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  1. Newcastle will be smarting after yesterday and will be splashing the cash this off season . I think there will be several marquee signings .
  2. It can either go 1 of 2 ways now for Newcastle , keep putting more money in and forge on with more expensive signings or concentrate on the Union side . Its cost a fair bit of money this season and investors won't be pleased . Their problem has been that some players think there must be a try every set .
  3. Home advantage could win this game , if Oldham defend the ruck well and have a clever kick and chase they edge it .
  4. I'd agree in Part but remember it is also a very new and novelty sport at the moment too .
  5. It's easy to attract a large number through the gates if you are constantly seen as the invincible s . Would such high number turn up if they were in the SL and lost 1/2 of their home games or more ?
  6. you have a excellent squad in the making , I doubt that many of these lads would have stuck around if it wasnt so tight a unit and the faith they have in your coach .
  7. Town to edge it but the result will just prolong the agony for either side . Its a 3 horse race for runner up . Donny have been the dark horses and still are .
  8. at least your young players will stand by you for not using DR and players at local clubs will have noticed that too and will sign if called on . DR shows disrespect for fully signed local players and in turn that disrespect is given back . The only reason the heartland clubs get away with it is because of the demographics and they have vast pools of good standard players willing to sign for them .
  9. Isn't that more a reflection of Towns failings to keep them other than Havens ?
  10. Totally disagree with this . Workington Town used DR heavily in the championship and were relegated , after relegation many lads who were DR victims left the club for neighbours and many local amateurs said no thanks I'm not signing to train and get DR'd
  11. I'm not a Barrow fan , I just read your comment while browsing .
  12. what does ? finishing work , travelling to airport flying 8 hours , adapting to time zone change and playing full time SL and NRL players in the the heat of around 80 degrees whilst having only 1 on the bench ?
  13. believe me this TRL forum is not a good place for Clubs and Directors to get involved in . It's purpose is specifically for rugby fans as indeed it's title suggests , Total Rugby League Fans Forum , and it is as equally as bad or even worse than any Facbook pages or Twitter feeds .
  14. You cannot expect debates and discussions , questions and answers on an official web site . No Club or Team does that in any sport .
  15. Clubs earn points and extra funding from the RFL from the amount of Social Media use and interaction between the Clubs and their fan base and supporters . It isn't rocket science why Social Media is used the most .
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