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  1. My virus protection had sent me via Denmark !
  2. no I am in Manchester, wonder if it is my Virus protection?
  3. Is it just me or has RL been removed from the heading bar on BBC.co.uk?
  4. Salford 40 Leigh 14 Some odd reffing decisions, no evidence of the tough play the ball rules being used. Very cold and windy at the stadium
  5. Why should it all be free. There is transport from areas around the city for a few quid. I am sure the same will apply to TC travel once the met is open
  6. He has, he earned a full time contract, announced at the weekend.
  7. Think the first team squad numbers go to about 28. The reserves aren't included as I think many of those are young players not on a full professional contract
  8. They should have scored in first half but when they had an overlap they failed to pass the ball. Salford tried a number of new half back pairings. If Brown stays fit then Salford will be OK. I am going to have trouble with these players with beards, Kear, Williams and McCarthy all similar builds.
  9. We always need help some interesting debuts for Salford
  10. Salford 52 Swinton 4. 24 players in the squad for Salford.
  11. She is a fine actress really enjoyed the series. Anything that raises the profile of the game is fine by me. Isn't she only about 16 though?
  12. All it shows is the 2 Manchester clubs dominate. I don't know enough about Sale's demographics to know if they, like Salford's fan base are also football fans. Every year we have this post, the same arguments from people that know nothing about the area or Salford. The true legacy is more season tickets sold and a permanent advert on Regent Road.
  13. If Manchester name is such a bonus can you explain why Manchester RU aren't bigger than Sale?
  14. Trams will run to the Trafford Centre in April. People just make excuses for not attending games. The Quays is no easier for many fans. These threads are always full of experts on where Salford go wrong.
  15. As others have said, quite simply there are no words. Such a cruel illness. Rob always seemed the best, played hard but always respected others and in turn is highly regarded by just about everyone in a tribal world we live in.
  16. The problem is the way he was used. he shouldn't be a co commentator, but should be used at half time or full time and only to explain the call of the ref, not second guess him. There are better people than SC to do this role and certainly not Ganson. I would prefer someone like Ian smith
  17. Imagine what that shirt will look like on some one with boobs or moobs !
  18. In the last 10 years, I have paid off the mortgage. I have seen both my children settled, become Grandma twice over and they are the best thing ever. I have seen Salford reach a grand final, not something I expected. I changed jobs from manging staff to having no responsibility. Travelled to places I never expected, such as Russia, Estonia and Alaska. Years have been good
  19. Its hard, especially if you are trying to balance thoughts that life quality is poor and he is in pain. Had this earlier in the year when my Dad died. Your Mum will need the support, and the medics will keep him comfy
  20. Jackson's profile says he is a Salford player because he has been off twitter since the abuse started. I expect he will play the first year of his contract, no chance he wants to return to Salford. Pay isn't enough. He is due back before New Year.
  21. The hardest thing about debt is taking the first step and acknowledging the problem. There are so many solutions and something will fit your needs. There is a new solution in the pipeline called Breathing space, which will provide a short space to consider options think it will be 3 months. This gives you a break from being chased for debts. You should be proud of the achievement and it gives hope to others.
  22. I don't know about best but Cas have recruited 2 of last season's leading error/penalty kings.
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