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  1. How on earth did we manage to get through a full season and complete all the fixtures before 'summer' rugby started....
  2. Maybe the hard-to-believe waterlogged pitch news was only released to Rovers TV subscribers
  3. Don't know - I don't do it either. Thought news would have been on website.....
  4. Well of course in terms of all match coverage, previews, interviews, reaction and special features etc but I can't agree that news of any sort should only be available to TV subscribers.
  5. Thanks for this. My post was also a bit tongue in cheek. Not sure why injury news is suddenly only on Fev TV. Sods law i've been a subscriber for the last 2 years but it ended yesterday !!!
  6. Is there any chance the injury news can be shared or is it exclusively for subscribers ?
  7. Are the player of the season awards ok ?
  8. 1. Chisholm - by a mile Struggling with the next two as there was some good bad and ugly from all of them... 2. Blackmore - took some work off the pack and got us moving forward particularly in the first half. Looks as good as the 2015 version 3. Ferres - Some strong runs, big hits and good ball skills. Didn't look like he was just here for the money - could be good for us.
  9. mmmm I'm not sure about this idealistic viewpoint. There's a couple of games in particular last year when I would have very reluctantly given Will Dagger a vote with the other 16. Anyway what next ? - ban all talk on the terraces as to who is having a good game ?
  10. On the plus side he can't get injured in those 3 games. In your face RFL.
  11. This has become a DR debate again ! I've not had a problem with DR in the past as such.... ......Briscoe / Newman / Handley / Sutcliffe in the three-quarters that worked fine. Smith / Albert / Singleton impact type players off the bench yep no problem. But a stand-off who could be recalled at any time ? We'll all be constantly looking at Leeds injury news. Lets not forget McLelland was only in the team after a series of failed experiments (for one reason or another). Yes it worked in the end but not a great basis to start this season imo. It'll all end in tears..........
  12. In the absence of any news of McLelland being made available to us all season I just don't think its a sound basis to start the season. (Briscoe is not a comparable situation. As good as he is - its a luxury having him on the wing). We need a regular half back pairing and don't wan't to find ourselves in a position where McLelland is recalled. I say give Jouffret a chance from the start. If he's not good enough then we should have signed someone else. If we are serious about our chances we should at the very least have a couple of decent half backs on the books !
  13. In that case wouldn't the same go for Susino, Parata, Ferres etc ?? I just think its odd that the above selection includes 2 DR players ahead of him (and therefore he wouldn't be pleased) Anyway are you saying that DR players should walk into the team and our contracted players have to prove themselves. Thats mixed up imo.
  14. Irrespective of his credentials he has been given the no.6 shirt so purely based on that - it would be odd to not make the 17 even under normal circumstances. However given the lack of hookers and that he has supposedly covered this position in the past - if he doesn't make the team now - he never will.
  15. I'm totally with you on that. It matters because he is a genuine match winner at our level and we realistically don't have many of those in our squad. Could he have scored in that 2nd half against Toronto and won it for us ? - we'll never know. But to make it worse the same thing happened at the end of the previous season when he didn't play against London - and that was another close defeat. I know we shouldn't rely on DR players being available as such but in recent seasons I think its fair to say we have assembled squads assuming a certain proportion of additional DR players being available. On that basis if the best DR player who has played the majority of the season for us is not released (when available) for our biggest game in decades - then its never going to work for us. Should the coach stick with a winning team ? For me not necessarily - theres no time for sentimentality with so much at stake and as a winger he's not going to change the way the team plays. As for the holiday thing - well he would have to have been in 2 places at once - he was on the pitch after the York game !!
  16. Apparently he can't get down on the floor to play with his kids on his bad days. Maybe playing Day with a torn ACL would have been a better option.....
  17. A bit harsh. I'm a bit mixed about this rumour. In recent seasons a priority seems to have been to sign an experienced SL forward who can beef up the pack a bit. Wheeldon, Moore, Griffin, Hock, Delaney, Carvell etc etc but I don't know if any of them (apart from maybe a month from Hock) have been a real success. Yes our squad would look stronger with Ferres in it but if last year (particularly the run-in) proved anything we can do quite nicely without any star names in the pack. No disrespect to Ferres but I suspect that Brad Day is worth ten of any potential ageing SL forward ready for a drop down into the Championship. Lets just hope that, if the rumour is true, its not due to Day being out for the season.
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