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  1. great history. here is to the next 136 years
  2. I did not go to Whitehaven, but the reports i've read said that Whitehaven scored the winning try whilst Hunslet were down to 12 men having pick up yet another yellow card. Not sure if i right but my recollection is that of all the games we've played so far, we have only completed one game where we have had 13 men on the pitch for the whole game.
  3. Hunslet really played well. Definitely deserved the win. Crusaders are a big outfit, with strong runners but our tackling was good. Hunslet let did not allow any real line break. Crusaders best man was their stand off but he had no support and his kicking form hand never really troubled us. Josh Tonks played well and scored, Gareth Potts continued his habit of strong finishing and jack Lee got one of his typical dummy half scramble trys. Reece Dean continues to kick well. Just a couple of moment deep in the second half when we should have just taken 5 tackles then hoofed the ball down field to let Crusaders restart from their 20 metre line. This lead to crusades get 4 sets to get over the Hunslet line but our defense on the line was good except for a fortunate kick through by a big forward to get their second half try.
  4. I have looked on the Hunslet home page and BBC and both give the kick off as 3.00 pm on Sunday 17th March 2019 The Crusaders web page is unfortunately pretty poor. However on Crusaders Twitter page it gives the kick off time as 2.30 Does any one know the real kick off time?
  5. I did not go to the match, but i have seen the very short highlights posted by Doncaster RLFC. Just from this i thought our tries were much more enterprising than Doncasters. Doncaster Try 1. really good 40 20 followed by strong straight running Try 2. kick through, luck bounce. ended up with their man touching down after broken play Try 3. two yards out just bullied their way over the line Hunslet Try 1, Great off load in the tackle put Hunslet in Try 2 [best of the game] great off load, followed by mazy running, then brilliant long looping cut out pass to put the winger in at the corner.. Try 3. really good movement ending in a line break, last ditch tackled by their full back ripped the ball, but in broken play hunslet collected the loose ball to score. great long distance penalty to get the win on this form we look like we might have a winning season.
  6. It would be nice to know what happened to Muffer and why he apparently has not been signed on for this season. For me over the years he has been with Hunslet, he was our most consistent player. Strong in the tackle. Always giving everything he had to the team.
  7. A good friend of mine has a nephew who plays for Newcastle thunder. The owner of Newcastle thunder also owns Newcastle RUFC. Looks like he is putting a great deal of money into players wages with the aim of getting 1st into the championship and then maybe super league. On the day, I thought Thunders No.7 looked to good for our league so I looked him up. see below. Rémy Marginet is a French rugby league footballer who plays for the Newcastle Thunder in the League One. He is a French international. His position is Scrum-half. He has previously played for the Catalans Dragons, Featherstone Rovers and Palau Broncos and his home town club AS Saint Estève. Marginet was briefly signed by Hemel Stags, but the moved did not happen and he never played for the Stags. He instead moved to the Sheffield Eagles, where he made nine appearances and scored three tries. After his spell in England, Marginet returned to his home country and former club the Palau Broncos. He played for France in the 2014 European Cup. He finished as the tournament's top points scorer, scoring 5 tries and kicking 14 goals. He played for France again in 2015, representing them in a test match against England and in the 2015 European Cup tournament. He also traveled to Australia as part of the French squad for the 2017 World cup as a replacement for Guillaume Bonnet, he scored a two point goal kick in a 52-6 loss to the hosts. His made his debut for Newcastle Thunder on the 27th May 2018 when playing against Workington Town RL in a game that they lost 38-18 but Remy scored two tries himself.
  8. It was disappointing. It got off to a bad start when the ref allowed a 2 man ball steal to put Newcastle on their way. Newcastles No.7 was outstanding and a class above any player I've seen this season @ South Leeds. The absence of Jimmy Watson & Muffa tacking ability was all to apparent. Newcastle's line speed and defense was extremely good. the one guy I though gave everything was Tonks. No chance of making the play offs now. The bigger problem is what do we the supporters want? we have seen Keighley, Barrow & Whitehaven in dire financial trouble by paying more than they can afford on players. The so called super league "new deal" will mean even less money for lower leagues like ours. I for one am happy that we are a supporters owned club and grateful for those on our board who try to keep the "wheels on the bus". Also I am happy with Garry Thornton. He has recruited some good players. Have we such short memories that we forget all the good games. We beat Oldham home and away. beat whitehaven & workington @ home and Keighley & Doncaster away. lost to York by 2 points and gave Bradford a game. Many of these teams use duel registration but Hunslet do not. Sometimes i think we as fans and members need get our expectations in line with the fact that we are a small RL supporters club. we are short on resources and i for one do not want to spend money we do not have and put our club at risk of folding.
  9. I said we could lose the Whitehaven game and still make the play off, however the defeat at 46 - 10 did not look good. I am also concerned that Newcastle beat Workington by 50 - 22. The game on Sunday looks to be absolutely crucial and on this form, Newcastle look to be starting as favourites.
  10. Really entertaining Game. We made our usual slow start against opposition we would expect to beat. Also gave away our usual score just before half time. With those exceptions i thought we played very well. Although the Whitehaven Game looks at 1st sight to be crucial to our play off hopes, in fact the game against Newcastle will probably decide whether we make 5th place in the league. I can't see Oldham or Whitehaven beating York on their own pitch especially as York need three straight win to gain automatic promotion. Also I cant see Oldham beating Bradford as Bradford need to keep the pressure up on York until the very last game. Thus if we do manage 5th pace, it back to Bradford and hopefully an extra pay day for our club win or lose.
  11. First 20 minutes were disappointing, although it can be hard to lift your game against a side you are expected to beat easily. Once Hemel had scored the first 2 points of the game, then Hunslet "got into gear" and scored some really good tries. I thought Gavin Duffy deserved to be man of the match, his finishing was absolutely "top draw". WE have definitely found 2 quality wingers at League 1 level. Hope his twisted ankle injury does not keep him out of the York game To be in the top 5 at the end of the season, i think we need to get something out of either the York of Whitehaven games. Given that theses games are both away, that is going to be pretty difficult
  12. If ownership of the ground is part of the deal with the new owners, I truly hope you don't suffer the same fate that Hunslet did when our ground was sold off for development all those many years ago. It led to a nomadic existence for many years before finding a home back in South Leeds. Fortunately Hunslet managed to survive that incident. On the other hand Bramley RLFC were not so fortunate
  13. with the exception of the top two, the next 7 teams are very much at the same level. Looking back at the game, we did not play even 25% as well as we did against Bradford. In fact for the Bradford game, if we had Flanagan in our team on the day instead of Bradford it would have been very close game. On the day he scored 2 tries for them and would have scored one for us. I can't help thinking that the heat and the fatigue of the Bradford game was on display on Sunday. I too can not remember Hunslet making so many basics errors in 40 minutes [the second half]. Hawkwindbag i think you have perfectly detailed basic errors Yes we have lost 3 straight games, but up until then we were on a real roll. Beating Oldham home & away, beating Whitehaven & Workington at home, also Doncaster away were all really good results. For my part, I am a very happy that we have Gary Thornton as our coach. all teams have a bad day at the office on occasion Looking at the other teams fixtures, I still think there is real chance of finishing in the play off places. Mind the way rugby league is financed in the divisions below super league, I'm not sure I want Hunslet to be promoted.
  14. Hunslet wins in Green, lost in red. Turning out to be a pretty good season.
  15. Any reason why our South Leeds Rugby Pitch can't be watered? I have traveled past the M62 reservoirs and past Lady Bower Reservoirs recently and they looked pretty full to me.
  16. 64 - 7 very comfortable win for Hunslet. In such a one sided game, all of the team looked good but George Flanagan was again the pick of our players on the day. his performances for Hunslet have been excellent all season except for the odd time when he has lost the plot. Then again if he was as good as he is and really level headed, he would be playing in a division above us!! Providing they are no slip ups next week against Hemel, the fact that North Wales managed to lose to Coventry means that the game against London Scholars will decide whether the League 1 shield final is at their ground or ours. yesterday I watched Melbourne storm against Camberra Raiders on channel 95 and noticed they had two referees on the field. Any idea which referee makes the key decisions?
  17. Real disappointment yesterday. Really thought that on balance of play we should have won the game, just really poor finishing let Hunslet down. Three times we should have scored in the left corner, but each time we failed to ground the ball properly. Also thought our left side defence was too fragile. two of their tries came through this area. I still think we don't do enough to gain field position. Still taking tap penalties when we could gain another twenty yards with a kick for touch. Also not taking the points on offer. Funny enough with a tight game you don't see Castleford [best rugby league team by far at the moment] turn down an easy 2 pts with a penalty. They know how to play the game. Why don't we look at their game plan and see what we can learn from it? Later in first half, At 6 pts to 4 pts in the lead. Penalty in front of the posts take the two points and get the ball back. No we run the ball from a tap penalty loose the ball. North Wales then came back to score and take a 10 pts to 6 pts lead into the half time break. The offside penalty late on was the final straw. If we had kicked the penalty, we would still have been only one score down to get a draw. As it was the game was over once North Wales reached 20 points. Looking at the table. If we win all the rest of our games we are in the Shield Final, paying at home. If we lose to London, them we don't make the final and we can all go on holiday.
  18. No write up on the Oxford game on the Hunslet web site, however the League express report did not look too impressive. the report said in a game of errors basically Hunslet made fewer that Oxford. The report says Sanderson kick 6 goals from 6 attempts. From seeing him in recent matches he is turning into a pretty good goal kicker and his open play is coming on as well. Did anyone go to the match @ Oxford? Now that they have confirmed the time and venue I will probably try to go to the North Wales Crusaders game @ Wrexham
  19. It has been a disappointing season but Hunslet have not ben totally uncompetitive. In the majority of the loses save for the York game we competed. Doncaster, Keighley, Whitehaven Barrow. and we should have had at least a draw against Oxford, when instead of kicking the penalty in front of the posts, we took a tap & lost. Now that Gary Thornton has committed himself to us for another season, I for one want to back him and let him use the shield competition to get the players he wants to play the way he wants. When the league splits Hunslet will have 4 home games and three away games no matter whether we win or lose to Newcastle on Sunday. I for one will not be deliberately staying away. I've been through a lot better times with Hunslet and also a lot worse. If I wanted to see top quality rugby league week in week out I would go to watch Castleford, but to me its about being a Hunslet supporter.
  20. Just my luck, when we manage to score 50+ points I wasn't able to be there at the match on sundae. Looking to the future, I don't think it really matters that much whether we finish in the top 8 or not. I would like to see Gary Thornton given a contract to the end of next season and to use the final seven games as an opportunity to develop and consolidate his coaching style with the players that he thinks will be able to give Hunslet a winning season next time.
  21. Like most fans I too was disappointed by the score but I don't see it as Hunslet being unfit. Having been held up over the line early on, Heads went down after conceding 2 tries. Both tries were the result of conceding field position. Once York were three scores in front then the York "show boating" stuff got underway. The difference between the two teams was that York's goal line defence was out standing. 5 times Hunslet were held up over the line and the young lad Liam Harris had a field day until Hunslet started tackling him a lot harder in the second half. Will Jubb and Keiron Moran also had good games, but so they should, all 3 are full time professional rugby league players., All three are highly rated by Hull KR and can expect to have first team appearance's before long. The only real York player that I thought was outstanding was Ash Robson. Unfortunate for the lad, he had a really promising career in front of him @ Castleford until he had a really serious injury I think in 2016. it was good to see him play so well even if he was for the opposition. The rest of the York side were no better than us. For my part I thought that Hunslet did a great deal better in the second half and in fact shaded it 20 - 18 and some of York's tries we a result of Hunslet trying to hard from too deep and giving the ball away. The key is Dual registration and who with. I'm not bothered either way. But without it Hunslet are extremely unlikely to be promoted in the near future. I enjoy watching Hunslet win, but I've seen a lot more dire performances than on Sunday in my time as a Hunslet supporter. I well remember the time we beat Huyton Home & away and drew with Batley giving us 5 points for the entire season I'm proud that our club belongs to the fans and that we do not have some one "owning our club as a toy to do with what they want" regardless of what the fans want. As long as I'm fit enough to go see hunslet play I will continue buy a season ticket
  22. I don't think that we are that far away from a winning season. We have lost to Whitehaven by 1 point. to Doncaster by 5 points to Keighley by 8 points. The lose to Oxford was by all accounts poor match management. We can play with flair at times, but the problem is that we do not respect field position and give away too many silly penalties. What we have missed since Eton left is proper direction from the bench and a real team leader on the field. If the training session on Saturday means that we can not filed our best players then this needs fixing.
  23. Too many silly penalties given away is a big problem for us. Too many times we give the opposition strong field position. To be fair I thought our gaol line defence was good in the early stages. However the three North Wales tries were poorly given away. the 1st the long range try after a poor kick. The second a real mix up in two Hunslet players getting each other way and the third the referee looked to shepherd theri quick tap penalty player by standing in the middle of the Hunslet defence on the goal line. I thought the attacking play both teams was really entertaining. Clearly North Wales had no choice as they were playing catch in the second half, also there were times when we were well in front that we should had done more "up the jumper" stuff as one of these expansive plays did lead directly to one of North Wales Tries. Without doubt the best try of the day from either side was the one that Danny Ansell finished off under the posts. Tricky game against Oxford as it appears from the write ups that they tried to involve Toronto in a real "rough & tumble" in Canada by all accounts. Key game as to how good we are is the next home game against Workington. Win this and then we are more likely to be a top eight side this year.
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