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  1. Town to edge it but the result will just prolong the agony for either side . Its a 3 horse race for runner up . Donny have been the dark horses and still are .
  2. at least your young players will stand by you for not using DR and players at local clubs will have noticed that too and will sign if called on . DR shows disrespect for fully signed local players and in turn that disrespect is given back . The only reason the heartland clubs get away with it is because of the demographics and they have vast pools of good standard players willing to sign for them .
  3. Isn't that more a reflection of Towns failings to keep them other than Havens ?
  4. Totally disagree with this . Workington Town used DR heavily in the championship and were relegated , after relegation many lads who were DR victims left the club for neighbours and many local amateurs said no thanks I'm not signing to train and get DR'd
  5. I'm not a Barrow fan , I just read your comment while browsing .
  6. what does ? finishing work , travelling to airport flying 8 hours , adapting to time zone change and playing full time SL and NRL players in the the heat of around 80 degrees whilst having only 1 on the bench ?
  7. believe me this TRL forum is not a good place for Clubs and Directors to get involved in . It's purpose is specifically for rugby fans as indeed it's title suggests , Total Rugby League Fans Forum , and it is as equally as bad or even worse than any Facbook pages or Twitter feeds .
  8. You cannot expect debates and discussions , questions and answers on an official web site . No Club or Team does that in any sport .
  9. Clubs earn points and extra funding from the RFL from the amount of Social Media use and interaction between the Clubs and their fan base and supporters . It isn't rocket science why Social Media is used the most .
  10. he'll not beat ritson from scratch at 100 m I'd wage a house on it . fastest player i've ever seen in the championship 3 yrs ago at workington town and was the county 100 m champ as a teenager
  11. good result for you lot but having been reading this forum a lot of you should be embarrassed now after wanting crarey out and to use dr , shows how little some know and their lack of faith
  12. Beat swinton then you are still only 1 point behind then , beat dewsbury too and you go level and not 2 pts behind , its not rocket science you need a 3 or 4 team battle for survival not just 2 . Looks like haven will be the surprise team going up and possibly town going up with them be nice if all three are in there next season
  13. dewsbury are poor so it done your team a favour , still 3 points below swinton and now dewsbury are in the relegation mix only 2 pts ahead , 4 if they had won
  14. Listening to your game on radio cumbria , some posters on here need to be ashamed of themselves , good job you dont do coaching
  15. I watched your game on sky and you have a good solid pack but need more inventiveness and creativity in attack , Amean and Ritson look very dangerous but need more of the ball and openings created for them
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