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  1. Would love to see all the local clubs come to some sort of agreement re signing each others players(I know this is impossible)but Im sick of locals working one club against the other,its hard to stomach the different badge kissing every season ,depending who is paying most money!
  2. Any truth in the rumours going round today, Rooney given backword /not getting job ? Thormon new coach ......lets hope so
  3. This needs made public ,the FACTS have been ignored all along,the numpties voted in have been from day one hell bent on getting one over on the previous council, well done Jenky n co
  4. Brilliant crack wid the community clubs(seaton,) but what chance of seeing these supporters week in week out,we need to develop a pathway for the best yougsters from these clubs into the professional game instead of losing them to the likes of Newcastle who financially can offer so much more,I do not know what the answer is but any effort to build bridges with local clubs is more than welcome and long long over due!
  5. Well done boys pride n effort thats all u can ask for
  6. Biggest concern to me is the silence,the board/directors are so visible when things are going right, but when things are goin #### up seems as tho Thormon is left to take the flak, come on stand up and be counted ,you still expect us the supporters to stand up!
  7. "White elephant / vanity stadium "all part of their campaign,believe me they didn't have a clue,but they managed to convince people I know in Stainburn.,not to mention the smear campaign questioning honesty,integrity You couldn't make it up
  8. Unfortunetly the stadium looks dead in the water,the new councillors who were so against the development are at the moment very very quiet,these people were very vocal in there opposition, but now they are in charge what are they gonna do? My guess would be nothing.I cant believe this area is so negative!
  9. bigapple


    Missed the boat I'm afraid, the talented youngsters going out of the county to clubs like Newcastle was highlighted a couple of years back ,remember a question at a fans forum about youth development and players getting into schools etc was brushed aside by Leon, and as they say "we are where we are!"
  10. UTT brilliant performance all 14 outstanding special mention Penky wot a game!
  11. Had this argument many times about Workington as a whole,must be one of the most negative areas there is ,people will sit and slag everything off whether it be town,reds,new pub,new restaurant even somebody trying to put on an event or festival,people love it when these things fail,then in the next breath twine that other places have got this n that (blues festival being good example)Well unfortunetly this time these people have got exactly wot they deserve f##k all,and guess wot ,they will be the first ones to moan!
  12. Welcome to Town marra ,great choice, now lets everybody get behind the team and lets push on UTT
  13. Firstly well done to Haven wanted it far more than us ,everything has ready been said re lack of numbers,bad luck etc and I'm sure we will bounce back ,secondly an occasion celebrating one of our most dedicated players testimonial ( shirt auction in derwent lounge)could have been supported more by coaching staff/certain players/directors(TEAM SPIRIT!) Well done Carl Forber UTT!
  14. Penky mom for me workrate unbeleivable
  15. Tom Curwen superb when came on, hard and straight ,poor team performance on whole, need to play the ball faster ,penky put hell of a shift in today but we need to look after him spell him off! Best hooker int league by country mile!
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