFL to deliver rugby league activity to over 250 schools is more of a success than 5-8 open age sides with very little in the way of development, dragging out a season from April to September playing eachother 4 times in the name of expansion!
  3. From the South West Rugby League Facebook page ? 2019 UPDATE ? There will be six clubs competing in 2019. Saltash Essayons RL, Dorset County Giants Rugby League, Cornish Rebels RLFC Tarka Storm RL and Teignbridge Trojans RLFC will welcome Devon Sharks RLFC back into the fold after a two year absence. The League competition will comprise of home or away fixtures between the clubs as well as a Magic Weekend and a Grand Finals Day at which all clubs will be involved after the final league table is confirmed. Perhaps the biggest news for many will be the return of the coveted County of Origin clash between Cornwall Rugby League and Devon for the first time since 2015. The one-off game will feature teams comprised from the active clubs and players from within both Counties and they will once again compete for the Martin Roddy MBE trophy. It is expected that fixtures will be confirmed and released by the end of February and the season is anticipated to run from June to the beginning of August.
  4. Interesting because the Cornish Pirates are a Championship Rugby Union team, the Cornish Rebels however expressed interest and took it no further due to their on going RLWC2021 application and expansion of their schools and junior rugby league projects. Along with their continued support of the very fragile South West League it was felt the timing wasn't right for the club. I do believe though that the club is laying the foundations for them to take a step up in the near future, by creating their own pathway and developing their own players so they don't continue to have to rely on Union players in their off season.
  5. Drop an email to Robb@cornishrebels.co.uk there may still be some from the Redruth game available but as for the other two games im not sure there was any programmes printed
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