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  1. good result for you lot but having been reading this forum a lot of you should be embarrassed now after wanting crarey out and to use dr , shows how little some know and their lack of faith
  2. Beat swinton then you are still only 1 point behind then , beat dewsbury too and you go level and not 2 pts behind , its not rocket science you need a 3 or 4 team battle for survival not just 2 . Looks like haven will be the surprise team going up and possibly town going up with them be nice if all three are in there next season
  3. dewsbury are poor so it done your team a favour , still 3 points below swinton and now dewsbury are in the relegation mix only 2 pts ahead , 4 if they had won
  4. Listening to your game on radio cumbria , some posters on here need to be ashamed of themselves , good job you dont do coaching
  5. I watched your game on sky and you have a good solid pack but need more inventiveness and creativity in attack , Amean and Ritson look very dangerous but need more of the ball and openings created for them
  6. Anonymouse


    town need haven to beat crusaders today as the welsh are only 2 pts behind with a game in hand , if its playoff hopes then its all the clubs in mid table around town who you should be hoping will lose over the next few weeks
  7. Anonymouse


    no relation he/she has a double "n"
  8. they didn't , that was my point , in out in out change it all about .
  9. A settled bedded squad will always improve and prosper .
  10. I'm meaning full season Trouty , not one game , its disruptive Fair point anon.....
  11. Tried to tell you fella's , Dr and over reliance loans , doesn't work , keep the faith .
  12. Massive cumbria derby game , whitehaven surprise joint league leaders , workington seen as promotion favourites by some . A game where the pressure is on the home team as a loss would be a big blow for top spot hopes . Form says whitehaven but form does not usually come to play in big rival derby games , a try in it either way .
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