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  1. It was never going to be fluid stuff in these conditions but fair play for both teams for having a go , the commentators say its down wind for Barrow next half so with only 2 subs Workington are really up against it ., just need to stay free of anymore injuries .
  2. Could by an arm wrestle in the mud this game . Very wet up in Cumbria all week and weekend .
  3. I should have made that clearer as I also meant the pitches themselves . Donny is an all seater and very enclosed too which can feel overbearing if you are not used to it .
  4. I agree , Newcastle could be giving Donny a slight edge when it should have been their home advantage . Donny already play on a full size football pitch in an enclosed all seated stadium .
  5. Surely it's a valid point if it is to all happen so soon ?
  6. How will the heartlands part time clubs afford to compete and travel ?
  7. Just watched this on you tube good attempt from barrow with youngsters and 7 amateur trailists playing
  8. According to James Ford at York City Knights last season it was Tee Ritson , fastest player he had ever seen he said on the radio
  9. That is not what I meant . Look at Bradford . Had everything but not the ability to manage it all properly . It's planning and sensible spending that makes the best top clubs
  10. The ones with the most cash and the ability to use it properly
  11. they have numbers , not all the teams print names
  12. Ritson first in any 13 , the reasons , his speed and the utility , he is every much as good as any winger as he is as any fullback which the other two aren't .
  13. T Ritson (Barrow) will be the top try scorer in this league next season . There's no way J Logan should be at 5 in the top 13 . J Doran (Workington ) in at 6 over Young any day of the week . R Hawkyard retired so you would have to now go with L Cresswell (Barrow ) at No1
  14. absolute rubbish , time for a clean out in coach's and a deeper look into the talent pool instead of focusing on SL
  15. Newcastle will be smarting after yesterday and will be splashing the cash this off season . I think there will be several marquee signings .
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